Saturday, August 21, 2010

Clint Didier, What were you thinking?

This blog post is a posting of my sentiments sent in a similar letter via email to Clint Didier on Saturday:
I am very disappointed in you Mr. Didier. I am sorry but this is going to have to be a bit harsh, because you haven't seemed to get the point or understand pragmatism in your recent political exercises. You claim to be a to the point, say-it-like-it-is kinda guy, so here goes.  I have been and am a Rossi supporter and voter, but that said I can honestly tell you that if you were the primary choice I would have supported you 110%, without reservation or endorsement from Rossi. If you had won, I would have found some area's of disagreement with you to a minor degree on a few issues. But I think overall we would be in line on most issues and principles, just as Rossi is actually in line on your positions.  Rossi would have been behind you 110% unequivocally and without reservation or qualification with a full endorsement on election eve. You know it and I know it. The furthest thing from his mind if losing would be to pull a stunt like you just have. With all due respect Mr. Didier, you are in no position to negotiate, dictate, or try to extort concessions from the winner. Politics and life 101.

You seem enamored with Football metaphors and examples as indicated by your shameful and clumsy attempt at extortion today.  You were not chosen by the coach to be the starter, your role as a backup  should then be to support the starter from the bench and help the team defeat Team Murray and to help save this nation. The stakes are too high and too important to rest on the machinations and delusions of grandeur from a guy who just got beat out for the starters job. A real team player would do exactly what YOU said you would do yourself on May 28th on the radio... "work for whoever is chosen 100%".  Already your action has done damage, evidenced by some of your supporters who are "so-called" Reagan devotee's that are falsely characterizing Dino Rossi as a RINO and threatening a write-in campaign that is dangerous folly destined to make some irrational point that has no basis in fact except in their own minds and could possibly result in a Murray win.  Rossi has a 100% Pro-life voting record and has carried the CONSERVATIVES water in and for the GOP for decades for the Coast and the Inland Empire. These very folks that claim to love and adore Ronald Reagan forget one of Reagan's most memorable quotes: "Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican".

You do your cause, your supporters, your state, your nation, your endorsers (Palin, etc.), your principles, and YOURSELF a great disservice by failing to get behind Rossi 110% on Friday. I have no idea why you took your eye of the ball and looked down field before you looked the ball into your hands but you dropped the ball as a result. In a race where EVERY vote will count to defeat Murray, you jeopardize that goal with what came off as an egotistical sense of self-importance. We cannot afford to have even one of your voters waffling, wavering, or God forbid stay home because you don't like the taste of Rossi's brand of Conservatism.  Well let me ask you this. How does the last 4 years of Peelosi, Reid, Obama and Murray taste? Assuming you continue your quest to prove your point by taking your ball, the few "teammates" you had and going home.  what satisfaction will there be in your support for Murray by now confusing, tainting,  and disenfranchising your supporters into staying home or from helping Rossi across the goal line?

In short, who's side are you on? Murrays? Liberalism?  Your clumsy attempt at brinkmanship will result in just such an outcome and perception with the end result of your unfortunate actions. Any scintilla of discord and dis-unity is noted by Murray and Democratic Leadership in determining how and where they will fight their battles, your actions feed and encourage their hopes and aspirations. The result may well be a greater emphasis by the National Party and her Union and Special Interest supporters to devote more resources on her behalf making our task much more difficult.  In my view you have undone all the Goodwill you obtained with your candidacy; we both know what you need to do to get it back. Swallow your pride, be a man, HONOR YOUR WORDS and COMMITMENT from May 28th, show some leadership for your cause and your supporters by endorsing Rossi with the level of sincere support that you put into your opposition of Murray.

I have been in Conservative/GOP politics since I was 11 years old, I have had adults curse me and slam doors on me when I delivered Nixon for President campaign materials. I will not have ANYBODY question my Conservatism or Patriotism for the Nation, Flag, Constitution, or issues such as protecting Life, and likewise I resent anybody questioning a fine servant with a proven track and voting record for "We the People" like Dino Rossi .  I am 48 years old now and terrified at what damage has been done to our nation and it's future in the past 4 years, we can't let them continue to have all the levers of power past 2010. Clint, we need  you and your supporters EVERY single one, your state needs you. Team Didier and supporters; America and Dino Rossi need you to do the right thing and work for team Rossi!

Now lets get busy and win one for the Gipper!


Michael R. Bednarz