Saturday, June 23, 2012

Obama- Defrauder-in-Chief

I am posting a very interesting article and be sure to watch the accompanying hard-hitting video about President Obama, the so-called champion of the poor and oppressed seeking his second term. Facts and the record suggest otherwise, I offer this article and video as but one example. In case anyone has doubts or wants to challenge the objectivity of it's source here is the background of this story:

 1) It was published at the pinnacle of his Messianic fervor in June 2008 just as Obama had secured the nomination. The story was probably ignored because everyone in politics and particularly the LameStream Media was drunk on his Kool-Aid, women passing out, or getting tingles up their legs like Chris Matthews said he did watching his tele prompter oratory.

2) Published not by Fox News, but by the Liberal bastion of journalism; The Boston Globe. Maybe now 4 years later the media and America can look at the man and his historical failures in a new light and not ignore a story like this after the euphoria and Kool-Aid Hangover has worn off.

The Habitat Company was managed by it's CEO at the time, one Valerie Jarrett. Yes, the same Valerie Jarrett who is the most trusted and senior advisor to President Obama on all matters economic and policy-wise. This slum was managed by Valerie as she pocketed millions along with the likes of his other slum-lord buddy Tony Rezko (now in Prison for his crimes)> Their donations kept the campaign coffers of young Obama filled to the brim or by providing him hundreds of thousand dollar below market sweet-heart real estate deals as Rezko did on Obama's Chicago mansion. (The Obamas house coincidentally shares a property line with the Rezko estate).

I think his failure (should he in-fact gain a second term) will follow the pattern of betrayal and failure to his constituents of the past, and his failures of the present as he and his political brain trust guided by a slumlord millionaire hypocrite; curry favor and patronage from the poorest using their class warfare strategy towards a second term. America and all it's citizens can't afford this, especially the poor who lose the most with their support for his failed record and policies.

Michael R. Bednarz