Thursday, December 9, 2010

God's Best Wear White Sunglasses and Carry Bibles

I want to share this story of God's purpose and his presence that happened to me yesterday. It was an amazing manifestation of his Grace, Power and Love.

As many of you know and my thanks to all who have been praying dutifully for him, my father-in-law Hugh Brechtel (they weren't included in the divorce) got the terrible news late last week that he had a brain tumor. Tuesday morning he collapsed at home in Sequim and was rushed to the hospital in Port Angeles. They transferred him immediately to Swedish Hospital in Seattle for testing and possible surgery. He was scheduled for later in the week but yesterday early in the morning, they decided to do surgery at 10:00 AM.

I was on the ferry yesterday trying to get focused on work crossing from Kingston to Edmonds.  I was heading to the Food Galley to get some coffee hopeful it could clear the cobb webs lingering from my fitful nights sleep.  I was approaching a young man,  perhaps in his late twenties dressed in dark navy blue athletic sweats and wearing these awful all-white sunglasses... the first thought that came to my mind was "man I must be getting old, I would never wear those 'gay-boy' sunglasses". . . . then a voice and thought followed almost instantly "Judge not lest ye be judged" and I quickly admonished myself and asked forgiveness for my first impression as not being a very Christian thing to think about someone I know nothing about. In the first place I told myself, I should not judge anyone. In the second place, if he were Gay;  I should Love him as though he were my own brother, regardless of orientation.  As I got closer and passed him he took off his sunglasses and our eyes met for a second as he sat down preparing to read his Bible he had just laid down on the tabletop. A Bible? Oh, he's a believer. God just put a bold exclamation point for me on his scripture verse "Judge not lest ye be Judged"!

I continued on to the Galley for my coffee without giving it much more thought and sat down checking my watch and considering the fact that my father-in-law Hugh was in surgery at Swedish Hospital for a brain tumor at that moment. I was thinking about all the prayer I had given up and asked others for, and knew that God was in control, yet I was suddenly overcome with fear and dread for Hugh and family. The fact that I had devoted much prayer and also knowing that many were with me in prayer for Hugh and family was of no momentary comfort. Doubts and  fears of the unknown were chipping away at my faith.  Overcome by this angst I put my head into my hands for a minute and started to pray for reassurance, and fortification. I just felt so alone and empty and so too was my effort at prayer reflected similarly; it was empty and impotent. With my head still in my hands I asked for God to help me through my fears for Hugh and help me find some strength to help him, my ex-wife Marti, and Mom. Then, and I can't describe it fully... but a voice, and thought came to me. The verse just popped into my consciousness, like a light in the darkness guiding me through my doubt and despair as it came to me: For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them. Matthew 18:20. I didn't even know at the time the chapter and verse. (I am terrible at remembering that stuff) Yet here was this verse, flashing before me like Christmas lights.  Just as suddenly my thoughts were broken by the crackle of the Ferry PA system announcing our imminent arrival to Edmonds and asking for our return to our vehicles.  This interrupted and ended my feeble effort for prayer.  Walking back to my vehicle I was again passing by that young man with the White Sunglasses and Bible. But then, I just stopped. Right then. Right there. I said to the young man that I had noticed his Bible and asked him if he was a believer? YES I AM! He said with unabashed gusto and pride. He told me his name was Aaron. I told him mine and that I too was a believer. Then I told him (as I struggled to check my emotions) about my father-in-law that was in Surgery for a brain tumor at this very moment. I told him this would seem an odd thing to ask of him,  but would he pray with me for Hugh as a brother in Christ? Of course! Aaron said, and he invited me to sit. We reached hands across the table. Aaron asked me to open and he would close. What a sight I imagine this was with busy people, and their busy lives,  rushing past us to get to their cars while two grown men,  oblivious to the world around them were connected and locked in fervent prayer. Two men who were complete strangers but a minute before. Two men that Love God. Two men brought together by an open Bible on a table. We prayed in earnest for God's comfort for Hugh, my ex-wife Marti, and my Mom-in-Law. I prayed for the tumor to be benign and to heal Hugh according to His will. We were too busy to worry about secular discomfort around us by our public display of our faith. I was a believer in need and he was a believer answering my call for help. I remember the eloquence and beauty of Aaron's Prayer especially one part with him  asking .....(as close to verbatim as I can recall)......

Lord: ' though the surgeons may not be followers of you, help them and guide their hands for your purpose using them as your instruments for Hugh's healing'. At the moment he said that, I had a peace and comfort of assurance that all would be well and that God would take care of Hugh and family. It is my hope that if anyone saw the event, rather than a negative reaction to it, I hope it brought positive witness to them in the spontaneous power of love, faith and the fellowship of Christ.

Aaron and I spoke briefly following our prayer and he told me a little bit about himself. He lives in Kingston. He is serving his country as a civilian contractor Physical Training instructor working for the U.S. Navy. He was traveling on the way to work in Everett when our paths crossed. He is engaged to be married and I congratulated him and extend the same to his lucky fiancé. He is a member of New Life Church, in Kitsap county and is a fine young man with an amazing heart, faith and wisdom beyond his years. Aaron gave me his phone number and asked me to let him know how things turned out with Hugh. Aaron was also the first person at the top of my text list when I left the Hospital several hours later after visiting a joking and joyful Hugh telling everyone the wonderful news of success with this glorious text!

Surgery was a big success, he should be fine, nearly certain tumor was benign, TY ALL FOR PRAYERS- God is Awesome!

Aarons text reply: Praise God! He IS awesome! So good to hear mike! Thanks for letting me know.

Our prayers lasted for only a minute, but I felt so much better sharing that prayer with another.  I felt the comfort of God and his Love manifest through a complete stranger named Aaron who God used to help lift me up, and help to heal Hugh. Aaron is not a stranger and he really never was; he is my brother in Christ. God directed me to him and placed him there in that time and place for his purpose. I know God worked through him in but a few minutes to teach me a lifetime lesson about earthly judgment, to bring faith to overcome my fears, and to bring healing and comfort to Hugh, Marti and those I Love. Meeting Aaron was a test for my commitment to God. I am so grateful for Aaron's blessing and to God for bringing me this new friend and giving me this Testament of God's Love and purpose through faith.

For me, this is the REASON for the Season. I just received the greatest Christmas gift I could hope and pray for; Hugh's successful surgery and the start of his complete and full healing. That is what Christmas is about. The Family. The Love. The gift. Mankind living and giving to others selflessly as Jesus would want us to do. Merry Christmas to Aaron and everyone. God Bless.
Update: 12/10/10 Hugh and Marti- Only a Day after successful major Brain Surgery. Looking good, and God is Great!

I would and could write more, but I have to go now. Besides, I can't see through these bleary eyes any longer as I write this. It must be my monitor is too bright and I need to go find and buy some really cool White Sunglasses. I think they probably have some at Big 5 Sporting Goods.  I am going to wear them proudly for God and to honor my new found friend,  Aaron.

Michael R. Bednarz

Friday, November 5, 2010

Rossi Loses Senate Battle but Crucial to Victory for Conservatism

See full text of Dino Rossi's Concession and Statement Below my Post.
God Bless you and your family Dino!  I am so disappointed that the citizens of this state did not appreciate and recognize what an incredibly valuable resource, asset, and human being you are or get to experience what an incredible Senator and advocate you would be for them. In this era of personal attack politics and deceit-in-advertising I guess it is just a fact of life and political reality now that this is JobOne to overcome as it gets in the way of the important issues. Your incredible work ethic and positive issue-based campaign effort was stunning. You went everywhere! From chucking axes at a logger-fest in Hoquiam (my personal favorite campaign video) to Colville you came, learned, and listened. From business executives in Bellevue to the poorest communities in the state, you went to find out what Washingtonians needed; ALL Washingtonians. In the few times over the years I have had the opportunity to talk with you I have been so impressed with your sincere interest and connection with “we the people.”  Your concern and empathy for our trials and tribulations as well as your hope and desire to help us achieve our desires and dreams is clearly foremost. Before you joined this race the outcome would have been quite obvious. Another Senate race, and yet another possible 10 or 20 pt. blowout. You made this a very competitive race about ideas and choices and an alternative path and future for America. You sir made it a real race. Yes we came up a tad short; but your message manifest by and carried for “We the People” did not.  Though you didn’t get a seat at the D.C. table;  your message and ours was victorious and their/hers was and are stopped.  In the greater war of ideas, issues, and governance your personal contribution and efforts in the battle on our behalf was crucial in the overall victory we gained in the greater War. Some may look at your loss as reflecting a rejection of the "National Mood" because our state didn't mirror the national results with a victory. I vehemently beg to differ! This state's population density in King County and and environs has been a guarantor of Liberalism and the guarantee for Statist success statewide. You have eroded and jeopardized that margin now in three statewide elections and served notice that overreaching, overspending,  and overriding all the good citizens of Washington is over. I am certain you laid a foundation for a GOP Governor in 2012, and YES, I will support you if you want that job. But, I digress..You served notice that there are voices outside of just King County and we will now with great thanks to you Mr. Rossi be heard. Today Patty Murray has gained a new found appreciation of what we want. Dino your concession statement and press release today epitomizes the class and goodwill that is reflected in the exceptional man that I have had the honor to have met, supported, and come to know.

For your efforts in this battle for the future of our State and Nation, you deserve a medal. I  on behalf of all the Liberty minded grateful citizens of Washington State and our Nation, do hereby award you a Political Medal of Honor (non-posthumous of course) for your sacrifice and essential contribution to the Victory achieved for your State and Nation on November 2nd, 2010.
Unfortunately, it appears that Washington is lagging behind the rest of America when it comes to their appetite for spending, pork, and entitlement mentality.We have a long way to go to get to the point where they understand that the more Government does for you; the more it can do to you.  A  friend of mine reflected this the day before the election. I asked him if he had gotten his ballot in for Dino. He told me “You know I am a Republican and I like Dino, but Patty has just brought us so much federal money to our state that I had to vote for her....”  I was stunned. I told him they said the same thing about Robert Byrd, and because of Legislators like Murray and Byrd, we have bridges in Alaska to nowhere, and freeways in the mountains of West Virginia that end at their state line with no road connecting them in the next state! I further explained that Dino wasn’t opposed to legitimate and responsible Government spending, just unregulated government payouts/payoffs via earmarks or politically driven, economically unsound Stimulus and Bloated budget-busting growth,  Programs or Spending worth doing should stand on it’s own merits and be passed after debate by up and down votes not as a political patronage to some supporter or Lobbyist, or for a quid pro quo settling a political debt to another Senator. Obviously, there is more work to do with Washington voters.
New DinoCrat- Work in progress!
I do have some hope for the future and  for our States electorate.  Dino you met just one of many brand-new DinoCrats at the Chimacum rally a week before the election. I introduced you to my good friend and neighbor Wim Sweerman of Quilcene. Wim was a life-long Democrat who has become fed up with his abandonment of his party by their Left turn.  Mr. Sweerman survived WWII as a child in his native Nazi-occupied Holland and he knows tyranny up close and personal. He immigrated with his beloved wife Tina to the United States and became a citizen over fifty years ago. They worked hard, raised a family and he has always been a loyal Democrat, until you Dino. You sir with your candidacy earned his vote and hopefully initiated his turn for Conservatism. He still considers himself a Democrat; as evidenced by his playful defiance in holding your Dino sign upside down at your rally, but hopefully by 2012 he will be holding all the GOP signs right side up and voting fully right as well!  You sir, earned his trust and vote when nobody else could from our party for more than 50 years. That is progress, and that is a Victory!
My other hope and solace for our states electors is that in this statewide race, you came so close, a color-keyed look at the map says it all. John Koster may still win and we picked up the two aforementioned seats in the U.S. House. I am also very pleased that a strong message was sent to the members of our State Government by voters taking back control of tax and spending issues with the 2/3 vote initiative and rejecting a State income tax crafted in a clear and brazen attempt and appeal to class warfare by big government soft-tyranny Statists. Also we cut into the margin of the Super-Majority in our State Legislature with some pick-ups.
Overall, I am buoyed and hopeful for the future. I know that there is much work to do in this state and in our great nation to bring back the prosperity, Liberty, fiscal responsibility and solutions facing this, the greatest Nation in the history of the World.
You are a good man Dino Rossi.  Thanks to you and your family for the great sacrifice you and they made in your effort. I will never forget the loving exchange of your winks as you spoke in Chimacum returning the beaming gaze of your beautiful daughter Jennifer as she joined you on the trail, sacrificing her own Birthday time to be with you as you battled for her and all of our children and grandchildren futures. You are a winner Dino.
Michael R. Bednarz

Rossi Statement On Washington State Senate Race

Bellevue, WA - U.S. Senate candidate Dino Rossi made the following statement regarding the Washington Senate race:

“This evening, I called Senator Murray to offer my congratulations on her re-election to the U.S. Senate.

“I ran for the Senate because I believe we need a basic course correction from where Washington, D.C. has been taking us and to make sure this country is as free, as strong and as prosperous in the future as it has been in the past to preserve the best of America for future generations.

“That was a message that found a very receptive audience all across this state, though not quite receptive enough.

“We’re sending at least one new person, maybe two, to Congress to represent Washington State.  We elected a host of new people to the state legislature -- all on the message of controlling spending and helping the private sector grow, saying no to government overreach and confronting some very difficult challenges in front of us.
You’ve heard me say during this campaign that the problems we face are too big for one political party.  They are, and I can say that with absolute certainty.

“It is my hope that the new House and Senate will address them seriously, responsibly, and in a bipartisan way.  I hope the President and Senate Democrats will join the new House majority to face these problems head on rather than leaving them for the next Congress or the next generation.

“My hope going forward is that our representatives in Washington, D.C. will be thinking about how an issue affects Bellevue, Bellingham or Bingen, not the D.C. Beltway.

“I hope they will be thinking about the small business owners struggling to stay open and the people that work there who are trying to pay their mortgage and feed their kids.  I hope the things that are done in D.C. make it easier for these folks, not harder.

The lesson I leave you with is one we learned as kids: we’re all in this together.  If Washington, D.C. doesn’t act to help the economy grow and solve this massive spending and debt, it’s going to hurt us all.  It won’t distinguish by political party.

Let me close with one more heartfelt thank you to the people of our state.  Thank you for letting me have an honest, straightforward discussion with you about our future.

“God bless you, our country, and this wonderful state we call home.”


Monday, September 6, 2010

Democrat's Strategy for Victory to Ensure Conservative's Success

Obama at Laborfest speech in Milwaukee, WI- Photo by AP
I was watching Fox News this morning and almost every indicator for the Democrat Strategy for November is coming into sharp focus. A couple of weeks ago Harry Reid and Speaker Pelosi were in D.C. at a press conference echoing the same old message from years past. Ready? OK, here it is.... "BUSH BAD, WE GOOD. with a new twist... NO GO BACK TO BUSH. " (hey they have to keep it message simple for the willing dupes that voted Obama and Dem's in over years past right?) This was the same message robotically repeated by the AFL CIO Chief in Ohio when asked for comment about what is on Big Labor's radar for this Labor Day. So convinced are they in their dismally failed policies that they call for EVEN more of the same. More Stimulus spending, No tax relief for the Job creating segments of the economy, or for any other sound and economically PROVEN policy to reverse the ineffective and suicidal policies they have permanently grafted to themselves.

Unfortunately for Democrats and Liberals there are some new factors to consider in implementing their proven strategy one more time for another victory. All the folks during 2008 that were busy working and who were bombarded with a constant left-wing and Lamestream  media Anti-Bush message are awakened and enlightened. No longer will they consider the Democrat message about how awful the economy was under Bush and those evil Republican's when unemployment was at essentially a fully employed 4% range, or during times of 6-8% annual economic growth rate.  You see to most American's, even those that voted for Democrats in 2006 and 2008;  that looks pretty good to them about now. Voter's are sizing up the Liberal lies and past rhetoric for being indicative of their current level of veracity. This new Democratic "message" is falling on voters deaf ears. American's are now even still being sold and told about new terms from the Democrats in another effort to perplex and obfuscate the electorate as they are told about "jobless recovery" and other nonsensical words and terms that only Democratic failure can dream up.

So desperate are these Democrats for some voter recognition of  Democratic success or achievement and so unable to point to any of their own that Obama even brazenly co-opted and confiscated George Bush's credit and victory for ending the Iraq War last week before a national audience. Amazing! Obama, the very man that opposed the war and the successful Bush surge policy that Dubya had the political courage, skill, and conviction to employ;  withdraws troops on Bush's scheduled plan he and his team determined in 2007 and 08; more that a year before Obama ever took office. I guess for Democrat's this is considered courageous? Sorry, audacity is not courage. The American people know better, as evidenced by their reaction to his shameful and disgusting Oval Office speech where he attempted to usurp Bush's credit for winning a War that Obama and his Coalition of the Clueless worked frantically for this nation to lose; for their own political gain.

Here's the problem for Obama and his Coalition of the Clueless;  Americans now know what a bad economy looks like. They know the pain of what it FEELS like. They are taking the time and interest to learn the issues without relying on the Lamestream Media mouthpieces. They are even READING the bills passed by this "Coalition of the Clueless" that they admittedly haven't even read themselves. They see and feel the results of Obama and Democratic Leadership and policies with their very eyes; and they don't like it. They are angry. They are restless. They are sick and tired of being powerless. They are tired of being ignored and of having their Representatives voting with arrogance against their clear wishes and interests.  They are ready for their voices to heard and felt on Nov. 2nd, and they are ready for Real Change. The Democrat strategy to "Victory" in November has been chosen by the Coalition of the Clueless. Democratic leadership and their allies are out to sell their old tried and true message to lead them yet again to victory, but Americans aren't buying the message anymore and it's a recipe for victory all right; victory for Conservatism and for American's.

 Michael R. Bednarz


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Clint Didier, What were you thinking?

This blog post is a posting of my sentiments sent in a similar letter via email to Clint Didier on Saturday:
I am very disappointed in you Mr. Didier. I am sorry but this is going to have to be a bit harsh, because you haven't seemed to get the point or understand pragmatism in your recent political exercises. You claim to be a to the point, say-it-like-it-is kinda guy, so here goes.  I have been and am a Rossi supporter and voter, but that said I can honestly tell you that if you were the primary choice I would have supported you 110%, without reservation or endorsement from Rossi. If you had won, I would have found some area's of disagreement with you to a minor degree on a few issues. But I think overall we would be in line on most issues and principles, just as Rossi is actually in line on your positions.  Rossi would have been behind you 110% unequivocally and without reservation or qualification with a full endorsement on election eve. You know it and I know it. The furthest thing from his mind if losing would be to pull a stunt like you just have. With all due respect Mr. Didier, you are in no position to negotiate, dictate, or try to extort concessions from the winner. Politics and life 101.

You seem enamored with Football metaphors and examples as indicated by your shameful and clumsy attempt at extortion today.  You were not chosen by the coach to be the starter, your role as a backup  should then be to support the starter from the bench and help the team defeat Team Murray and to help save this nation. The stakes are too high and too important to rest on the machinations and delusions of grandeur from a guy who just got beat out for the starters job. A real team player would do exactly what YOU said you would do yourself on May 28th on the radio... "work for whoever is chosen 100%".  Already your action has done damage, evidenced by some of your supporters who are "so-called" Reagan devotee's that are falsely characterizing Dino Rossi as a RINO and threatening a write-in campaign that is dangerous folly destined to make some irrational point that has no basis in fact except in their own minds and could possibly result in a Murray win.  Rossi has a 100% Pro-life voting record and has carried the CONSERVATIVES water in and for the GOP for decades for the Coast and the Inland Empire. These very folks that claim to love and adore Ronald Reagan forget one of Reagan's most memorable quotes: "Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican".

You do your cause, your supporters, your state, your nation, your endorsers (Palin, etc.), your principles, and YOURSELF a great disservice by failing to get behind Rossi 110% on Friday. I have no idea why you took your eye of the ball and looked down field before you looked the ball into your hands but you dropped the ball as a result. In a race where EVERY vote will count to defeat Murray, you jeopardize that goal with what came off as an egotistical sense of self-importance. We cannot afford to have even one of your voters waffling, wavering, or God forbid stay home because you don't like the taste of Rossi's brand of Conservatism.  Well let me ask you this. How does the last 4 years of Peelosi, Reid, Obama and Murray taste? Assuming you continue your quest to prove your point by taking your ball, the few "teammates" you had and going home.  what satisfaction will there be in your support for Murray by now confusing, tainting,  and disenfranchising your supporters into staying home or from helping Rossi across the goal line?

In short, who's side are you on? Murrays? Liberalism?  Your clumsy attempt at brinkmanship will result in just such an outcome and perception with the end result of your unfortunate actions. Any scintilla of discord and dis-unity is noted by Murray and Democratic Leadership in determining how and where they will fight their battles, your actions feed and encourage their hopes and aspirations. The result may well be a greater emphasis by the National Party and her Union and Special Interest supporters to devote more resources on her behalf making our task much more difficult.  In my view you have undone all the Goodwill you obtained with your candidacy; we both know what you need to do to get it back. Swallow your pride, be a man, HONOR YOUR WORDS and COMMITMENT from May 28th, show some leadership for your cause and your supporters by endorsing Rossi with the level of sincere support that you put into your opposition of Murray.

I have been in Conservative/GOP politics since I was 11 years old, I have had adults curse me and slam doors on me when I delivered Nixon for President campaign materials. I will not have ANYBODY question my Conservatism or Patriotism for the Nation, Flag, Constitution, or issues such as protecting Life, and likewise I resent anybody questioning a fine servant with a proven track and voting record for "We the People" like Dino Rossi .  I am 48 years old now and terrified at what damage has been done to our nation and it's future in the past 4 years, we can't let them continue to have all the levers of power past 2010. Clint, we need  you and your supporters EVERY single one, your state needs you. Team Didier and supporters; America and Dino Rossi need you to do the right thing and work for team Rossi!

Now lets get busy and win one for the Gipper!


Michael R. Bednarz


Monday, July 19, 2010

World Trade Centers Replaced by Muslim Mosque?

What in the World is going on in our nation?  Have we as American's allowed  our political leaders to completely abdicate every semblance of common sense with our passivity and cynicism?    In New York there is a debate going on right now to permit under the banner of "Political Correctness" and "Diversity" a Mosque to be built openly in the footprint of the former shadows of the Twin Towers. How is it possible that there is even plausibility for a debate on this outrageous issue and request to build this monument to Islam on this sacred location?  Are we really going to let the Muslim world revel in the irony of allowing them to put an attraction second only to Mecca, as a place for Muslims the world over to come pray and celebrate over the hallowed ground of our heroes where they see a great victory for Islam? What the hell are these powers-that-be thinking? They defend and promote these sinister plans and those proposing them with the naivetĂ© of Neville Chamberlain. Mayor Bloomberg is to Rudy Giuliani what Chamberlain was to Winston Churchill. We need more Churchill's in New York, and for our country.
Articles like this answer the "Progressives" question; Where did these Tea Party folks come from? They came from the ranks of infuriated, enraged, and awakened American citizens that have had quite enough thank you. Enough spending, enough pandering, enough corruption, enough debt, enough political correctness, enough destruction of the values and principles mirroring our common sense that we support and believe in.
No more. Vote these buffoons out; don't vote all incumbents out just vote out the ones standing against American values and our Constitution. We must not throw the baby out with the bathwater in an anti-incumbency tirade. It isn't that simplistic, we must use targeted and surgical precision to cut the cancer from the body America to save the healthy tissue and the patient. We have to keep the incumbents that are fighting for us, like Rep. Pete King of N.Y., Bachmann of Minnesota, Ryan of Wisconsin and elect all those that will stand up for the Constitution, Common-Sense, National Security, and fiscal responsibility. Elect people that know the Constitution, those with common-sense and real credentials for positive leadership and representation of our traditional values, values proven by the test of time and not for sale on behalf of "political correctness", those like Lazio for NY Governor, Dino Rossi for US Senate in Washington State; lets put grown-ups into power. Let's show them what real Change, looks like.
Michael R. Bednarz

Here is the Link to the Weekly Standard article about this outrageous proposal.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Obama and his 'Coalition of the Clueless' are Tanking Big-Time

What more can be said that hasn't been said already? This man and his "Coalition of the Clueless" (Peelosi, Reid, Biden, Geithner, et al)  and their policies are reaping what they sowed. You can only get so far on charm and teleprompters. Remember the video's and images from the campaign trail 2 years ago of fainting women and hysterical crowds and folks full of adoration and religous-like fervor?  Those days are gone, replaced by high school students going comatose as he drones on and on espousing the very things of which he is the antithesis.

Last week during a High School commencement speech in Kalamazoo, Michigan he mesmerized the students with his vapid drivel into unconciousness as a student right behind him fell sound asleep during the excitment of his oratory. The thrill is gone folks!  Last week Nancy Peelosi was jeered and heckled out of the Socialist political group America's Future Now meeting during her keynote speech. Security actually removed her from the podium as he can be heard, clearer than Joe Biden even, 'we have to go now, they are throwing things'.  What can we take away from this when the socialists in power and being heckled, jeered and chased from the podium by their own radical lefties?  I think the evidence is clear that the tide has turned, and it's bringing in a "Red" Tide and tsunami wave for formerly "Blue" America faster than Obama's goop is hitting the beaches of the Gulf.

We must keep up the intensity, momentum, effort, and energy in Turbo mode to reverse this disastrous "change" that was thrust upon an ambivalent and trusting America by the opportunistic Left. Americans are are waking up and they are restless, jobless, and are facing hopelessness that is resulting in anger at being gulled and duped by the Left and their lamestream media enablers. 

We have to show them the truth, give them the hard facts and make the Conservative case as the way to fix and restore what has been destroyed. We must change the House and Senate 2010 and the Oval Office in 2012. This we must do to reverse the destructive socialist path the Liberal Left have thrust upon America.

Michael R. Bednarz


Saturday, March 27, 2010

What They Forgot To Tell Us About ObamaCare

Nancy Peelosi in the days leading up to the vote destroying America's wonderful Health Care System was asked about specific provision's in the bill by members of the media and concerns of the same manner from Representatives in her own party. To which she replied, "We have to pass the bill so you can find out what's in it".  We are now finding out what is in it; and what is not. Click the link below and see how she deftly tantalizes and dares the liberal statists into passing the bill for the nirvanic promise of satiating their curiosity. Good Lord, you have to see and hear it for yourself.

Here is what they Forgot To Tell Us About ObamaCare. How about that Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Biden, the Cabinet Members, House Majority Leader, and Senior leadership Congresspeople, Senators, and their Staff members that were tasked with writing this bill and know it best are NOT in it.  This is an all Democratic Party club and they have all received an EXEMPTION from falling under this health care bill and all of them hold get out of ObamaCare Free cards. Senator Grassley, Republican of Iowa noticed this between the time the bill passed the House and went to the Senate where they were doing the un-constitutional two-step reconcilliation process fix of the bill. Well, Grassley's amendment was defeated and it now officially stands they are out, everyone else is in. Only this small handful of American's from Obama down to perhaps several hundred or even a thousand souls if extended out, will continue with their own, private, "just what we want and like"  Health Care. The rest of us, are on Socialized medicine in the basic form of Medicaid.

So, when Obama addressed the Nation some 6 months ago before both the House and Senate and was called out by Congressman King that night as a liar; King was spot on, he was. He stood right there and said he wanted us to enjoy the same health coverage that He (Obama),  Senators and Congressman enjoy?   Did he just mean some of them, the elite Democratic leaders only?   The most curious thing is how the pee-on staffers of the leadership members of the House and Senate, wrote themselves an exemption that not only the average American would never get, but that average House Members or Senators wouldn't recieve either and not just Republicans,  but even Democrats would be shoved off under the Socialized Government Plan, leaving the rest of the Congresspeople and Senators to join we in the lowly Proletariat. In writing the bill and it's provisions they were in a position to know exactly, better even than the Politician who they were working under writing out this bill,  what would be the result and consequence of this monstrosity; and so they opted out. How convenient for them, yes? If ObamaCare was so damn good, they would be in on  it and so would their patrons, Peelosi, Reid, Obama and all those exempted.

How long will America continue to allow itself to be gulled as the willing dupes that they are? How's that CHANGE working out for you now?

More in this new series.. "Thing's They Forgot To Tell Us About ObamaCare"  Stay tuned, more will be posted as we find out what other garbage or infringement of our Liberties is actually in this pile of manure.

Michael R. Bednarz

Thursday, January 21, 2010

No GOP Gloating over Massachusetts, There is Work to do!

I like so many like-minded Conservatives and Patriots  are thrilled with Tuesday's Massachusetts Senate election results and the larger ramifications. Ok enough of that, we need to now stop the partying and roll up our sleeves. While the sense of accomplishment, pride and realization that we are no longer alone in our stand against the path that our nation has been dragged down for the past year is a good thing, we now have a responsibility to differentiate ourselves from the status quo.

On Health Care Republicans have been frustrated with the public lip service of  the liberals in the "Coalition of the Clueless" about bi-partisanship, only to be locked out of close door meetings and have their concerns and ideas dismissed out-of-hand. We literally have had GOP lawmakers who are physicians make multiple requests to meet with Obama, that have been shunned. With the change of the political ground after the Massachusetts quake on Tuesday, now is the time to move forward with GOP proposals and ideas. I suspect that the door is now ajar at the "Coalition of the Clueless" offices (Obama, Reid, Pelosi)  and we might even be invited in. I just watched Nancy Pelosi on TV this morning admit that she doesn't have the votes to pass the Senate Health Bill in the House. Obama concluded and stated as much only yesterday as he threw in the towel.  Just as I predicted would occur a week ago with a Scott Brown victory; the current Health Care Reform bills are dead, done, gone, and yes also kaput.

BednarzBlogspot Jan. 13th, 2010- He would represent the nail in the coffin for nationalizing our health care system and for any other boondoggle spending bills that come down the pike. He would be the filibuster  thorn in the Democrats side that would insure the demise for their liberal agenda goals like Health Care, Cap and Trade, Immigration Reform, Stimulus II, tax increases, and more. He would be our General Patton leading the shock-troops until we bring up reinforcements in 2010 and 2012 to beat back those that would continue the path of tyranny, reckless spending, and the deficit and debt accumulation that is choking America and killing our economic future, jobs creation, and prosperity for current and future generations.
Let's fill this vacuum with a solution. Let's do what should have been done in the first place, what Americans always wanted but weren't getting; an improvement and tuning of the best Health Care system in the world. We must also move forward on the other massive issues facing America and offer our idea's and solutions to remedy the feckless and ineffective socialist policies advanced by the Coalition of the Clueless.

The goal should be to identify what is broken, what is in need of improvement and fix it. The Liberals plan would have been to throw the baby out with the bath water. I heard a great metaphor yesterday, in the Coalition of the Clueless' effort to brew a pot of tea; they tried to boil the ocean. This was because their real goal wasn't fixing the problems facing Americans with Health Care, it was using the problems as cause to expand their power and take more control of our lives and futures with another massive entitlement and the power that would be manifest within it. Using free market principles with minimal Government involvement and control, we can lower costs by increasing competition, passing tort reforms to reduce the cost of "defensive medicine"  by doctors fearful of lawsuits and also by expanding coverage to all.  We can also eliminate waiting periods, mandate portability, and provide better coverages than were proposed under Obamacare.

I wrote this in a blog post, June 22nd, 2009 the very day Rasmussen's Reports Obama's approval index went negative for the first time to minus 1, today he is at minus 15, Jan. 20th, 2009 he was at plus 30 approval. Today Rasumussen Reports the Congressional generic ballot favors the GOP over Dem's by 8 points. Rasmussen's polling is spot on, he was well within the margin for error in the Brown/Coakley race. Yes, we are making progress and Americans are understanding that they were sold a bill of goods, wrapped up in a slick and ambiguous package. Unfortunately for the Democrats they aren't defining the perception anymore as their credibility continues its free-fall; unemployment, insane spending, political cronyism and personal economic misery are.
June 22nd, 2009 BednarzBlogspot -Rasmussen polling indicates we are making headway and the door is open, Congressional generic ballots indicate the GOP is out polling Dems on being better at handling economic issues, and we are now virtually even on Congressional generic ballots. We have work to do to promote our Conservative principles and solutions even further. We must not relish the misery wrought upon our nation and fellow citizens as good for our political advantage, we must understand we have a responsibility to know that our covenant and great challenge for America is to get us out of this mess, and save millions from economic suffering, misery and disaster. This is a great responsibility and effort we undertake for the sake our our nation. With every new huge program, budget, or bill we know this Coalition of the Clueless are taking America down and it's citizens with it. The inevitable tax, fee, and insidious inflation increases will be felt and burden Americans. Americans must be made to understand where, and who it came from. We must show them the better way. We have to do just that for the mid-term elections coming in 2010. 

We must offer a better way, better policies, superior ideas and features with proven track records of tangible benefits they can understand and will see in application to their lives. When we do this; in this current state of the economy Americans of all walks and lives will ask themselves this simple question as the folly and failures of the Coalition of the Clueless and Obama policies manifest themselves in their daily struggles.

Let's go, lets get busy!  America is waiting for action and for accomplishment. Obama and the Democrats have shown they are all talk without substance, and can't complete any task with their refracted issue focus. If we want the privilege and honor of leading America back to it's greatness and potential based upon our principles and convictions; we must lead by example. America is telling us what they want, lets listen and focus on getting it done.

Michael R. Bednarz


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Scott Brown for Massachusetts U.S. Senate Seat!

Rarely does an opportunity for a political upheaval present itself like the current one for replacing the late Sen. Edward Kennedy's seat from Massachusetts in the U.S. Senate.  At a critical time for our nations history, Scott Brown is poised to do the unthinkable and improbable; to win the Senate seat in the bluest of blue states, the seat held by the champion for socialized health care, to initiate liberalism's very demise and begin the reversal of our nations path from big-government tyranny to liberty. Scott Browns election could represent the deciding vote blocking Health Care from it's passage.

The ironies are thick and rich with the history and traditions of Mass. and Boston as the cradle and incubator of our nations founding and revolution for our freedom from tyranny. How fitting and appropriate that Liberty be restored here!  Here in the place where the first Tea Party occurred to inspire the modern day Tea Party Patriots who are working to return America to it's founding principles of Liberty and personal responsibility. The place where John and Sam Adams strove for America's future and freedoms.

Scott Brown has come from nowhere say the pundits... but we know better. Scott Brown has connected with the voters of Massachusetts and citizens across the U.S. to stop the tidal wave of Big Government socialism. He has gone from 30 points down to inside the margin of error in the most recent polls. Rasmussen has him at 47% to 49% for his liberal opponent Martha Coakley- she was hand picked by Obama and the Liberal left establishment to plug into their "can't lose" Senate seat following Kennedy's death.  Now she is falling faster than Obama and Health Care's approval ratings with 6 days to go in the campaign. Even more remarkable is that Scott Brown is not a liberal Republican, he is Conservative on nearly all of the issues. Spending, Health Care Reform, National Security, Spending, Taxes, Environmental, Immigration, 2nd Amendment. Scott opposes Partial Birth Abortion, he also supports parental notification. Scott supports traditional marriage.

Scott Brown is a leader in the State Senate in Mass., a Lt. Col. in the Mass. National Guard, he understands that terrorists should be treated as enemy combatants, and not be treated like shoplifters after trying to kill Americans and blow up Airliners on final approach.  He would represent the nail in the coffin for nationalizing our health care system and for any other boondoggle spending bills that come down the pike. He would be the filibuster  thorn in the Democrats side that would insure the demise for their liberal agenda goals like Health Care, Cap and Trade, Immigration Reform, Stimulus II, tax increases, and more. He would be our General Patton leading the shock-troops until we bring up reinforcements in 2010 and 2012 to beat back those that would continue the path of tyranny, reckless spending, and the deficit and debt accumulation that is choking America and killing our economic future, jobs creation, and prosperity for current and future generations.

One cannot understate the critical nature of this election in 6 days. This is our chance for a real modern day Boston Tea Party!  This is where we draw a line in the sand. This is where America takes back it's future. This would be a Political Tsunami of epic proportions. This is where REAL CHANGE for America can begin, just as the future of Americans started here over 200 years ago, so too will the future of Americans past, present and future be represented here in the very cradle of Democracy. In this very place where liberalism has reigned supreme, we it's obvious that it has now run it's course and has exhausted itself with it's failures. When the people of Massachusetts reject it and vote for their real "hope and change" in Scott Brown; Americans will follow suit everywhere.

Scott Brown needs your help. Make a contribution today, $5, 10, 50 or 75 dollars today can help him get his message out. Your donation helps him reach with TV, and Radio messages. He is fighting for all of us, and doing it with positive campaigning on the issues. You can also sign up to volunteer for his call list allowing you to make phone calls to help get out the vote, right from your computer and phone at your home! His opponent  had the Obama campaign team jump in and take over her campaign, and Rahm "Rambo" Emanuel has started the negative attacks, in his predictable Chicago style.  Scott Brown is supported by citizens with small contributions, not big PAC's and lobbyists. Just last night Coakley went to a big donor dinner of Lobbyists and Labor bosses in Washington D.C. giving them their chance behind closed doors to spell out what they expect from her in their liberal agenda aspirations.

Scott's victory is a very real and distinct possibility, but should he come in short he will have proven several points for the Liberals in power. They are out of touch and their grasp of the levers of power are slipping if they can't hold or even barely hold the bluest of blue states, how do they hold the rest of America? So if you have been feeling helpless about the direction of this nation and feel impotent to what's been happening; here is your chance to do something to change it in a big way.. let's Git 'R Done!

Michael R. Bednarz