Monday, July 19, 2010

World Trade Centers Replaced by Muslim Mosque?

What in the World is going on in our nation?  Have we as American's allowed  our political leaders to completely abdicate every semblance of common sense with our passivity and cynicism?    In New York there is a debate going on right now to permit under the banner of "Political Correctness" and "Diversity" a Mosque to be built openly in the footprint of the former shadows of the Twin Towers. How is it possible that there is even plausibility for a debate on this outrageous issue and request to build this monument to Islam on this sacred location?  Are we really going to let the Muslim world revel in the irony of allowing them to put an attraction second only to Mecca, as a place for Muslims the world over to come pray and celebrate over the hallowed ground of our heroes where they see a great victory for Islam? What the hell are these powers-that-be thinking? They defend and promote these sinister plans and those proposing them with the naiveté of Neville Chamberlain. Mayor Bloomberg is to Rudy Giuliani what Chamberlain was to Winston Churchill. We need more Churchill's in New York, and for our country.
Articles like this answer the "Progressives" question; Where did these Tea Party folks come from? They came from the ranks of infuriated, enraged, and awakened American citizens that have had quite enough thank you. Enough spending, enough pandering, enough corruption, enough debt, enough political correctness, enough destruction of the values and principles mirroring our common sense that we support and believe in.
No more. Vote these buffoons out; don't vote all incumbents out just vote out the ones standing against American values and our Constitution. We must not throw the baby out with the bathwater in an anti-incumbency tirade. It isn't that simplistic, we must use targeted and surgical precision to cut the cancer from the body America to save the healthy tissue and the patient. We have to keep the incumbents that are fighting for us, like Rep. Pete King of N.Y., Bachmann of Minnesota, Ryan of Wisconsin and elect all those that will stand up for the Constitution, Common-Sense, National Security, and fiscal responsibility. Elect people that know the Constitution, those with common-sense and real credentials for positive leadership and representation of our traditional values, values proven by the test of time and not for sale on behalf of "political correctness", those like Lazio for NY Governor, Dino Rossi for US Senate in Washington State; lets put grown-ups into power. Let's show them what real Change, looks like.
Michael R. Bednarz

Here is the Link to the Weekly Standard article about this outrageous proposal.