Wednesday, May 14, 2008

McCain needs to stay on the Conservative path to the White House

What is John McCain thinking by pandering to these Eco-Commies?

As a Ronald Reagan Conservative I have had severe reservations in supporting John McCain but was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and following the Super-Tuesday clinching asked other like-minded and disappointed Conservatives to buck up as Republicans united and do the same. But, with his recent comments and expressed views on Global Warming I can almost see no difference between him and the Eco-Commies trying to push their Global Warming Alarmist agenda down our throats in their zeal to blow up our economy and global human progress with their folly. Only this week the Eco-Commie intelligentsia had to back pedal and admit that global warming is stopped and now is static. They point out that the Earths ocean currents are adjusting to stabilize the climate change. WHAT!? Mother nature fixing and correcting itself? How could this be? The science that global warming is human caused is not settled and the so-called "consensus" is a myth.

Given all this John McCain has found it necessary to pander to these Eco-commies and their pro- Mommy Earth, anti-human and human progress stagnating agenda. John McCain, listen to me please......THEY WILL NEVER VOTE FOR YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE "GREEN" ON GLOBAL WARMING AS AN ISSUE. They are so far left on most every other issue besides it, that you are wasting your time, treasure and life-force for them and worse yet you are driving Conservatives like me away from the kind of enthusiastic support, financial aid, and maybe even the November votes you must have. PLEASE STOP IT. We Conservatives are much more important than a couple of rag-wool sock wearing lib's from Seattle! You will lose at least 1000 Conservative voters for every Global Warming vote you pull in with this ill-advised positioning and pandering. You started the same thing last week on comments toward Immigration policy, please learn your lesson. Don't pander for the audience of the moment or the Zip code.

About the only thing John said in his comments that I agree is correct policy was about increasing our Nuclear Energy production.

John, you need to be bold and come out in favor of ANWR drilling, and off-shore domestic oil production done in an environmentally responsible manner off California, and Florida's Gulf Coast. Cuba has recently contracted with Chinese oil producers to drill and extract oil offshore and right against our international border with them in the Gulf of Mexico off Florida. They will be tapping into reserves that run under our territory and will be extracting it in a partnership for the communist Castro regime. What the hell is going on here? We would rather pay $4.00, 5.00, or even $6.00++ a gallon for gas and diesel by not tapping that resource, but allow some Communist Chinese oil company with an unknown and probably non-existent track record for environmentally safe and responsible offshore drilling to extract oil that is arguably ours? Why would we Americans allow this Congress or any future president in this Energy market to drain oil out from our own available reserves instead of having our American Oil Companies with their knowledge, skill, and environmental expertise do it for we Americans? This is where the Eco-Commies and the Democratic leadership are leading us, away from the light of common sense in energy independence and into the darkness of our "environmentally enlightened" ruin.

These Democrats and Eco-Commies with their Anti-Oil, anti-drilling, anti-refinery policies (they have effectively used environmental impact and stifling regulations to prevent the building of any new refineries or capacity in over 30 years in the U.S.) are responsible for our current energy crisis and lack of energy independence. We must reverse this trend, and fast.

Don't buy their non-sense about Arctic refuge oil making only a few cents per gallon difference in the price of gasoline we pay at the pump. These are the same people that tell you that they will solve the problem with Ethanol and Solar panels. I see hundreds of cars, trucks and SUV's going by me all day long that have "FlexFuel" or "Ethanol" badges on them. I have NEVER EVER seen a pump or station anywhere in my travels where I could fill my car up with ethanol, have you?

We all agree that Hybrid vehicles and new emerging technologies like wind, solar and hydrogen fuel cells are extremely promising for our energy independence and for the environmental good. We can all stand united in support of that. These technologies show great promise for our future, but they are going to take time to replace our current and crucial demand for fossil fuels. While we perfect these, we must protect our economic vitality by providing stable and affordable oil for our domestic consumption, to do that we must find our own domestic supplies of known, proven, and conventional energy sources as we wean ourselves over to these newly perfected technologies and sources.

Beware that sometimes in our zeal to save mommy earth we can do more harm than good. Our rush toward Ethanol and Bio-Fuel is a perfect example of that. When this stampede for bio-fuel, primarily Ethanol, began several years ago I recall asking myself out loud... What will this do to food resources and prices? Certainly Archer-Daniels Midland wasn't asking this as they pressed their new friends in Congress to support their legislation promoting Ethanol (this industry is granted an exemption from fuel taxes, granting them huge advantages in pricing/profit against petro-fuels). These liberal lackeys so quick to criticize big oil gave away the store to Agri-Fuel conglomerates in a stampede to save mommy earth. These liberal eco-commies and Democrats in the "new uber-ethical Congress" with their newly swollen campaign coffers swoon and bask in their "Green is Good" cloak of absolution with their most honorable quest to save Mommy Earth; but now the worlds poor may starve. I guess they will worry about "solving" that problem later.

In our efforts to grow energy instead of food in our fields we have inflated the cost of food and thereby reduced the available arable land for food production. Further, these increased costs for grain and basic food commodities are impacting citizens greatly in nations even with great wealth like ours; but catastrophic consequences are beginning to emerge in the poor nations and economies of the third world. Grain prices and commodities like Wheat, Corn, Rice and Soy are skyrocketing and with these prices rising so goes the costs for the feed needed for Poultry, Pork, and Beef producers; not to mention the increasing fuel expense for their tractors, machinery, and transportation. It's a vicious circle and in the short term we must increase our supply of domestically produced oil, gas, coal and other fossil fuel and also we need to invest into building up the refining capacity necessary to perfect the crude into finished fuels. We can do this as we provide great incentives to expedite the emerging technologies to ensure our future energy needs.

We need leadership in the tradition of Ronald Reagan that clearly identifies the obvious problem and addresses that problem in a clear, concise, and simple manner with determined resolve and action. Such is the case with our current energy crisis. More supply from domestic sources. Most of America will vote for the candidate that delivers that message.

John McCain will not win by appealing to Liberal anti-carbon, and anti-oil, liberal elitist Eco-Commies that have adopted the religion and concept of "Mommy earth forever and people.....whatever?" McCain will win by leading America to it's inherently conservative nature and love of common-sense "here's what we gotta do to git 'er done" problem solving.

John McCain, you are straying from the Conservative path. Here is your wake-up call. Please don't ignore it.

Michael R. Bednarz