Saturday, April 28, 2007

This week's dichotomy: Defeatist Liberals vs. Reagan/Republican Vision

This week is a perfect time to contrast he disastrous path the Democrat and defeatist liberals are attempting to lead America; and the vision of success, security, and victory envisioned by Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan's dynamic leadership and foresight to design, build, and deploy an anti-ballistic missile shield to protect our nation, derisively referred to as "Star Wars" by critic's, successfully intercepted and destroyed two incoming missiles this week over the Pacific.

Did you miss the coverage on this truly historic and landmark event? That is hardly surprising given the mainstream media's coverage of the House and Senate passing the Democrat and Chuck Hagel Iraq Defeat Act of 2007 and forwarding it to the waiting veto pen of George W. Bush.

Democrats spent last week trying to sell Americans to support their plan for fighting the war on terror, they continually droned on about a non-existent mandate given them by the voters in November and in polls that are selectively and skewed with ridiculous framing to support their point of view. Their vision? Hand victory in Iraq to the terrorists (pick your favorite flavor of terrorist: Al Qaeda of Iraq, Mahdi Army, Ansar Al Islam) and of course the states in the region that sponsor them, Syria and the soon to join the Nuclear Weapons club; Iran. Their vision provides no hope for anyone in Iraq except our enemies. They call for a "new strategy" and course in Iraq; and ignore the fact and refuse to support the one that is in place now-The Surge. The Iraqi people, only recently given the opportunity for the first time in their lives to taste freedom through voting, writing and ratifying a constitution, have now bravely started a fledgling democracy in a region filled with despots and Islamic fascism. Unfortunately they are at risk to have the very tongues that have tasted that freedom cut out by Islamic radicals who don't want that taste lingering on their tongues and who are determined to impose their will on them. With a set timetable and departure of U.S. forces without regard to Iraq's ability to defend their democratic gains; nothing will stop the carnage that will surely ensue in this vacuum.

Harry Reid and the Democrats have said that Iraq is lost. It is not. Far from it. These latest sensational attacks they cite are suicide and car-bombings. They indicate the exact opposite, they show the enemy is actually losing. They are unable to engage the U.S. or even the Iraq Army and security forces head-to-head as they have in the past. They must resort to these bombings as a result with all the sensational coverage, and of course the mainstream media and defeatist liberals fall lock-step into place with the enemies goal of getting the most propaganda possible from the carnage of these desperate acts. When Japan resorted to Kamikaze attacks in the Mariana's and Philippines during WWII was this a sign of imminent victory on their part? No. It was a last gasp act of desperation for an enemy that had no other course of action left to them. Did Ike and FDR quit the D-day invasion because it was getting too difficult on Omaha beach? The difference between FDR and the Democrats of today is FDR didn't surrender and quit like Harry Reid and Pelosi when the enemy scored a few hits on our carriers. The Democrats simply don't have the political courage, moral fortitude, nor the vision required for victory. This past week Nancy Pelosi skipped a briefing by General David Petraeus on the situation in Iraq. Why? Well perhaps she didn't want to be bothered by the facts of Iraq. I am sure the FACTS he would share like deaths from sectarian violence caused by death squads and militias that had roamed freely before in the now secured areas, dropped by over 500% in just the first month of the "Surge." These kind of facts just don't jive with how she sees Iraq. So, it was probably much better to skip the briefing and stick her fingers in her ears, closing her eyes and repeating over and over "I can't hear you...I can't...laaa laaa deeee deee dahhhh.." just like a child not wanting to hear something they know to be the truth. Certainly Petraeus' briefing and the facts and situational report he would have given don't jive with Democrats strategy to lose this war so they can win the White House. George Bush, and Republicans of principle voted to give the troops the tools, new IED-proof Grizzly armored vehicles (The vehicle funding that Democrats REMOVED from Bush's request and REPLACED with funding for Spinach, Shrimp, Peanuts, etc.) ammunition, training, and reinforcements necessary for our brave men and women fighting for victory in the war on terror. These troops awaiting crucial supplies, equipment, training and reinforcement most certainly know what is at stake. They know the heart of the enemy. They know what Al Qaeda, Iran, and Syria have in mind for Iraq and the region when the Democrats hand them our defeat.

Now, lets contrast these Democratic actions last week with the vision and leadership of Ronald Reagan and the Republicans that ensured that his concept for a missile shield nearly 30 years ago, on Thursday of last week enabled the Aegis class cruiser U.S.S. Lake Erie to detect, track, and destroy both a ballistic missile, and low level cruise missile in the same engagement.

When Ronald Reagan proposed the Strategic Defense Initiative he envisioned a break from the status quo of his liberal, appeasing, defeatist predecessor; Jimmy Carter. He envisioned this weapon system as a way to force the obsolescence of the policy "Mutually Assured Destruction", something he viewed as a perversion to common sense. To rely on an opponents good will and fear that an attack would mean the end was taking control out of our hands for our own defense and preservation and placing it in the hands of someone leading an evil empire. He had the vision to understand that by removing the success of a first strike by an enemy; you win. Furthermore you make offensive weapons impotent and irrelevant. Reagan also understood with the rise of Islamic radicalism in Iran, Lebanon, and the general concept that rogue nations like North Korea, or Iran that ever attained a Nuclear, Biological, or Chemical capability could have the means to strike us or our allies with these weapons launched via ballistic missiles. His vision was of course spot on. If not first for Reagan, George H. Bush, then George W. Bush, and the Republican majority in congress during the 90's protecting it from the Liberal, Democrat, Defeatist, appeasers who fought this program tooth and nail trying to kill, maim or end the program since day one; the U.S. Navy would not have shot down two missiles in Hawaii last week.

Last week illustrates how Reagan and Republican leadership, determination, moral clarity of purpose led to a vision for a project that would be decades in the making. This project even brought about the demise of the Soviet empire which would be validation enough for it's justification, and wisely Republicans had foresight to continue to see a need and to proceed with development to perhaps be called upon to defend the U.S. or it's allies like Israel from a potential nuclear attack. In a final irony, Ronald Reagan and his courageous conviction lives on and protects us today, possibly even from a future attack by Iran's President Ahmadinejad, who only a few years before Reagan announced his Strategic Defense Initiative was guarding and tormenting our Tehran hostages.

Lord help us if these vapid, defeatist, Democrat and Liberal cowards win the White House. Mr. Fred Thompson: we need you now, please get in soon!

Michael R. Bednarz

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

KFC Hillary Special

A friend sent me this picture of a KFC sign in N.Y. State. Rumor has it that Bill Clinton comes here for the Hillary Special; it's his best chance to get up close and personal with his wife.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Peolsi, Dem leaders travel to Syria in Diplomatic Coup d'├ętat

Last week Speaker Pelosi, Harry Reid and other Democratic leaders in Congress, initiated efforts to dismantle the constitutionally mandated separation of powers by re-writing the emergency war funding bill the President asked them to pass.

Now next week Pelosi announced a mideast tour that would take her and other Dem leaders to Syria; a nation on the top of our State Terrorist list. Pelosi plans to meet with Hassad to talk with him and other leaders about Middle East issues like Israel, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, and Afghanistan; and possibly increasing their imports of U.S. Spinach and Peanuts. The U.S. state department and President Bush have strongly stated that they in no uncertain terms oppose this highly improper effort to cross from the legislative duties of Congress into the Executive branch role of diplomacy and foreign policy. In their effort to try and subvert Bush as the Commander in Chief at any and all costs, they last week denied funding to the President and troops for IED-proof armored vehicles and were replacing important items such as those and bullets; with well, rocks, Spinach, Shrimp and Peanuts to throw at the enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan. These items the result of Democrat priorities to "constituents" and multi-million dollar bribes paid to convince the lefties in Congress to pass a bill with timetables and conditions that would seek to hamstring Bush in his constitutional duties to command our military forces. This was a clear effort last week to revoke Commander in Chief power and authority from the President and his military experts thereby transferring them to Congress; something that the Constitution and it's framers so wisely separated from Congress and which have worked nearly flawlessly for 231 years.

This latest announcement can be added to the desperate attempts by the Democrats to do what they haven't been able to do via election in over 6 years; wield the power of the Executive branch. So drunken are they in their gluttony of recent power gained, yet so frustrated and impatient to acquire the rest of the power they crave; that they initiate a sort of Coup last week by inserting in addition to the fore mentioned pork; all kinds of military conditions, and timetables that cannot be met by our or Iraq's military and political leaders. This in their effort to then force a withdrawal without regard to the military or political situation in Iraq. This policy makes absolutely no sense with the improving situation and prospects for success of the new leadership under Gen. Petraeus, and his "Surge" strategy showing early signs of success. It is basically akin to deciding to agree on a dare or bet to swim across the Niagara river a half mile above the falls, making it 3/4 of the way across, while drifting downstream precariously close to the falls, then deciding you are tired you can't make it the rest of the way and then turning around and going back to where you started instead of going to the other bank; forward to victory. Only the Dem's and Liberals would sacrifice a real chance at victory in an effort to spite Bush or to gain political capital (in this case probably funding) for the 2008 elections.

This week Pelosi packs her bags and takes off with whacko Rep. Henry "Impeach Bush Now" Waxman and other "leaders" like the first and only member of Congress to be sworn to uphold our constitution on a Koran; Rep. Keith Ellison of Minn. Pelosi and company are planning to stop in Israel and are scheduled to speak to Israels Knesset. In information released by her office....
She is expected to discuss "America's commitment to Israel and the challenges facing the two nations in the Middle East," according to a statement.

So, she travels to the middle east at a time when Pelosi and Congress have just sent a message to embolden our enemies like the Islamo-fascists in Iraq and Osama, Hassad, Ahmadinejad or anyone who wishes us dead, that we just don't have the stomach, courage, patience or will to defeat terrorists or to support our noble long-term goal of expanding Democracy in a region of despots. Oh yeah, and to our allies a further message to Israel, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan; we may be here today but just like Vietnam, Cambodia, and Somalia you will be on your own, it's time for us to cut and run.

Someone very near and dear to me who has become irrevocably cynical of American politics, commented to me about the debate on the funding bill she witnessed on C-span and in the news. She made the claim to me that "they are all the same, both sides are just alike". I pondered that, and I can say with complete intellectual honesty that they aren't. Never did Republicans send a delegation to Bosnia or Serbia to explore foreign policy solutions opposing those our President, Bill Clinton had set. Once a decision was made, we backed our troops and backed our President with minimal rancor. We never undermined Carter in the hostage crisis, by sending congressional leaders to Iran. (BTW solved on Day 1 of the Reagan admin.) We didn't subvert Johnson in Vietnam. Dewey didn't undermine Truman on his management of the occupied nations during the election after WWII. We supported FDR 100% , and our troops through the validation of our nations policy and confidence in our leaders in time of war; regardless of our partisan affiliation. Of course the Republicans have always made damn sure our troops and personnel in harms way get everything they could possibly need in time of war, regardless of who is in the Oval office.

Democratic leaders by comparison are without principle, they voted for the war when it was a political positive, now with political winds shifting they now vote against it and our troops- without qualms or regard to the sacrifice and effort of those troops battling and working toward victory. Bush and most Republicans have remained steadfast in this resolve, and kept their eye on the ball. Yes, Bush and our military have made mistakes, but he has always kept his determination to win without regard to his popularity polling; because he and most Republican leaders have the political courage of doing what it takes to support our troops and attain our goals in Iraq; regardless of political consequences to achieving the vital victory. Therein lies the biggest difference today between our parties, and our leadership. Conservatives and Republicans argue on the floor for IED-proof armor vehicle funding in the war bill and supporting the Presidents new plan. Democrats and Lib's argue on the House and Senate floor to cut IED-proof armor vehicles, argue for Billions added in Spinach and Peanut payments for their fat-cats, and conditions amounting to cutting and running and leaving the Iraqi people just as they were beginning to have hope; to an enemy as ruthless as the Khmer Rouge were in Cambodia.

So this week we can witness in action, once again the latest chapter in the encroachment by the Democrats to subvert the President, and the Constitution with it's separation of power. Just tune in and watch as the Pelosi gang traipse all over the Middle East playing the pseudo role of the U.S. Secretary of State minus the professional core of Foreign policy experts and trained Diplomats by this vapid troupe of Democrat idiots, who meet with the heads of terrorist nations (granting them defacto validity by so doing) while alarming our allies and friends in the region. I wonder what they are going to come up with to challenge or subvert our Constitution with for next week?

I am sure the Israeli Knesset can't wait to hear Pelosi speak and visit with this bunch. It will probably give them great insight into what their future holds should the Lib's take the White house in 2008. Frankly, they should not wait for the Speaker and her bunch to speak or meet with them, there is no time to lose, they best get started now on contingency military planning to take out Iran's nuclear weapons program should the American people make the worst decision in our lifetimes; electing the Democrats to the Presidency in 2008.

Michael R. Bednarz