Friday, February 29, 2008

The New Iraq- Surging to Victory

Here is a great article by a Veteran Army Airborne Captain of Iraq, Peter Hegseth who this time returned as a journalist to an area he had served in just a couple of years prior. His impressions and observations are reported in this on the ground report that gives insight into the brilliant and innovative tactics employed by the remarkable General David Petraeus, the architect of the "Surge" strategy that is now bringing victory to Iraq and it's people. While there has been hard and gritty fighting for the security gained, the author shares some other ideas and tactics initiated by Petraeus and his men with the Iraqi people, security forces, local sheiks and the Son's of Iraq aka Concerned Local Citizens. The CLC's, are Iraqi/US sponsored and equipped Sunni militia sworn with allegiance to the Government of Iraq and to protect their neighborhoods from Al Qaeda and other terrorists with Iraqi and US Army support. He shares the process and tactics employed that were crucial to success and required not just military muscle, but imagination and the courage of the local people to be willing to accept a better alternative and life; one free of fear from Al Qaeda and sectarian violence.

With reports and stories like this, is it any wonder why the Lib's, anti-war Left and Democrat Party who constantly undermined and subverted our allies, our President, the Iraqi people, and our troops in their victory for the entire course of the war; want no talk of it as a national political issue any longer? Is it any wonder why the Liberal lackey's in the main-stream media are their willing dupes in the effort to bury the daily successes and achievements occurring in Iraq? It is one thing to have a difference of opinion and be opposed to a war, it is yet again another thing entirely to in an unprecedented effort in our history, actively and incessantly do every thing you can to lose a war for partisan political gain. The successes and momentum brought by the surge are plainly evident and concrete. The Iraqi people are ebullient in their optimism and hope for their future. Of course the Democrats will attempt to frame and couch it in their own dishonest way, it requires a "willing suspension of disbelief" to ignore the obvious; the obvious being that "General Betrayus" was right, and truthful and that they are the liars and defeatists unable to come to grips with the truth.

In the Dem's scheme of Subversion and Insurgency against victory in Iraq they expected a terrific political price to be paid for it by Bush and other victory supporters like John McCain. The Democrats expected to win the White House by forcing a loss in Iraq. Now that they are failed in their effort; the Democrat Party and the opponents of victory in Iraq should bear the political costs and ramifications for their Democrat Insurgency against America. Let's hope that John McCain rightly points this out in contrasting his position, his political courage, and his judgement for victory vs. the biggest supporters for retreat and defeat in Iraq; Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Click this link below for the Peter Hegseth, National Review article.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Stop the Democrat madness to change our Electoral College

There is an effort under way in Washington State to join a National movement sponsored by a bunch of sour-grape Democrats who still haven't gotten over Gore's Florida loss in 2000. They have already passed two bills that will obliterate any future influence or representation we have in determining our President with the Electoral College.

They are putting forward in Washington State a dubious plan to change our electoral college votes from reflecting the will and winner of the voters in our state, to the will and winner of the overall popular vote in all the states, states dominated by the likes of N.Y. and CA. With this idiotic and misguided scheme, the opposite of what they intend will result. We will in fact, essentially lose our voice in the election process. We will never see Presidential candidates in our state who would come to learn about our concerns, issues, and hopes if our 11 measly electoral college votes go from winner-take-all of our states voted will; to the will of the winner of the National Popular vote dominated by all the population of the big states. We would be lucky to even rate a live-cast address by our Democratic and Republican presidential hopefuls at a Caucus. Hell, I bet we wouldn't even rate a side-trip from a California campaign stop.

Folks we are a Constitutional Republic, not a Parliamentary mob rule Democracy. We have a majority rule Democracy that includes a Constitution to protect the minority from the majority. Our founders rightly put balances to power in place to protect and ensure that small states and their citizenry and their interests would not have their power and influence usurped by the largest states and their domineering agendas; agendas that often share very little with our own interests. This idiotic and farcical bill eliminates all balance, protection and influence of a small state like Washington. Should this pass there would be no need for anyone to seek the presidency beyond the states of N.Y., CA, TX, FL, Michigan, IL, MA, and perhaps a couple of other populous states. Talk about disenfranchisement?

For what? Because a couple of disgruntled Democrats are still pissed because they think that Al Gore lost the 2000 election in Florida due to the electoral college even though he won the popular vote? He didn’t even lose the election to the electoral college in Florida. He lost it in his own home state of Tennessee. If he had won Tennessee’s electoral votes he would have been President, regardless of the outcome in Florida. For Chrissake’s if the people of his own state that know him best can’t save the nation from him, then what? HE DESERVED TO LOSE. Now let's leave a perfectly good system known as the Electoral College ----- ALONE!

The bills have passed both Democrat super-majorities in the Legislature as House HB1750 and in the Senate as SB5628 and are now waiting for Gov. Gregoire's signature. PLEASE CONTACT Governor Gregoire by clicking and emailing her here and urge her to VETO this crazy scheme that is intent on disenfranchising Washington's voters by the dilution of our voice through a national Presidential popular vote.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Democrat Eco-Commies in Olympia and D.C. Must be stopped!

A bill that is making it's way through the Legislature in Washington State was brought to my attention by a Republican friend today, it is Senate Bill 6900. This bill is best described as the "Engine Displacement/Carbon Emissions Fee" Bill.

The Democrats proposing this bill would add two fee's for your vehicle license renewal costs. First would be the "Engine Displacement Fee" that would add a new fee annually for the average car of $225 to a high of $600 for a full-size light truck or SUV. Vehicles under 1.9L or that are rubber-band powered are exempt. Woooohooo I guess I will be keeping my VW Jetta Diesel's 1.9Liter a lot longer! Funds would go toward transportation funding only... gee whiz how nice of them to keep it specific huh? This bill will go into effect and fees will start to be collected on January 1, 2009... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

But wait... the best is yet to come, you see they think that you may still want to drive a car or truck and they haven't even addressed the damage you are doing to the environment. So they have the solution to save the planet... at your expense also in this bill. Starting just three years later on January 20, 2012 -the bill adds the "Carbon Emissions Grams (Co2) per Mile Fee" that would also be added annually to your vehicle license renewal fee's in addition to the "Engine Displacement Fee's" enacted in 2009. How much is that you may ask? Oh I am so glad you did. They want to add for the average car's C02 emission and "carbon footprint per mile" a fee of $225 to a high of $600 for your Light Truck or SUV. Now these funds would not even be devoted to those that generate the fee's benefit to say mitigate congestion or improve Highway safety. No, no nothing like that- the dough goes to the "Multimodal transportation" account. I guess thats Eco-Commie speak for mass transit or bicycle lanes; Multimodal isn't a word, but hey these are cutting-edge concepts and solutions they are dealing with here and they have to create some new lingo and words to go with it. Besides it's obvious that these liberal elitists couldn't expect us to challenge their Scrabble words or dazzling urbanite intellect.

Bottom Line: $225 to 600 additional license fee each year based on your "Engine Displacement Fee" and the $225 to 600 per year for your "Carbon Emission Grams per mile Fee" mean an average of between $550 to $1200 per year PER VEHICLE when both fee's are in effect three years from now.

Another troubling aspect with this crazy new bill/tax/fee/rip-off is that we have told them countless times that we aren't paying exorbitant license fee's any more. We have voted and set them at $30, they keep pushing the envelope by challenging our will in the State Supreme Court, or by making you buy "new" plates for $20 bucks every couple of years that cost an inmate $2 bucks to pound out in prison; forcing you to replace perfectly good plates on your car. I am just waiting for the $10 plate disposal fee to go into effect any time now. They just won't take no for an answer. They don't listen, the WON'T listen. Fire them all.

We have to flush them all down the toilet next November, we must clean house, the Governor, the State House, and the State Senate. Get rid of the tax and spend and tax some more eco-commies. We also have to keep Obama or Hillary, and the rest of the National Dem's from getting a grip on the reigns of our nation. Surely, these types of policies and priorities are going to be implemented as promised by Hillary or Obama. With the National Legislative and Executive branch unified under the Democrat party, our national course would be exactly like the one we have endured in Washington State since 2004 with the Super-Majority in the House and Senate and a Governor that signs any tax, fee, or new program and spending bill put under her pen.

I can't stress enough how critical it is to elect Dino Rossi Governor along with Republican candidates for the Washington State House and Senate seats. This super-majority of Democrats with Queen Christine are out of control, they spend like drunken sailors (no offense to our Navy members). They are taxing anything and everything they can to satiate their idiotic agenda.

In the mean-time, send this email to everyone you know. We must call, write, and email our Representatives and stop this COLD in committee. This link will help you find your legislative district and help you to contact your Rep. or Senator. Forward this email to everyone you know and stop this bill. We must then punish them for this arrogant elitist insanity and save ourselves from their abuse and confiscation of our hard-earned treasure and toil. I am fed up! These idiots must be removed.

I am copying and pasting the full text for the proposed bill and it's sections below verbatim.

S-4908.1 _____________________________________________
State of Washington 60th Legislature 2008 Regular Session
By Senators Tom, Kohl-Welles, Pridemore, Keiser, and Kline
Read first time 02/01/08. Referred to Committee on Water, Energy &
1 AN ACT Relating to establishing vehicle engine displacement and
2 emissions fees; adding new sections to chapter 46.17 RCW; providing
3 effective dates; and providing an expiration date.
5 NEW SECTION. Sec. 1. A new section is added to chapter 46.17 RCW
6 to read as follows:
7 (1) A vehicle engine displacement fee must be paid and collected
8 annually for motor vehicles subject to the fee under RCW 46.16.0621,
9 except motor homes. The amount of the fee must be based upon the
10 vehicle engine size in liters, which is correlated with vehicle size
11 and vehicle emissions. The fee imposed under this section must be used
12 for transportation purposes, and may not be used for the general
13 support of state government. The vehicle engine displacement fee is
14 that portion of the fee, as reflected on the engine size in liters set
15 forth in the schedule provided in this section, that is in excess of
16 the fees imposed under RCW 46.16.0621 and 46.17.010. For vehicles
17 registered on or after January 1, 2009, the vehicle engine displacement
18 fee under this section is due at the time of initial vehicle
19 registration and any subsequent renewal of vehicle registration.
p. 1 SB 6900
1 Engine Size (liters) Rate Schedule
2 Up to 1.9 $0
3 2.0 - 2.9 $70
4 3.0 - 3.9 $225
5 4.0 - 4.9 $275
6 5.0 - 5.9 $325
7 6.0 - 7.9 $400
8 8.0 or over $600
9 (2) For the purpose of administering this section, the department
10 shall rely on the vehicle engine size in liters as provided by vehicle
11 manufacturers, or other sources defined by the department, to determine
12 the engine size in liters of each vehicle. The department shall adopt
13 rules for determining engine size in liters for vehicles that do not
14 have a manufacturer-provided engine size in liters.
15 (3) The vehicle engine displacement fee under this section is
16 imposed to provide funds to mitigate the impact of vehicle loads on the
17 state roads and highways, as well as encourage the reduction of vehicle
18 emissions and is separate and distinct from other vehicle license fees.
19 (4) The vehicle engine displacement fee collected under this
20 section must be deposited into the multimodal transportation account.
21 NEW SECTION. Sec. 2. A new section is added to chapter 46.17 RCW
22 to read as follows:
23 (1) A vehicle emissions fee must be paid and collected annually for
24 motor vehicles subject to the fee under RCW 46.16.0621, except motor
25 homes. The amount of the fee must be based upon the grams of carbon
26 dioxide (CO2) emission per mile. Fees imposed under this section must
27 be used for transportation purposes, and may not be used for the
28 general support of state government. The vehicle emissions fee is that
29 portion of the fee, as reflected on the grams of carbon dioxide (CO2)
30 emission per mile set forth in the schedule provided in this section,
31 that is in excess of the fees imposed under RCW 46.16.0621 and
SB 6900 p. 2
1 46.17.010. On or after January 1, 2012, the vehicle emissions fee
2 under this section is due at the time of initial vehicle registration
3 and any subsequent renewal of vehicle registration.
4 CO2 Emissions (grams/mile) Rate Schedule
5 Up to 161 $0
6 162 - 193 $70
7 194 - 241 $225
8 242 - 266 $275
9 267 - 298 $325
10 299 - 362 $400
11 Over 362 $600
12 (2) For the purpose of administering this section, the department
13 shall rely on the grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission per mile as
14 provided by vehicle manufacturers, or other sources defined by the
15 department, to determine the grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission per
16 mile of each vehicle. The department shall adopt rules for determining
17 grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) emission per mile for vehicles without
18 manufacturer-provided information on grams of carbon dioxide (CO2)
19 emission per mile.
20 (3) The vehicle emissions fee under this section is imposed to
21 provide funds to mitigate the impact of vehicle loads on the state
22 roads and highways, as well as encourage the reduction of vehicle
23 emissions and is separate and distinct from other vehicle license fees.
24 (4) The vehicle emissions fee collected under this section must be
25 deposited into the multimodal transportation account.
26 NEW SECTION. Sec. 3. Section 1 of this act takes effect January
27 1, 2009.
28 NEW SECTION. Sec. 4. Section 2 of this act takes effect January
29 1, 2012.
30 NEW SECTION. Sec. 5. Section 1 of this act expires January 1,
p. 3 SB 6900
1 2012.
--- END ---
SB 6900 p. 4

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Still a Super Tuesday for Conservatives despite McCain Wins

Super Duper Tuesday's analysis is simple really. The Conservative vote was split by V.P. wanna-be Huckabee at Mitt's expense. Further, John McCain has spent the past weeks and even months (following the embarrassment and crushing damage to his campaign with his McCain/Kennedy Amnesty scheme) reassuring the right, and moving right, by promising to make the Bush tax cuts permanent, abolishing the death tax, sealing the border first and even having him chuck and disavow his own feeble attempt at illegal-immigration reform on the trash heap; so much for the main-stream media theory about the irrelevance of the Conservative wing.

So, rather than the likes of Rush, Sean, Levin and other Conservative pundits and talk-radio hosts being irrelevant; the opposite is true. With the Conservative vote split between Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee working to McCain's benefit, they have forced McCain to the right anyway. The Conservative criticism of McCain's aberrant and past stands are being corrected by the defibrillator shock paddles applied directly by Rush, Hannity and Levin et al to McCain's Conservative conscience to bring him back to the right side of the critical issues of our party and country as articulated by these pundits and leaders. Their intellectual honesty and criticism of one of our own will act as the conscience of his wayward Conservatism, keeping him on the path and positions on the issues important to the heart and soul of our party standard-bearers.

Conservative talk radio, blogger's, and the new media are our conservative voice and it's apparent that the main-stream media have in fact mis characterized what is occurring within our party as they have suggested that our Conservatism and it's loud and clear voice being articulated by Rush, Sean, and others are inconsequential and irrelevant. Once again, the old media have missed the mark completely. Conservative criticism has served notice to McCain and is moving McCain to the right. We will further insist that he solidify his commitments already made toward those Conservatives that believe in the enduring principles and philosophies of Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater, just watch it happen in a day or two at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

In the end our GOP battle of ideas will make the Republican party stronger; not weaker. Our positions will appeal to the moderate Democrats and independents who have seen the Democrat Party move away from their core beliefs and principles once espoused by JFK, Scoop Jackson and Zell Miller; and closer toward the policies of Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro. While the Democrat party lurches left, it is leaving many old Democrats behind as it moves inexorably to it's new Socialist message of: Class warfare, Redistribution of wealth, New Big-Government Programs for every problem, and stated policies by both of punitive taxation and increases in a economically illogical attempt to tax us out of recession. Both offer a National Security and Defense policy of retreat and defeat in the War on Terror that will be replaced by a Declaration of War on the Oil companies and businesses of America. A Democrat win for the White House will ensure they are un-checked in dismantling our 2nd Amendment, or ensure them of achieving their stated goal and commitment to Pro-Death groups to remove all protection of unborn children; to even include the moment prior to the infant entering the birth canal. There is no real debate or battle of ideas within the Democrat party on differences of policy or substance, only a choice of personality/race/gender to carry forward their leftist agenda they are enslaved to by, Code Pink, and The Daily Kos'ers. In the end these radical and lefty positions, no matter how charismatically articulated or presented to middle-America; are ones that will be rejected once more by Americans. Contrast the complete lack of experience and qualifications by the likes of Hillary, and especially Obama who has more time as a student in a radical Islamic Madrasas school in Indonesia than he has in the U.S. Senate, to John McCain and I think the American people will choose McCain.

While McCain is truly my third choice since the beginning of the nomination process (my first being Fred, then Mitt) if McCain becomes the nominee of the GOP, this Reagan Conservative will support and vote for him; and we will hold him to his promises and commitments. I urge every Republican to do the same. McCain knows that if he is to succeed, he must have Conservatives with him, they are much more important to his success than attracting moderates, liberals or even independents. If he falters and strays from the Conservative path, we in the grassroots and our Conservative voice projected through Rush, Sean, Coulter and the new media will keep him on task; we will even be Water-boarding him if necessary.

Should McCain ultimately be our likely nominee following the debate and critical examination of his policies and foibles that we have subjected him to, we will have succeeded in bringing him back to the Conservative and principled positions that have brought the GOP party successes for so many decades. Then I will cheerfully embrace and even kiss McCain: once we dry him off.