Thursday, December 24, 2009

Health Care and Raising the Debt Ceiling pass on Christmas Eve- Merry Christmas America.

What does Nationalizing our Health Care and raising the national debt ceiling  on Christmas Eve, along with all those other Liberal agenda items like Cap and Tax, Immigration Reform, all have in common?  D  E  B  T.   We are currently over $12.1 trillion dollars in debt under spending and budget outlays from the Obama administration covering the next 10 submitted spending budgets. Here is what that looks like since mostly we just see the figure spelled out as Trillion's.. here it is with all the zeros.  $12,100,000,000,000.00

Now lets put that into a visual and tangible real-time perspective... get ready for this because you won't believe it. Click here >> 

The deficits added to the debt by Obama and this Congress in a mere 11 months since Bush left office have eclipsed and TRIPLED  what Bush contributed  during his entire 8 years in office, even counting the recession that was in place when Bush took office and the one that had started a year or so before he left office. Add in the economic impacts of 9/11 with the full implementation of the security and defense requirements to respond to 9/11 type threats and engage our enemies in the War on Terror. This tripling of the deficits added to the debt by Obama and Congress don't even include the big ticket goodies passed on Christmas Eve, these of course include Health Care and also, a Cap and Tax Climate Change Bill, Immigration Reform Bill, as well as the impending funding crisis they don't want to deal with for Social Security. 

We now owe $39,457 per US citizen, and  per  TAXPAYER it's a staggering $111,639.  This is your debt,  our childrens,  and our Grandchildrens. Even if you manage your own money responsibly and have no personal debt; you are in debt, big debt that YOU have no control over. You are being obligated and your children and grandchildren are also for who knows how many decades by this cabal in our government that have no qualms or concern with what they are doing to our national future.  They are now doing more irresponsible spending and borrowing than Fannie and Freddie could ever have imagined. We are doing the equivalent of zero down loans on our national future with a 50, 80 or 100 year term and we are going to pay those loans off with borrowed play-dough money (the Treasury is issuing bonds and will print more money to cover the increased spending for the government to operate) these notes will not be covered by revenue, but only by more debt and interest. How are we going to pay for it? How are we going to grow our economy, provide jobs and prosperity for our current and future generations acting like this? How are we going to fix Social Security and provide for entitlements and obligations that we are currently obligated for and aren't meeting our commitments on?  These are important questions asked by Americans, and the answers we get from those in power are more unfunded expansions of Government control, seizure's of private and healthily performing sectors of our free-enterprise system like Financial, Manufacturing, and now the latest sector; Health Care.
Ponder this, let it sink in and then pass this on. Yes the debt clock is ticking, but so is the growing discontent and furor of the American people and other clocks are also ticking toward the Congressional elections in 2010 and then the Presidential elections in 2012. I do have hope for the future and though I am quite concerned about our future; I will not give up or quit the fight. We can change this, we must change this.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year.

Michael R.Bednarz


Thursday, October 8, 2009

"The Death of Conservatism" or Liberal Fantasy? I challenge Sam Tanenhaus.

My open emailed letter to Mr. Sam Tanenhaus, NY Times Book Review Editor and now author of a new book just released last week titled "The Death of Conservatism".

Dear Mr. Tanenhaus,

I caught your appearance on Fox News last week promoting your new book “The Death of Conservatism”,(a saavy marketing move by the way, more people watch FOX News in 10 minutes of an hour than watch CNN for the other 50 minutes). You were pretty funny dancing and dodging all those O’Reilly questions about why as the NY Times book review editor, you failed to review something like 10 of the top selling 13 non-fiction books of the year by authors such as Levin, O’Reilly, Beck, and other Conservative authors. A couple of thoughts occurred to me as I watched you promoting your own book (when you weren’t defending your paper and it’s book review bias as being “Not that Liberal”) of course.

I have a challenge for you Mr. Tanenhaus:

I will bet you $100 dollars donated to each of our favorite charities that Sarah Palin sells more copies of her new book “Going Rogue”  pre-release and through the first month of it’s release; than you do of your own new book “The Death of Conservatism” from it’s release to the end of 12 months. Oh heck lets throw in Glenn Beck’s new book “Arguing With Idiots” too for the same bet amount and sales. 1 month vs. an entire year on yours. Shall we? When you lose the bet, what will it say about your entire premise and belief system that led you to write your own personal fantasy and try to sell it as a book? What do you say? Are you on?


Michael Bednarz
Just another Average Right Wing Radical American
Pt. Townsend WA


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Obama's Cash For Clunkers Program; A Preview of Obama Health Care?

I am in the Auto Wholesaling business and I can tell you I knew this Cash for Clunker program would be a nightmare for the public, and also the dealers. So now the Government has suspended it and dealers are anxiously awaiting word if their deals will be funded and their submitted applications honored. Personally, this program has damaged my own income significantly. I have seen more than 50 trade-in vehicles at my dealerships that would ordinarily be wholesaled by the dealer to me and others, which we then sell to other small used car retail dealers. We make a bit of money, the dealer we sell to makes a little money when they retail these "economy" cars, the salesperson makes a little money and the lower income folks who have little or no access to financing in these extremely tightened lending times, are able to purchase a car. The car is "recycled" from one owner to someone else who needs it to get to work, or use it for work in the case of these old trucks etc. that make up the bulk of the CFC trade-ins. This program has reduced the supply of these low cost economy cars in the available marketplace, this will drive up prices that have already been very high in due to low availablility from trading in during the poor economy and low new car sales. So, in the end the little guy and the single mom with lower incomes and the least options available to them for purchasing a used vehicle will be the ones hurt. Once again the unintended consequences are not considered.

Once traded in the CFC vehicle engines must be disabled by having acid poured into the running engine until it seizes, and then an authorized salvage agent picks up the car and has it crushed. How wasteful. I have lost potentially thousands and thousands of dollars to this program and other small business people like me have as well. In Mr. Fix-It's effort to save the planet, he expends tax-payer dollars and shows just how inept the government is when they try and inject themselves into areas best left to the private sector. This program is however good for a couple of things.

1) It illustrates and proves just how vibrantly the American people and businesses are that can respond to an incentive. This further illustrates the folly of the Obama/Democrat Stimulus plan. All we needed was a 50% cut in all taxes across the board for 2 years, and ensuring that the 2010 Bush Cut expiration is extended and made permanent. This would have spurred and stimulated activity and growth and job creation by unleashing economic engines of America, Consumers and Business in the same manner as CFC program did. It would have worked without burdening our children and grandchildren with the multi-generational debt, deficits and the abject failure of the Coalition of the Clueless (Obama, Peelosi, Reid, Geithner, Frank, Biden, Waxman etc.) and their ineptitude.

2) The market will respond to consumer demand, when the consumers demand is satisfied. Hybrid vehicles have had greater purchase incentives than even the CFC program. They have all failed to provide any meaningful increase in sales. In fact, Hybrid sales are a disaster. Uncle Sam offers you $2350 Tax Credit on a 2009 Nissan Altima Hybrid. But wait, you also get a local Sales Tax rebate that is part of the stimulus program, so in the case of the Altima in Washington selling for $34,280 you would get back about $3,153 for that alone. Nissan offers up to $3,000 in Cash Rebates. So that would mean $8,503 in Govt. tax rebates/credits plus dealer incentives for the purchase of a 2009 Nissan Hybrid Altima. In honor of the recently departed Billy Mays…. BUT WAIT! There’s more! I am using MSRP for pricing these vehicles are becoming nothing more than ship anchors and I bet you could get another 3 Thousand off MSRP just to get the thing cleared off their lot. What is the point I am trying to make? Simply this, Americans will buy what they want, not what the Government wants them to buy. They still want SUV’s and Trucks, and they are buying them with or without the Cash-For-Clunkers incentive. Visit a dealer’s lot and check out their supply of Toyota Prius and any other Hybrid model. I guarantee you that you will have the best selection to chose from of any other models on their lot despite the Government offering more than double the Cash For Clunker incentive. This is why Chrysler and GM will fail as long as the Government is controlling them. Thy must make and sell what people will buy. No amounts of incentives are currently pushing Hybrids off the lots.

3) It shows how utterly incompetent, unqualified, inefficient and naive the Government is when they get involved in something best left to the private sector. If the Government can't administer a relatively simple and benign 1 Billion dollar Cash-For-Clunker trade program effectively, how and why would Americans ever let them take over the best health care system in the world and and allow Government regulation, control, and administration of something with literally life and death importance for themselves and their families? Socialized Health Care would become the largest Federal Program in history with the absolutely under-estimated initial cost of more than ONE TRILLION DOLLARS for just the initial, small-scale implementation.

This is where the rubber meets the road. Tell all of your Congressmen/women and Senators in no uncertain terms, don't you dare trade-in my health care for this " Clunker" Socialized Government Health Care Program!

Michael R. Bednarz

Monday, June 22, 2009

Obama's Presidential Approval Slides South With His Economy

Obama's June 21st Rasmussen Approval index was -2, the first time he has been negative since he took office. How can this be? All we hear about in the mainstream media is how Obama is still riding high with his 60% plus approval and has yet to be tied to his disastrous policies and mismanagement of the economy and foreign policy challenges facing Americans. This is the perception they report and use to gull the masses into believing this is the reality. The truth is the opposite; the media is guilty of deception by omission. What do I mean by that? Well there are 4 categories in a daily Rasmussen poll of Presidential Approval that they run daily as an index. Here are the questions. 1. Do you strongly approve of President Obama's performance? 2. Do you somewhat approve of Obama's performance? 3. Do you strongly disapprove of President Obama's performance? 4. Do you somewhat disapprove of President Obama's performance?
Remember Rasmussen, perhaps the most respected name in polling, tracks and polls on these same questions daily. But for purposes of his index he takes the STRONGLY approve and DISAPPROVE figures as his basis to arrive at his "index" that he tracks daily. The mainstream media typically use the lower "somewhat" numbers which are usually mamby pamby know-nothings who answer that way because they don't have a clue about what he is doing positive or negative to them and how their lives are affected by his issues and policies. For example, after the inauguration Obama rightfully enjoyed a sky-high approval; he hadn't done anything yet and we were all caught up in the unprecedented history, emotions and we gave him the traditional benefit of the doubt to see what his governing policies would be versus his campaign rhetoric. On Jan 22nd the day after inauguration his numbers were thus 44% strongly approve, 14% strongly disapprove. The somewhat approve and disapprove percentages were 64 and 29% respectively. This calculated to the Rasmussen approval/disapproval daily index to +30. The most recent Rasmussen daily tracking poll on Presidential performance and approval on June 21st went negative for the first time in his presidency. That's right, he now has a higher disapproval rating index than approval. On June 21st he had these poll figures: Strongly approve/disapprove 32/34% and Total approve/disapprove 53/46% which Rasmussen calculates at an index rating of -2. The first time Obama has shown a negative index rating during his presidency. Clearly as the negative numbers mount and the negative response to his policies continue to mount, Obama's messianic popularity is slipping with them as fast as his policies and economy are going South.

You don't hear Approval/Disapproval poll figures like this in the mainstream Obamamedia do you? That is why you must share this with everyone you can. However, we must not let Obama stand alone to face this music. He is only the empty-suited Community Agitator figurehead and leader of the "Coalition of the Clueless" and we Americans must take to task all parties involved in the effort to destroy our economy, weaken our National security and imperil America on virtually every front. Obama, Biden, Geithner, Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Frank, Holder, et al they need to be stopped by blocking their efforts through Congress. 2010 represents our first critical opportunity, and frankly given the pace of their destruction, perhaps our last chance to save our nation will be those mid-term Congressional elections. Yes we must link and tie these policies to Obama because he owns them but he isn't alone, and that is why we must mount an effective strategy.

Congress bears much responsibility for where we are today. Democrats and the liberals won power and took over control of the GSE's (Government Sponsored Enterprises) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 2006, Democrats led by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd immediately went to work protecting their GSE's and lending programs from Republican and Conservative efforts that had failed to reform and regulate irresponsible and fraudulent practices and policies at the GSE's that Democrats fought, opposed, and thwarted every step of the way from Republicans and a few Democrats trying to prevent or stop the impending doom of the Housing and economic meltdown as early as 2004.

Liberals in Congress in 2007 imposed "Mark to Market" accounting rules on assets and investments for Wall Street that had never been governed by this rule that typically applied to stock and commodity traders and securities; not bond or asset-backed bank and investment house securities and investments. This rule's application in heretofore never applicable instruments had a hastening effect upon the debacle at financial institutions. We must make them all culpable and have them inextricably linked with Obama and their socialist agenda and policies as a whole in a political partnership and conspiracy if you will, that has wreaked havoc on our economy, nationalized our industrial and business independence and vitality, and decimated our small business entrepreneurial base that drives the economic engine of America.

This linkage is important, and it will be successful, it's right out of the Liberal's own play book from 2006 in fact. What did they run for? They really didn't run for anything. They never promised to end the war, not really. They never offered any new positions, they just ran Congressional and Senate candidates against "BUSH" in every district and Senate seat vs. Republican's who were "just extensions and co-conspirators of Bush and his policies". Democrats won even though our economy was in a great economic condition, booming growth in the markets, Personal income growth at record levels, nearly FULL employment in the 4% range for any able-bodied person that wanted to work. They continually told Americans how awful things were and gulled the willing dupes into perceiving a parallel universe from the reality of our strong economic condition. Americans not old enough to remember the Depression or Carter years now have a clear vision and experience about what a horrible economy really looks like. They preached against and condemned the 500 billion Bush deficit, but we and they now look upon that as chump change with their only having 6 months in office creating a deficit of 3.7 TRILLION dollars, and the projections for 12 or 14 Trillion dollars of bankrupting debt by year 10 of the Obama and Coalition of the Clueless budgets. How hard will it be for us to retake the House and Senate given these conditions and TRUTHS of the debacle they have placed us in? Yes, they will keep trying to blame the inherited Bush recession drivel but the numbers will not lie, and they will be exposed as the liars that they are. We must make the case forcefully and eloquently with solid numbers, recovery plans, and take a page from Newt's old playbook that won us the house a decade ago..... we must offer a "Contract for American Renewal" that spells out exactly what we will do, not just economically, but socially and in every aspect of governance to restore our economy, employment, and recovery based upon free-market principles and policies. Bold strokes: Budget, Fiscal and Spending Restraint. Flat or Fair Tax to replace our tax system. Tax cuts to stimulate growth and recovery. Remove government from it's Nationalized businesses. Social Security preservation and reform. Health care reform that strengthens and covers all Americans at lower costs so they can enjoy the finest free-market health system in the world. Restoration of our commitment to stop terrorism. Protect life. Protect Traditional Marriage. Illegal Immigration policies and border security that puts Americans and lawful immigration first, to protect our jobs, economy, and provides for our national security and well-being. Defense policies that don't disable our missle shield that is on the verge of deployment; just as our arch enemies Iran and North Korea are at their greatest threat ever to attack us or our critical and closest allies with missiles and nuclear weapons. An energy policy that promotes domestic production and utilization of our own resources that creates real jobs; not just hiring people to screw in fluorescent light bulbs in federal buildings. We do this while we expand and develop alternative sources, technologies and expand nuclear power to not just help the environment but more importantly provide an alternative to keep America's economy thriving when our fossil fuel sources are exhausted. We will then have perfected these then economically feasible alternatives to replace them.

We will let American see that we will run for principles and concrete and tangible policies, we need to focus on bringing the policies and principles into benefits that they can apply and visualize in their daily lives.

Years ago when I sold new cars for a living, early in my career I would prattle off a bunch of technology features to a customer in my presentation, an experienced old salesman offered me this constructive criticism. Don't just list the features like that, i.e. "This car has ABS brakes and Traction Control with Dual Airbags" and leave it at that. Explain how the feature will benefit them, and educate them to the value of the feature to their lives and safety. Tell them this instead. "The ABS brakes keep you safe by pumping and modulating the brakes so they don't lock up and this will allow you to maneuver and steer safely while braking in slippery and emergency situations preventing collisions, and the Traction Control applies braking control to prevent the wheels from spinning and slipping in rain, ice, and snowy conditions to maintain safe stability and control at these critical times. Should you still find yourself in a collision the Airbag Restraint system deploys and provides maximum safety to prevent serious injury or death in the event of a collision." It's the truth, it's educating the consumer, and it's providing them with the perceived value to make an informed decision.
Rasmussen polling indicates we are making headway and the door is open, Congressional generic ballots indicate the GOP is out polling Dems on being better at handling economic issues, and we are now virtually even on Congressional generic ballots. We have work to do to promote our Conservative principles and solutions even further. We must not relish the misery wrought upon our nation and fellow citizens as good for our political advantage, we must understand we have a responsibility to know that our covenant and great challenge for America is to get us out of this mess, and save millions from economic suffering, misery and disaster. This is a great resposibility and effort we undertake for the sake our our nation. With every new huge program, budget, or bill we know this Coalition of the Clueless are taking America down and it's citizens with it. The inevitable tax, fee, and insidious inflation increases will be felt and burden Americans. Americans must be made to understand where, and who it came from. We must show them the better way. We have to do just that for the mid-term elections coming in 2010. We have to treat the voter as a consumer, we have to create real value for the Republican brand and product. We must offer a better way, better policies, superior ideas and features with proven track records of tangible benefits they can understand and will see in application to their lives. When we do this; in this current state of the economy Americans of all walks and lives will ask themselves this simple question as the folly and failures of the Coalition of the Clueless and Obama policies manifest themselves in their daily struggles.

Am I better off now than I was on November 3rd, 2008?
Only this will save America. Please pass this on and share it.

Michael R. Bednarz


Friday, April 3, 2009

AIG Bonus Scandal akin to March weather: In Like a Lion; Out Like a Lamb

Congress has dropped their efforts to extort, intimidate, and confiscate AIG employees rightful bonuses. Quietly their bill to unleash the IRS on them to confiscate their property faded away. What will not fade away with me or other Americans of like mind is the cavalier and callous disregard for our Constitution, laws, and the basic notion of fairness that our nation and society have always stood for. This for me was the most troubling aspect of this chapter of the liberals political theater.

Most of the AIG employees have already returned the bonuses though rightfully earned and owed them. What a decision it must have been to return these funds after many worked for their $1.00 a year salary with these contractually promised bonuses comprising their real and full annual income. Yet, what choice would they have but to return the money under the heavy weight of Government intimidation, personal and physical threats to themselves and their families as bus loads of ACORN and Code Pink protesters descend upon their lawns to protest and whoop it up for the media terrifying their families and children. Under the duress and tyranny orchestrated by this coalition of government, White House and their social activist groups and media sympaticos these Americans from AIG gave up the incomes necessary to provide for their families. Their privacy and security were violated and assaulted by the likes of Attorney General Cuomo of NY and this idiotic Attorney General of Connecticut Blumenthal. These criminals made good upon their threats to name AIG bonus recipients and to release their personal information including the amount of the bonus, and their addresses.

(Watch Glenn Beck club this moron Blumenthal like a baby seal)

Congress and these AG's knew these laws were wrong, not even remotely constitutional, and they damn well knew they had no right to do what they did. There were no laws or violations to enforce. AIG and anyone associated with it were just too juicy and tempting a political target of political opportunity to resist, doubly so if the masses thought they were rich too. Everyone got swept up in the mentality of the mob in their quest for populist validation and credentials.

For the AIG bonus earners it must have been just like the mob coming for them in an old Western movie. Enraged Townsfolk march in the dark night under the light of torches to the jail house steps to administer their angry justice right now! In whatever way they saw fit. However unlike the Old Western movies this is ObamAmerika 2009.

There is no John Wayne or Ronald Reagan blocking the mob in front of the door with their hands gripping their Ivory handled revolvers while they are admonishing and setting the mob and it's leaders straight about law and order, duty, and doing the right thing. No, instead we had Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Cuomo, Dodd, Grassley, Frank, and all the other mental midgets simply greet the mob, hug the ringleaders and hand over the keys to the cells. Before they do though, they check to see if the mob needed any refreshments or a meal before they got busy on the AIG bonus earners inside. The only thing not fair in comparison to this metaphor is that in the Old Western movie the guy inside probably was a back-shooter, horse thief, or a bank robber deserving of harsh punishment, but not the mobs justice. In the case of the AIG employees, they did nothing wrong, they broke no laws.

To these mental midgets not having a law broken is a minor inconvenience. We'll just make up a law to punish them with for a law they never broke and to confiscate their livelihood. Their crime? They just did a job that they were asked and contracted to do. Many worked for the customary $1.00 a year in salary and the bonus that followed would complete their compensation under their contract. For that, they get people camped out on their front lawn, scaring the hell out of their children, and endure the full weight, wrath, and power of government, media, and the IRS on their heads.

Shame on America. Shame on these lynch mob mentality politicians (Democrats and Republicans) that swore they would uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America. I am so saddened and sickened by this whole debacle because I never thought I would see America where she finds herself today. The blame for this lies squarely upon Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama should have and could have been a leader in stopping the lynch mob at the jail house. He should have assumed the role of John Wayne or Ronald Reagan in this Western of "The Showdown at AIG Corral" but Obama is no John Wayne and he sure as hell is no Ronald Reagan. Obama as an agent of Change? I think not, we just have a master at implementing the age-old liberal play book of pandering, class-warfare, and politics as usual. Obama and his Coalition of the Clueless got their "pound of rich people flesh" and fueled the flames of the lynch mob by inciting the class warfare and public outrage cards like dems and libs have for eons.

These actions did provide a useful distraction and diversion for getting a record budget buster bill through and past Americans that is destined to bankrupt 2 or 3 future generations not to mention also providing cover for a Trillion dollars of surreptitiously transfered Debt from our Treasury to the Federal Reserve when the bonus furor first errupted.

Obama's politics of thuggery and intimidation were further on display this past week in the White House. First he fired GM's Chariman and CEO Richard Waggoner. 'I want you gone, now go.' That was it. Then the same day details have come to light of Obama's meeting with the top CEO's and Executives of our nations largest financial institutions last Friday at the White House. Obama wanted to hear nothing of their concerns about how they have been scapegoated, vilified and condemned by numerous Government officials and lawmakers including Obama himself; for the sake of cheap political theater and populist zeal at their and their institutions expense. No, Obama was having none of this, in fact after lecturing them about the finer aspects of his knack for knowing what the public wants to hear or not hear he threw a threat right in the middle of that 12 foot long Mahogany table they were gathered around. It might as well have been with the same subtlety as a freshly sawed Horse head snuck into bed with Corleone's biggest nemesis. The words carried a similar understanding. He could also have the same impact by tossing GM's Chairman Waggoner's freshly sawed head on the table as Obama told them: “My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks.”

And there you have it. ObamAmerika in 2009, just 2 months into his term. We are today on the cusp of Obama and Congress passing a nearly 5 Trillion dollar budget bill, a bill that will put our National Debt and deficit at 12.5 TRILLION, by 2019. That means that every household in America in 2019 will have an additional debt obligation of $68,000.00 more per household of National Debt. Every household in America will owe a staggering $80,000+ of the nations debt when we hit 2019.

It's been just over 2 months of this "Change" from America to ObamAmerika. I hope Americans come to their senses and help we Conservatives put a stop to this abuse of power, abuse of America and abuse to our Constitution.

Michael R. Bednarz


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Obama Budget Bill explodes our National Debt

Click the image to enlarge

We keep hearing these heretofore unheard of numbers getting thrown around now for the past two months of the Obama Presidency. It is almost becoming passe' for the Democrats, just a Trillion here, a Trillion there.
We heard Obama on numerous occasions in the past few weeks tout how his budget and plan would "cut the deficit to $500 Billion" by the end of his first term. It just isn't possible. This chart clearly illustrates this fact, and it uses Obama's own OMB (Office of Management and Budget) figures. The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) just announced last week that Obama's OMB figures (the ones used below) are really Two Trillion too low, based upon the CBO's much more realistic calculations of growth and recovery than those used by the Obama administration. In 10 years by the final out year of the Obama Budget, our Federal Debt would be 80% of our Gross Domestic Product. That is unsustainable and impossible for any kind of economic growth or standard of living we are accustomed to or that we can exist under. 80% of Debt to GDP ratio is a 3rd World Nation or Banana Republic type of ratio. Another worrisome fact is what isn't included or mentioned in these deficits; that would be our entitlement programs; Social Security and Medicare. These aren't included in these figures and we know that they will be insolvent and draining the Treasury unless action is taken between now and the next 5 years or so to solve the huge increase in expenditures when the large body of Baby Boomer's start drawing down benefits. If like me, you are concerned about this spending.The Federal Reserves reckless and devaluating policies of printing currency and jeopardizing the value of our dollar and monetary system, and the ramifications of these policies not just for us but also for our future generations, please contact your Congressional Representative and Senators and tell them to STOP THE SPENDING. STOP THIS BUDGET BUSTER BILL. Go to this link and in the MY ELECTED OFFICIALS BOX is a place to put in your zip code and that will get you where you need to get for contacting your Congressperson, and Senators.

I would like to close with a press release by Nancy Pelosi in August, 2003 on Budget Deficits.

Pelosi Statement on New CBO Budget Estimate (from her own Congressional Website)

August 26, 2003

Washington, D.C. -- House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today on the Congressional Budget Office's new budget forecast, which estimates record budget deficits of $401 billion for 2003 and $480 billion for 2004:

"Today's estimate from the CBO is yet another reminder of just how appalling President Bush's economic record is. The President's holiday from fiscal responsibility has given our country a parade of abysmal economic statistics.

"President Bush has presided over a loss of more than 3 million jobs and a $9 trillion decline in our nation's fiscal health -- from the $5.6 trillion surplus he inherited from President Clinton to a $3.5 trillion and growing deficit today. The deficits that the CBO predicts for the next two years are the largest in history, and the forecast makes clear that they are not going away.

"Where does it end? The President does not have a plan to bring the budget back into balance. He continues to promote tax cuts for the wealthy that we cannot afford, sticking our children with the bill. Every penny he adds to the debt, our children will have to repay with interest.

"Today's CBO estimate would be shocking if it were not so predictable from this Administration."

Nancy Pelosi was mostly right then. She makes the Democrat often repeated falsehood of citing a non-existent Clinton Budget surplus as though this projected surplus of the out years in Clinton's budget like it was sitting in the Treasury. It never existed because that projection never forecast what the nation suffered with the Dot.Com collapse in 2000 thereby wiping out 3 Trillion in wealth. Bush, like Obama also inherited a recession and budget/spending outlays of a predecessor to contend with. He accepted the responsibility and led. Then came 9/11. How quickly we forget the layoffs and economic upheaval of every sector of our economy? People stopped traveling, buying cars, and business responded with huge layoffs and cutbacks. Bush found himself engaged in a Worldwide War on Terror with an enemy that had challenged us on our own soil in a way we had never experienced in our History.
Yes, he spent to engage the enemy, whenever and wherever necessary. He spent to bolster our safety and security right here at home.

In many respects with 9/11 and the horror of that attack freshly seared into America's psyche and the uncertainty of what else would come after it, Bush had greater challenges to face than Obama.

The difference was how he solved the challenges and bombshells dropped on his economy. He slashed the tax rates for every American across the board. And he unleashed the Economic engine of our Private sector, Corporations, Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs. He unshackled the indomitable spirit of Americans to do what they always have done, rise to a challenge. And it worked. He added millions of new jobs, and saved millions more. His policies generated terrific revenue increases and personal/governmental wealth generation and economic growth.

Bush fell down when it came to spending restraint. He failed to cut or hold non-war/security related spending in line. In that respect he failed miserably against the fiscal Conservatism that his party and Conservatives have always stood for. His Congress controlled by Republicans were no better putting budgets laden with pork and earmarks before his pen. But even on Bush's worst day, he will never be as good as Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Geithner when it comes to spending. In just two months of this Coalition of the Clueless, led by Obama, they have put more spending and deficits on the books on the way to the tune of 12.5 Trillion than George W. Bush did in his entire 8 years of his Presidency. Bush was in full- blown War mode footing at the time.

Yet today the budget deficits and spending Pelosi criticized when not Speaker, are now all of the sudden okay? They are O.K. evidently only if they are TRIPLE or QUADRUPLE what Bush had done? Pelosi ignores truth now for her political agendas expediency because she is intoxicated with power. Her statement above shows what a liar she and her party have become. They have one goal in mind to achieve and it is obvious they intend to do so at any and all costs; to make Government the central authority and provider in American lives. Socialization of our Economic, Business,Governmental, Social, Health, Energy, Environmental and Entitlement arenas are their ultimate goal of attainment. They are well on their way to stripping us of our liberty with a tyranny of lunacy unless Americans wake up and stop it cold.

Michael R. Bednarz


Friday, March 20, 2009

The AIG Bonus Furor: The Trojan Horse Hiding The Real News Of The Day

Okay folks, my first blog posting since the election required me to get the Irish up enough to want to start hammering away on the keyboard again. ENOUGH OF THIS CRAZINESS. I haven't posted one thing about what happened Nov. 4th, but I have to speak out now and we all need to start waking the hell up, before it's too late. If we all keep passively ignoring the incompetency around us, all their actions will ruin us before it can be stopped or reversed. They must hear our voices and feel the anger and wrath at what they are doing to our national security, wealth, and the economic future for not just our own generation but also the future of our children and grandchildren. Please take the time to read the linked articles and watch all the video. Then if you share my concern and find it alarming, forward it and lets get everyone involved and aware of whats really happening.

Watch this video clip and read this very important story and the imbedded video clip. Glenn Beck has really nailed this. If you are like me; it will be a real eye-opener for you. Our government has just indebted us all an additional One Trillion dollars on Thursday afternoon March 19th, 2009. With a stroke of Fed Chief Bernanke and Treasury Secretary, Tim "Turbo Tax" Geithner's pens; it was done. Hang on now here is what a Trillion dollars looks like: $1,000,000,000,000.00 The only indicator of what occurred was the Treasury had the Federal Reserve slip through a little noticed press release at the end of the news day cycle, under the cover of the Media and Congressional contrived outrage and frantic furor of their AIG BONUS SCANDAL, a scandal of Obama and Congress' very own doing. What a perfect way to screen and dull the biggest financial earthquake imaginable; one that would never be felt.

What's the "Trill" for? Not a new yearly budget bill, or anything like that. No, this isn't a new Government "Stimulus" Bill, or another Bailout for a Bank, Auto Maker, Fannie Mae, Freddy Mac, AIG or any other bailout that would need even the most perfunctory and useless of the usual 12 to 24 hour period of superficial debate performed by this Congress with a few Presidential Town Hall meetings thrown in. Nope, this even slipped in under their normal "Fast Track" bill factory process and system they have perfected for scaring the living hell out of us stupid goober Americans into supporting this bill, or that tax, or else the Nation will collapse-- most likely tomorrow if it isn't passed today!!!! No, this one went through quietly, just like the IOU's that were first slipped in when our Government raided the Social Security Trust Fund starting the precedent to finance our regular budgetary outlays with S.S. trust fund reserves.

So here is the bottom line in summary. The U.S. Government, just turned on the printing presses and like that printed ONE TRILLION Dollars of really nothing more than MONOPOLY money, backed by the very toxic mortgage and bank securities the Treasury now owns, purchasing them from U.S. Banks and Holders with similarly acquired TARP funds and will use the "fresh" currency just printed to buy it's "own" debt with it.

Got that? Obama and his Treasury Secretary took it from their left hand, wrote, IOU but when the government writes IOU's to send to the world, it's "We the American People" and sent it to the Federal Reserve printing department to chug out a Trillion Dollars in U.S. Currency in return for that valueless IOU. And some said that Tim Geithner isn't smart enough to do his own taxes with Turbo Tax. This is a huge crap sh
oot. And they are betting with your Social Security, Private retirement accounts, savings, trust funds, home, real property, and all your personal possessions; that it will work. It never has before, not in pre-Hitler Germany, not in Banana Republics; not ever.

I have said for about 3-4 months, when the full faith and confidence of the world is lost in the U.S. Dollar and our Credit, we have nothing left. Did you know that China's Premier 5 days ago publicly expressed worry in the value of it's U.S. Investments? I think he has cause for concern. Of the Peoples Republic of China's total financial reserves of Gold, precious gems, metals, International securities (Stocks, Bonds, Deutschmarks, Euro's, Yen, Dollars, and U.S. TREASURY NOTES) Our U.S. Treasury notes, bonds and U.S. Dollar/Treasury backed instruments make up about 70% of China's total financial reserves. What do you think will happen when China perceives a lack of value and loses confidence in these instruments of investment? Pick the scenario you think most likely to occur. A. They won't buy them from us anymore? B. They will dump them on the world market for pennies on the "dollar". C. They will call in the notes to be paid with marketable world currency or demand Fort Knox Gold reserves be tendered? D. Settle some of the debt for the island they call Formosa and we call Taiwan? Or maybe E. All of the above.

Then, to top it off. The same day, our Congressional Budget Office releases a report and correction of the "just crammed through" budget/stimulus bill deficit analysis. The ink was barely dry on this budget buster bill and already it's over budget? It seems not only were those Democrat allowed bonuses to AIG employees in the bill they didn't want anyone to read, but some Fuzzy math was too. It seems that in the process of putting the accounting together, Obama and Congress were a just a tad off on the figures. CBO says the budget deficit for the decade this spending and stimulus bill covers will raise the deficit likely TWO Trillion more dollars than the lower "hopeful" estimates provided by the Administration. And, this doesn't take into effect the ambitions in the new annual budget they are working on promoting his new Education initiatives and Health Care Program, Cap and Trade regulations, and so forth. Nope, with what has only been passed to date by this Congress and signed by this President, this will "change" upward dramatically the deficit and total spending outlays with interest and so forth on the total cost of the bills and new spending programs, according to the CBO.

We must stop this madness. Share this with your friends and family. It doesn't matter what party we think we are in, it's about America and the future of our nation and world. We will all be equally destitute with our wheelbarrow full of Monopoly money in line at the government bread center for our weekly loaf if we don't demand CHANGE in the course and path we are on. This Congress, with this President have spent their way to a bigger budget deficit in just two months, than Bush did for the entire eight years of his Presidency. It seems crazy now that we Republicans were furious at how big a spender Bush was! He was a fiscal Conservative by today's standard. We have to stop them from doing any more damage now. CONTACT your Legislators and tell them in NO UNCERTAIN terms what your vote will be in 2 years if this recklessness continues.

Michael Bednarz