Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sorry Democrats, no guts, no glory, no White House.

The Democrat party's strategy and end game for Iraq is taking shape. In spite of all the mounting and definitive evidence of The Surge success and good news coming from Iraq they have continued on their message of the past 3 years: "The war is not winnable", "there is no end in sight", "the Iraqi's aren't stepping up and taking responsibility for their fight", "benchmarks aren't being met" and on and on like a broken record. Never mind the facts, never mind the obvious, because it just doesn't square with the reality that success and victory is near.

I have asked the question many times, "When we win in Iraq, what will they do?" They seem to be answering the question.

Politically for the Democrats victory just can't occur, so they just refuse to believe, see, or admit it. So, off they go on their strategy to deal with the disaster of a victory in Iraq.

They are tipping their hand with the statements on the coming new battle for war funding forming on the Hill and the comments by Democrat leadership are indicative of their play. The statements and themes in my first paragraph have been echoed again in the latest statements by Pelosi, Durbin and Reid about the funding package for the Iraq war the President needs to continue the momentum and achieve the victory that our men and women have fought so hard to bring us. The honor and sacrifice our troops have committed to victory could be squandered because the Democrats will do anything to keep from an admission that they were wrong in their subversion of our effort to attain victory.

Their strategy entails demands that if the President doesn't agree to their timetables for withdrawal and/or benchmarks it will be the last funding for the war he gets. Really?

This would be like Truman's opponents (Republicans) in Congress who were against the war demanding an immediate pullout due to our high losses; just as General Patton is rolling his tanks to the outskirts of Berlin and a Russian private is stirring the ashes of Hitler and Eva Braun with the muzzle of his rifle at Adolf's Berlin bunker to see if they are cold yet.

By continuing with this dubious plan they will only attempt to appease the , Daily Kos and radical left wing of the party that "We did it"! We forced an end to the war and brought the troops home! Funny thing is, it would be wasted on them. They already know what gutless wonders they are, so in the end they will achieve no political capital whatsoever in trying to convince them they ended a war, that was already ended by the evil one George Bush.

The only thing it will do is jeopardize the hard work, sacrifice and gains made by our troops as they near the finish line. The troop withdrawals have begun already. Yesterday the announcement was made that a brigade is coming home for Christmas and would not be replaced. Decisions of this nature are to be made by the Commander in Chief based upon his advice from Iraq's government, General Petraeus, Ambassador Crocker, and Defense Secretary Gates; not Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, or John "I wanna smear our troops" Murtha.

The Democrats can't let Bush control the ending of the war, because they have to make it appear to be a failure and defeat. Imagine that. They would impugn, discount and discredit all that our troops and allies have sacrificed and accomplished in Iraq; to save face on their disastrous policy and failed political play on an issue affecting our National Security for cheap political points and theater.

No shame, no shame. They are a gutless clump of empty suits these Democrat leaders (I except those that did have the guts to take on their own party, Sen. Lieberman, Congressman Brian Baird and I include the Repulicrats with the gutless Dem's like Snowe, Warner, Lugar, Hagel et al) They didn't have the guts to back a President of the other party in a time of National emergency for more than a mere year after 9/11. They didn't have the guts to back their authorization votes to go to war in Iraq. They didn't have the guts to run on a platform to end the war in Iraq. Then when they won with the help of the anti-war lefties, and they came calling for what they thought was collection of their political debt, they didn't have the guts to defund the war- when it really mattered to the anti-war left.

Do you think the Liberal mainstream media will point out any of this? Do you think that they will correctly show we are winning in Iraq so the American people can understand who secured the victory? No. That is why the Dem's are racing to get this done before the positive news of our success in Iraq is so overwhelming that they can't gull the willing dupes that the majority of Americans have become.

So now they try to make a gutless attempt to appear to end the war; when it is being won, as it is winding down and Bush is already withdrawing troops victoriously and intelligently per General Petraeus, Ambassador Crocker, and Malaki's advice and counsel.

Don't fall for it America. Our men and women in uniform, our allies and the Iraqi people who have endured so much in the face of great adversity and at great cost to earn their victory deserve better. This is serious business with dire consequences and now is not the time for Democrats to jeopardize success as we near the finish line for more of their cheap trite and failed political theater as lives and freedom for Iraq hang in balance.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

"Thanks and Praise" from Baghdad captured by Michael Yon.

Thanks and Praise: I photographed men and women, both Christians and Muslims, placing a cross atop the St. John’s Church in Baghdad. They had taken the cross from storage and a man washed it before carrying it up to the dome.

Excerpted from the full article that can be viewed here at Michael's Blog.

"A Muslim man had invited the American soldiers from “Chosen” Company 2-12 Infantry to the church, where I videotaped as Muslims and Christians worked and rejoiced at the reopening of St John’s, an occasion all viewed as a sign of hope.

The Iraqis asked me to convey a message of thanks to the American people. ” Thank you, thank you,” the people were saying. One man said, “Thank you for peace.” Another man, a Muslim, said “All the people, all the people in Iraq, Muslim and Christian, is brother.” The men and women were holding bells, and for the first time in memory freedom rang over the ravaged land between two rivers. (Videotape to follow.)"

Michael Yon does not receive funding or financial support from Fox News, or from any network, movie, book or television deals at this time. He is entirely reader supported. He relies on his readers to help him replace his equipment and cover his expenses so that he may remain in Iraq and bring you the stories of our soldiers. If you value his work, please consider supporting his mission.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Iraqi Islamic Party says, "Al Qaeda of Iraq is Defeated" reports Michael Yon in Baghdad.

Recent events indicate that Al Qaeda of Iraq is on the ropes, if they are not already knocked out. From local sheiks and tribal leaders declaring victory, provinces being handed over to Iraqi control by U.S. and Coalition forces, to Bin Laden's mea culpa in his latest video asking for forgiveness of his transgressions against Iraqi's, to news of much lower U.S. and civilian casualties in Iraq; it appears that Hillary may have to re-think her decision not to "willingly suspend her disbelief" at what Petraeus reported to her just 2 months ago. She may just have to take the N.Y. Times, Washington Post, BBC and other liberal outlets word for it, instead of the word of the highly decorated expert military man who has lived, breathed, and experienced Iraq first-hand for several years.

A very interesting article written by Michael Yon in Iraq points out the good news. Amazing isn't it how you just don't see or hear these news stories in our mainstream media? Also amazing is how all you hear from the defeatist liberal politicians is that 'Iraq is in a full-fledged civil war..... our troops are caught in the middle of it...... they are wantonly killing innocent civilians.......the Iraqi Government is ready to collapse.......there is no political reconciliation...the Shiites and Sunni's are at each other's General "Betrayus" and US Ambassador of Iraq Crocker- are lying no matter what you say, see, or think is happening there is just not; we can see it on CNN '..... and on and on it goes in the parallel universe that the loony left and Democrats live in, a universe devoid of facts, reality, and truth. It is truly a universe of dogmatic fantasy in their effort to create failures in the face of success, defeat in place of victory, solely to further their political fortunes of gaining the White house and getting that evil George W. Bush and the anti-Christ Cheney.

It's as though Democrats by saying what they want to see happen in Iraq; a Bush and US defeat- that it will become so. They must think it's just a matter of consistently hoping and repeating the same trite drivel over and over again, in the Main Stream Media, on the floor of the Senate and House, and on the Democratic Presidential campaign trail to just make it so.

Michael Yon reported several years ago about a General in Mosul having great success in using counter-insurgency techniques to bring the local officials and leaders together to combat and defeat the terrorists. That General was David Petraeus. As early as March 2007, Michael Yon noted the incredible success of U.S. and British Forces in turning the tide with the "Surge". While the media frenzy overdosed on the Virginia Tech shooting tragedy, the anti-war left breathed a sigh of relief when the media completely failed to notice Coalition Forces led by British military command in Southern Iraq handed the first Province over to Iraqi government and security force authority.

Last week Karbala a major city and province in a once hot-bed area of opposition activity was handed over to Iraqi authority and control by U.S. and Coalition forces becoming the 8th of 18 provinces where U.S. and Coalition forces have transferred governance to the Iraqi government and forces. You probably missed that too, the mainstream media just wasn't paying attention.... again. Michael Yon is reporting that the situation is improving so dramatically and violence in Iraq is declining so rapidly as the tide has "Surged" against the Al Qaeda terrorists who are running for their lives. Michael predicted that he would be probably leaving a secure and stable Iraq for Afghanistan shortly into the New Year.

Political reconciliation is occurring. Ambassador Crocker and Petraeus explained to close-minded lawmakers in D.C. during their September briefings how it was working. It was building at the local level and going up from there. Iraq has always been about tribes, and sheiks. Saddam even allowed them their authority to a point. They are getting things done on a local level, Sunni's and Shiites, together. From killing Al Qaeda to forming local police units that they can have confidence in, to restoring power and utilities, it's happening now. They are setting the example and initiating the model for the regional and national authorities to emulate. They are taking up the fight with better trained and more capable police and Army units. Our casualties are dropping dramatically, and so are Iraqi civilian casualties, both are dropping as Al Qaeda's losses are mounting to unsustainable levels.

You know it's getting bad for Osama Bin Laden when he asks forgiveness for past transgressions for the heavy-handed and wanton attacks on Iraqi civilians in their effort to foment civil war. Bin Laden actually begged Iraqi's to give him and Al Qaeda a second chance, forgive them and stop the offensive against his forces in Iraq.

You also have to believe we are definitely on the path to victory when Osama Bin Laden and his Islamofacist followers are calling for the destruction of Al-Jazeera the pre-eminent source of news for the Arab world because they published his own words with commentary that was not flattering. Upon it's airing of the plea by Bin Laden to forgive the mistakes and carnage by Al Qaeda and his appeal to the people of Iraq for Unity against the "Crusaders" the Iraqi people responded by hoisting a big middle finger at Osama.

I close with the question I have asked previously of the anti-war left and the Democrat defeatists. I never had a doubt we would win and now I can't wait for them to answer the question.

What will they do when we win?

Michael R. Bednarz

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rush Limbaugh will One-Up them every time.

Rush is just too smart for them. The Democrats seized on an opportunity to "get Rush" and grabbed the headlines and the attention of the Drive-By media publicizing their "gotcha" on Rush (no doubt for their monthly act of indentured servitude to for some comments that were twisted out of context like pretzels into supposed anti-soldier comments by the Rushmeister. Rallying from this comment they devoted an entire day of the U.S. Senate business to draft a letter of condemnation, gathering the signatures of all the Senate Leadership and a total of 40 United States Senators (every one a Democrat) capping this serious work of government with a day of libelous and defamatory oration on the floor of the U.S. Senate against a radio commentators remarks. Comments that they knew to be falsely taken out of all context in which they were made. Rush was referring to Jesse MacBeth during a conversation with a caller into his show.

Rush has now decided to put the letter from the Senate Leadership and Partisan Senators (they couldn't find ONE Republican to join them in this charade) to good use. He won't even be using it as bird cage liner.

Rush Limbaugh has served as a long time Director and advocate for the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation whose mission is the education of the children of fallen Marines and Law Enforcement personnel. This charity provides scholarships and educational grants and assistance totaling over $29 million to date in the 12 years since it's inception.

Rush Limbaugh has placed the letter up for an Ebay auction. All proceeds from it's sale go toward the charity fund, and Rush has challenged each signer of the letter to show their support for our troops and police officers by each matching the dollar amount that the letter sells for. Surely this would as Rush points out, give tangible proof of their "support for the troops" more than attacking Rush, as the drug-crazed Chicken-Hawk, on the floor of the U.S. Senate would it not?

Here is the Ebay listing for the Rush Limbaugh Smear letter from Dimwit Senators- ORIGINAL

If the Dingy Harry and the DimDems take him up on his challenge and using the current bid price of the letter @ $44,300.00 x 40 signers that raises a princely $1,772,000 for this worthy charity.

What about the "phony soldier" Jesse MacBeth? He's currently in prison serving time for Veterans Affair Department fraud. The astute bloggers and folks with REAL military backgrounds exposed him for the fraud that he was. He was NEVER a Ranger. NEVER killed 30+ Iraqi Civilians in a night. NEVER killed 200+ Iraqi's himself. He NEVER served in Iraq.

He WAS booted out of boot camp after only 44 days. He WAS a useful idiot for the anti-war left and there is evidence that they knew it all along. Further, his video "confession" has been circulated throughout the Islamic world, where corrections to it's inaccuracy are not desired in any way shape or form. The damage of his fraud has been done.

Just imagine for a minute that they win the White House in 2008. God help us.

Michael R. Bednarz

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Roberta Katherine (Bobbie) Bednarz- January 22nd, 1932 - October 1st, 2007.

We handed over my loving mother Roberta to Gods grace on Monday morning October 1st, 2007. She passed away peacefully at home with her loving,devoted husband Charles and family a week after suffering a pulmonary embolism, a complication from the later stages of the Alzheimer's she battled valiantly for 15 years.

Born Roberta Katherine Jackson on January 22nd, 1932 in Palo Alto, California. "Bobbie" grew up with a passion for horses. She was very active in 4H and Rodeo events and was a frequent Rodeo Queen. Mother was also active in High School activities. She was a Cheerleader at Palo Alto High and the young beauty was very popular with her classmates.

Mom was such a loving, caring and incredibly generous woman. She lived her life and loved those around her with such a passion. Mom was a woman of a strong but quiet faith, active in her church and its activities, and always keeping her personal relationship with God close to her heart.

She was always there for us growing up, Mom didn’t believe that staying home and raising her children was a sacrifice; she believed it was her loving and honorable mission and duty in life. Bobbie was such a wonderful mother, and often times an incredible father as well.

When Dad was stationed for long tours in the USAF of a year or more like in Saudi, Mom had the parenting double-duty. She would gather us about once a week to listen to the audio tapes and watch the Super 8 movies that dad had sent home. She would record a tape and send it back keeping us closer as a family on these lonely overseas postings.

Mom even pinch-hit for Dad teaching my identical twin brother Greg and I how to play baseball. She would play catch, and pitch us the ball and give us all the pointers on bunting and slugging; Mom definitely didn’t throw like a girl. When we were ready to join Little League, she took us to the sign-up table for the 2nd grade team. The guy looks at Greg and I, who were pee-wee T-ball size runts. He wouldn’t let us sign up for anything; not even pee-wee T-ball. This guy probably to this day has no idea how close he came to being clubbed like a baby seal. Thank goodness I had the baseball bat.

Another gentleman who was standing nearby overheard her heated discussion and told her that he was with a cross-town league and signed us up for our grade. One game, Mom who always acted as official scorer, had to come out on the diamond to point out exactly how her son Gregory had just made an unassisted Triple Play because the Umpire was so stunned he wasn’t sure what had just occurred! The other teams’ scorer confirmed it and the ump made the call… SIDE OUT! Further validation of her prowess as a baseball instructor came when Greg and I were named co-MVPs for our team that year following the Championship game. Thanks to you Mom!

Mom had such a dynamic personality. She would enter a room, and her smile and charisma would just light it up. She was so beautiful, and had such a wonderful grace and sense of style. Mom and took great pride in her appearance, yet there was never any conceit or arrogance about her. Bobbie loved to entertain, because she loved people and the fellowship of family, good friends and good times. Her parties were always well attended.

Mother was always so charitable. It was all about giving her time, talents and treasure. It was while she was volunteering in a USO performance that she first met my Dad. A young Staff Sgt. from Inkster, Michigan named Myron Charles Bednarz.

After they married and had two daughters Christine and Lori, they moved to Japan for three years. While posted in Japan Mom worked with their Lutheran Church in the mission there to bring Christ to her Japanese friends and neighbors. She also volunteered with a local Japanese orphanage finding fathers of US servicemen, or parents in America that would adopt the mixed-race children that were abandoned by a society that at the time would not accept them.

She organized fund-raisers supporting these children by drafting my Dad into indentured servitude presenting his wonderful (tho amateur) singing voice as a big-time pro talent from the States and booking him to sing at Night Clubs in Japan. Little did she know in her efforts to help these orphans, what a Godzilla-like monster she would unleash from this shy and terrified young tenor she pushed onto the stage…. Now Dad will practically sit at freeway off-ramps holding a sign: WILL SING FOR FREE!

In the 70’s and 80’s Mom continued church volunteering, teaching Vacation Bible School and also became very active in GOP politics. She served as an officer in many GOP clubs and volunteering for numerous campaigns. Sorry Dubya, but Mom was the original “Compassionate Conservative”.

When Christine went to college and Lori was older, mom decided to volunteer at a local nursing home during our school hours. She used to make Greg and I go with her to visit the residents there in our early teens. At first we hated it, but soon we would ask her when we were going to visit our “Grandma’s and Grandpa’s” at the home. Mom had such love and compassion for these residents, in one of God's many ironies; she would receive the same love, care, and compassion that she provided over 30 years earlier in God's great circle. Mom would eventually become the Activities Director there in a paid position, but the increasing hours and responsibilities of her new job collided with the increasing unsupervised mischief of her boys as evidenced by a neighbor’s picture window shattered by our BB gun. So, she gave it up when she thought it affected her attention to her family, returning to part-time volunteer work. I really think though that she took more away from the experience when she believed she was giving fully of her own generosity of time and labor and by accepting pay honorable as the work was; it was somehow diminished in her eyes.

Mom provided us with great structure and disciplined love. Mom was strict, but fair. She was diligent in teaching us right and wrong. Mom always had us in Church on Sundays. She was resolved that her discipline would be tempered and always come from her love for us. I could always tell when I did something wrong, it was when I heard my FULL name….Michael R o b e r t Bednarz, through that strong, protruding chin in what we called the “Jackson Jaw”. My first recollection of it was when I was about 3 or 4 and she discovered the empty St. Joseph Children’s aspirin bottle that I had carefully and fairly doled all the tasty little orange flavored morsels contents of between my brother and I. (I had already learned the importance of sharing from mom you see) One for you, one for me, one for you, one for…... I was pretty young, but I still recall the horrific taste of Ipecac syrup and how those little orange candies didn’t taste nearly as good traveling the other way. I also heard my full name, once again in Great Falls, Montana. Greg and I were about 6 or 7 years old; it was really loud that time. We heard it on the second pass around the block on our bikes following the DDT fogging truck that was spraying to kill mosquitoes on the base housing. We thought she would be impressed that we were right up on that trucks bumper whuppin’ all the slower kids on the block.

Mom probably saved our lives with that two hour bath and the fiercest scrubbing that I will ever have in my lifetime.

Mom always supported us kids in all of our endeavors. She was so devoted to us. In 1991 when mother had first shown signs of problems, I had gotten food poisoning from a restaurant Marti and I had eaten at the night before. Marti had left that morning on a trip with her girlfriend out of town. I was so sick and weak I collapsed on the sofa and couldn’t make it upstairs. I was so dehydrated I knew I was in trouble. I reached the phone and called mom. I told her I needed her to bring me some Gatorade and medicines, to my house. She said she didn’t know where I lived………. I was stunned; she had been here scores of times. I asked her to really try and she overcame her fear for me and made it through and home safely. I think that was just about the last time she drove anywhere.

Mother also always supported my Dad throughout his life and careers as well. Dad was the love of her life. Their love story is so amazing. The young Staff Sgt. was instantly smitten by her beauty. Bobbie really knew how to pick one didn’t she? More than 50 years later, when mom began to have problems and knew something was amiss, the wisdom of her choice in a husband would really prove out. She set about teaching this man that barely knew how to boil water, or do a load of laundry everything he would need to know to care for himself.

Of course Dad would put that into practice, but really he did so in caring for her. Their love shined brightly through 56 years of commitment, to the letter of the vow- ‘till death do us part. Even last year, when Dad had his own life-threatening battle with cancer, Mom gave him the strength and inspiration he needed to conquer it. You see, he was so committed to her care and the promise he made to her that he would not be denied the privileged honor of providing that care for her at home to through the very end. I will never forget the look of shock and amazement on the faces of the nurses when Dad walked mom to her chair to get her out of the hospital and bring her home. Watching Dad give her those tender kisses near the end was so amazing, it was about the one thing that Mom would still respond to, and she would kiss him back. This Love affair, this marriage was the epitome’ of what Love and faithful commitment should be.

Dad you were the most wonderful husband and are an amazing father. Mom could never have done any better, ever asked for more, and you better believe that she knows it.

Mother, we are forever in your debt for the Love, support, and life you have given to us. I could never have asked for more from a Mother than you have given me as an example to follow through my life journey. You accepted your fate and the difficult path God had given you to come unto him without any malice, bitterness, or fear. To the end Mom lived her life with great dignity and love for her Family and Faith in Christ. I have no doubt that she is in God’s grace.

I will always love and miss you mother, but I take great pride, honor and comfort in being your son, and your namesake. I will forever hold you in my heart.

Your loving son,

Michael Robert Bednarz

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Never Forget.....Ever.

Click these links for a wonderful tribute and reminder of what we must never forget.

This is another excellent tribute video to remember the surreal event that changed our world.

September 11th, 2001. We must sometimes relive the pain to keep our vigilance heightened to meet the continuing threat that this nation faces. I found this video to be a wonderful tribute and reminder of our national heroism, courage, and compassion in one of the darkest hours in our history. Keep the families of the victims and the rescuers that perished this day in your prayers and thoughts.

We must also pray for the brave guardians who have confronted this evil in the War on Terrorism we have asked them to protect us from. They have sacrificed so much for our safety and security. For those brave men and women in our Armed Forces and Intelligence services that we often times take for granted; we SALUTE you!

Take the opportunity to thank a soldier, sailor, marine or any other member of our armed forces for their service.

Not long I stopped for lunch at a small Teriyaki restaurant outside an entrance to Fort Lewis in Tacoma, Washington. I was in a big hurry and it was just off the freeway so I could just buzz in and buzz out. As I exited the freeway I noticed anti-war protesters that were on the overpass of the road that crossed over the other side of the freeway directly into a gated entrance to the base. They were there to protest the return of a Stryker Brigade from a years deployment on that very day and the departure of another brigade to take their place in the fight against terror on the Iraq front. There were only a few devoted anti-war stragglers left as most had gone away when the media coverage had. The freeway overpass was adorned with thousands of yellow ribbons each one no doubt carefully and personally tied by loved ones for their own trooper. Of course many yellow ribbons failed in their intended purpose, and many families would not be there to greet their loved ones who had fallen in the defense of freedom and protecting us from terrorism.

Here were these protesters I thought to myself, there in sight of those soldiers and families entering and exiting the post, soldiers that ironically are guarding the very freedom and protecting their right to protest them for the protesters fleeting moment of glory on the 6:00 evening news at their expense. I guess it was akin to the Nazi Party of America winning the right to parade through the community of Skokie, Illinois many decades ago with it's large population of holocaust survivors. As disgusted as we are by it, it is an example of what America really means.

I ate my lunch and watched one of the finest examples of America's bravest and best who was catching up on the past 12 months of life's events with his lovely young wife over their meal at the counter. Her eyes sparkled as she nuzzled her Black Beret donned Ranger. I walked up next to them at the counter to pay my bill as they were discussing what to order for desert. I quietly asked the owner at the register how much I owed, and then I asked him how much their meal was including the desert they had just ordered. He didn't really understand exactly what I was asking and my Korean just isn't as good as it could be. But I finally impressed upon him what I wanted to do, paid him and headed for the door. The young couple were oblivious to the world around them at the moment, so in love and so happy to be together after a year apart and I certainly didn't want to disturb their reunion.

Just as I got to the door the young trooper called out "Excuse me sir". I turned and he came over to me and said "Thank you very much for our meal sir." Evidently the owner told them I picked up their tab. To which I replied, "No, no, thank you, for all you do to protect this us and our country with your service. It is the least I can do for you and your wife also sacrificing so much for such an important mission. It is truly my honor and my pleasure."

This young soldier looked into my eyes with a confidence and self-assured strength and maturity belying his young age (I guessed he was in his early twenties) and we each saw the sincerity of gratitude through welling eyes. I extended my hand to shake his, (I wasn't about to dishonor him with a botched salute due to my lack of military experience) I turned to his wife and nodded as she beamed with such pride for her soldier and this public recognition and appreciation they had just received. I told them goodbye and as I walked to the car I was so hopeful that my small gesture of appreciation could offset and counter anything that they would see or had seen by those protesters dressed in black on that overpass today, or even beyond this day itself.

It was perhaps the best $20 bucks I have ever spent.

God Bless America and please remember to fly your flag today. We should probably fly it every day.

Michael R. Bednarz

Thursday, September 6, 2007

He's In!

Fred Thompson has announced his candidacy for President of the United States of America. (Click this link for his Video announcement)

Fred Thompson is the common-sense Conservative that will have the best opportunity to move America forward in the tradition of Ronald Reagan. Fred has responded to his supporters grass-roots campaign to draft him into service for this great nation. He has answered the call by concerned and hopeful Americans for a candidate that is consistent on the principled issues so important to this country. Fred seeks this position as a result of this demand; not as one who has set out on this path for selfish personal ambition.

He will be the leader to break through the current quagmire of divisiveness and partisanship that has hobbled America of late on every challenge and issue facing it; be it the War on Terror, Homeland Security, Economic prosperity and Border Security/Illegal Immigration reform. Fred will strive to end the accompanying political animus and discord that has led to a cynical and divided American public.

From our unified stand against Terrorism following the worst attack ever launched against America in it's history only 6 years ago we have now hit a new low in the public perception and approval of our leaders. Even before the sea of American flags and our mourning for the victims of 9/11 waned, America's left and the Democrat party started with the incessant and banal vitriol that has been launched against George Bush, America, and his policies. The result is that our President has an approval rating of 32.6%. Curiously, it seems the left-wing liberals attacks on Bush, Cheney, Gonzalez, Rove, Rumsfeld, Gen. Pace, Gen. Petraeus, and even our troops in the field have succeeded in giving their new Congress an approval rating of over 10% points less than Bush at only 22.2% approval.

For what purpose has this strategy of personal attack, political character assassination and subversion of our national unity served the Democrats? It has filled their coffers with funds of course, but in the end it is exactly as I have said about these Democrat tactics for years: If you take a giant vat of excrement and throw it around, you are bound to get some on you. It seems that now with a 10-point lower approval rating for Congress than President Bush the Dems have been more than a little soiled by their fervent activity; it seems they have fallen right into that very vat-- joining one former Sen. Tom Daschle.

Suppose that their rhetoric does work and we find them with Hillary or Obama in power in 2009? What success do they think they will have with a weary and cynical public thirsting for leadership, vision, new ideas, victory in the War on Terror, and clarity of purpose/conviction? They will set out with all the organs of power to re-make America in the image of George Soros, the DailyKos and They will destroy the greatest health care system in the world, raise taxes in the face of the economic prosperity gained by the Presidents tax cuts, bankrupt Social Security, eviscerate the Military and thereby our safety at home, bomb our allies and have us sit down for tea to negotiate with our enemies only to create more and greater challenges abroad as a result. They would maintain that our borders should remain super-highways with exit ramps to their Sanctuary Cities where anyone wanting access can follow the bilingual signs to the free public services that are theirs for the asking. This very real scenario should frighten us all into action.

If the current dysfunction of their leadership in Congress is any indication, America can't afford to hand them the keys to the White House for more of the same; especially with someone in the White House to rubber-stamp everything they want.

Fred Thompson is the anti-venom. Fred will work to bring us back together with common sense policies and the unity we need on so many issues to get beyond the political rancor designed to further partisan advantage; at the expense of our national security and greater common good.

Check out his website and his inspiring announcement video message right here, right now! If you agree as I do that he is the person to lead America, please donate at this link, he's got a big mountain to climb, and he's a little fashionably late to the party so he needs your help now financially and also by spreading the word!

Michael R. Bednarz

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Have you seen or do you know these two men?

FBI officials and local police are seeking to identify and interview these two men that have recently been making the rounds on Washington State Ferries displaying suspicious behavior. A ferry crew member snapped this photo after several complaints of unusual behavior by passengers and crew. If you know the identity of either of these individuals, or see them, especially on a Washington State Ferry, you are asked to notify Washington State Ferry officials, your local police or FBI.

In a surprising move, one of our two large daily papers, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, denied the FBI and Ferry officials request to publish the photos and seek the publics help in trying to identify the men. They cited the "racial profiling" and civil-liberty violate mantra to justify denying their request. The Seattle-Times, while no bastion of conservative journalism, saw the purpose and merit and opted to publish the photo's for the public common good. I guarantee you if this story involved the Staten Island Ferry the photo would be on page one of the N.Y. Times. It probably wouldn't have made it before 9/11, but it certainly would today. Less than one month ago, Republican N.Y. Congressman Pete King, had to fight Democrats like hell to get an amendment into a Homeland Security bill that would grant immunity protection to citizens from legal action for reporting suspicious behavior just as this very story details, or the such as the high-profile case of the "Flying Imams" and their attempt to terrorize a fight last year with their suggestive behavior.

When will the Lib's ever learn? The further left they go; the further they get from common sense.

Michael R. Bednarz

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Washington State Democrats Carte Blanche' Earmark Spending Spree

It's been 3 years now since King County's corrupt Democrat Party controlled election system delivered the Governorship to Christine Gregoire along with a huge Democratic majority in the House and Senate with no hope of any real Republican encumbrance to their budgeting, taxing, and spending.

Not happy with the record budgeted spending and record tax increases to fund it, Washington Democrat legislators have now TRIPLED earmark spending from about $50 million to more than $150 million in only 3 years of their stewardship of our treasure. Treasure of ours spent not on bridges, or for badly needed in-home caregivers for Alzheimer's patients, or anything that trivial. No, they spent it as shown by the Seattle Times article, on posh new locker rooms for the Everett Aqua Sox's baseball team for nearly a half million, and $10,000,000.00 for funding a road to help a private real estate project of a big-time Democrat donor.

This follows a similar trend in the U.S. House and Senate where the Democrats promised to end the Republican abuses in that regard; yet instead of ending it, they only have made it their mission to show them how to really spend money.

Now don't get me wrong, especially in Congress as I have posted previously I believe the Republicans lost their way on their principled and traditional stance to hold spending and taxes in check. As a result many Conservatives sat out 2006 and the voters threw them out for spending like drunken pirates on a Caribbean port-of-call. However, the chart and numbers show a clear difference between the parties. On their worst day Republicans spend like T-Ball Little Leaguers compared to the Democratic Major Leaguers.

The graph above shows where Republicans held a near split or small majority in the legislature for the past 10 years. (the big blip 89-93 were the Dem. Gov. Booth Gardner years) Then under one budget-savvy Senator by the name of Dino Rossi, the spending was balanced in the budget with a balanced, no new or increased taxes budget for Democrat Gov. Gary Locke after he refused to sign the Democratic Majority written budget. He sent their slop back to the kitchen and Dino took charge from the majority Democrats in the Legislature and got it done; exactly that way with no cuts in essential services/programs and no new taxes or tax increases.

This chart clearly shows the results of electing Democrat Gov. Gregoire and the House and Senate to Democrat Party super-majorities (2004-2006). You can see exactly where they took control is where all hell breaks loose!

Our property, sales, death, gas and inheritance taxes have all been raised, or reinstated by the Democrats since they took over. New taxes have been added as well, such as a catalog sales and Internet tax that have never existed before. And, this fall, you will be asked to support a huge tax/bond measure on the ballot to expand Sound Transit and more transportation and highway improvements that were fraudulently purported and marketed to be covered by the LAST two record gas tax increases. I really believe the Governor and Democrats have a fatalist strategy to cram as much spending and earmarked patronage through as they can in anticipation of her one-term stay at the Governors Mansion.

Dino I sure hope you are working out and getting primed for the big run!

Click here for the full Seattle Times article.

Michael R. Bednarz

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Democrat Party's Insurgency against America

I know that is a heavy-duty headline and charge. I wish it weren't true, but I believe it is right on and unfortunately the evidence and their actions fully support this allegation.

To be fair, I should have also included a few Republicrats like Hagel, Snowe, Lugar, Voinovich, and Warner; the ones that are throwing in with the Dem's and are piling on the President during his fight to win this War On Terror. These Republicrats are now complicit with the Lib's in the goal of defeating America in it's War On Terror, and specifically on the war's Iraq front. So now for my purposes they are included when I refer to the "Lib's" "Dems" and so forth. They have now allied with Democrats in the Insurgency against America's win in Iraq and the larger War On Terror.

Here are my 2 main reasons why Pelosi, Reid, Murtha, et al are guilty as charged:

1. Undermining the Commander-In-Chief during a time of war.

Constructive disagreement, and dissent is one thing. But to be so blind in your hatred of our nations leader in a time of war to the point where you will affect our troops morale, sense of mission and duty is quite another. Pelosi's Mideast Tour in Feb. was also a prime example of undermining the President and his branch of power and authority and it's policies, publicly and on a world stage.

2. Putting Democratic Party interests before AMERICAN National Security and interests.

It's all about the politics, not the truth or to the benefit of America and it's citizens. Whatever hurts Bush goes, regardless of the effects on our troops or National Security. During the funding bill showdown in April they actually removed funding for new Up-armored vehicles, equipment, and training for the deployment of the surge strategy. They tried to replace the funding for these items with Billions in Pork spending to entice the farthest left members of the party to not vote for de-funding the war.

There is mounting evidence, and news reports from Iraq to indicate that George Bush has, just as Abraham Lincoln had with Ulysses Grant during our Civil War, found his General in one David Petraeus. The progress is so encouraging that even the most strident of liberal critics, staff fellows of the ultra-liberal Brookings Institute writing for the leftist organ NY Times no less; have done an about-face and see great improvement and even a win for us in Iraq.

Actually our liberal left media is about 4-6 months behind the curve. Michael Yon, the independent embedded journalist has been reporting concrete and tangible progress starting in January and February when the initial surge strategy was implemented. Michael was not alone in what he saw and reported.

Petraeus' validated tactics and philosophy of counterinsurgency he proved in Mosul for winning the trust and the hearts and minds of the Iraqi's are paying dividends. Sunni tribal chiefs and local leaders are turning to U.S. and Iraq Army and Police commanders and forging alliances and partnerships against Al Qaeda of Iraq. Iraqi citizens are pointing out IED's and enemy weapon caches and safe houses. The Iraqi military and police forces are becoming much more effective.

Captain Combs said this particular Iraqi unit, the 3-25, has never run away from combat, and never refused to close on the enemy. Combs said, “I’ve fought with 3-25 for 10 months in Diyala and they have always come when I am in trouble. They always go on patrols when I ask. They never back down.” Michael Yon Interview- Bless the Beasts and Children

With their increase in training has come an increase in Sunni percentages of the forces, the trust factor has increased greatly as a result. With the increased efficacy of Iraq security forces comes the luxury of purging and eliminating the corrupt and ineffective commanders and officials. With that increase so goes the trust factor and faith of the Iraqi citizens in their new Army and Police. American commanders also have real confidence in their abilities to carry out operations and stand toe-to-toe with the enemy.

The U.S. Command in Iraq also released many statistics that went unreported and ignored by the US media, though the real data and reports went right to Congress and they knew exactly where things stood with the gains and improvement that were really occurring. The liberal main stream medias failure to leave the green-zone, and actually go somewhere besides the latest Baghdad car-bombing has skewed the public perception of the reality of the situation and vast improvements on the ground in Iraq.

This dereliction of duty by our supposedly independent press has given the liberal Dem's the audacity needed to invert real progress being made to one of perceived failure. They have given Democratic leaders the cover of plausible deniability enabling the Dem's to expand their insurgency against America's victory in Iraq with their inaccurate and lazy reporting of the truth. This has made them in effect unwitting co-conspirators of collusion via their incompetency with the Democratic insurgency. An insurgency targeting the President and the troops he leads; our very sons and daughters, as well as our Iraqi and coalition allies.

They did this with the funding bill delays, the endless resolutions that had no authority or purpose except to embarrass the President, damage the troops morale and conviction in our support and only served to strengthen the terrorists resolve and zeal.

I will say it. These Democratic leaders of the Insurgency against America are directly responsible for deaths of American, Coalition and Iraqi troops and civilians. They have done this by impeding our full effort toward victory. Their actions have also encouraged states in the region like Iran into involvement and surreptitious support with weapons like the deadly and sophisticated shaped-charge IED's and with technical know-how provided by Iranian military experts that have infiltrated in to assist insurgents; because America displays it's political rancor, discord and lack of resolve.

Why are the Liberal Democrats mounting this insurgency against America? Because things are going too well in Iraq, we are winning in Iraq and we will win in Iraq. This is a horrible prospect for the Democrats, so horrible they can't even keep from saying it out loud, and on the record. One Democratic Congressman last week was quoted saying that victory in Iraq will be "a disaster for Democratic plans for 2008 elections" specifically on their designs for the White House and further majorities in the House and Senate.

While we are defeating the Insurgents in Iraq. We are killing the enemies of our goals and the opponents to the establishment of peace and security for the Iraqi people. As the Iraqi's continue to seek peace and tranquility the Democrats strive harder to undermine these efforts and actively oppose and work to defeat America's plans simply to further their narrow partisan political agenda and appease the hard-left wing and it's rabid hatred of Bush.

As a result, they now share the same aims and goals as Al Qaeda and the Terrorists. With the success of the surge and the increase in stability there is a new urgency on their part to present the war in Iraq as Harry Reid has said "Lost." The cry to pull our troops out is increasing even with the evidence of their mounting effectiveness and progress. Like a swimmer starting across the Niagara River a mile above the falls, the Democrats would have us turn around and head back to where we started when we are 3/4 of the way across as we begin to tire and drift downstream near the edge of the falls; instead of pushing forward the final short distance to victory.

They will try everything to delay funding, pull out troops, and undermine the morale and support from our brave young men and women. When that fails along with the desperate acts of Al Qaeda in it's death throes, they will then attempt to redefine the established goals and disqualify the concrete gains of our brave men, women and leaders when Petraeus presents his September report.

As we continue to defeat this insurgency in Iraq; the Insurgency here against America led by Pelosi, Reid and Murtha, will surely grow. We will defeat the insurgency in Iraq. When we do, and because the Democrats are so heavily invested in our defeat in Iraq; the Democrats Insurgency against America will also be defeated.

Michael R. Bednarz

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Bless the Beasts and Children

The Following story is by the independent journalist Michael Yon. Michael has
spent the best part of the past 4 years in Iraq and Afghanistan bearing first hand witness to
the efforts of our men and women on the front lines of the war on terror. This article details his recent documentation of Al Qaeda's brutal inhumanity they wrought on the population in areas where they are being eliminated by U.S. and Iraqi forces with the aid of the local Sunni population in an offensive that is part of the larger "Surge" strategy currently underway in the Baghdad and Sunni triangle. Michael has been frustrated by the complete lack of interest by the major main-stream media outlets (with the exception of Fox News, Newsmax and some conservative newsblogs) in a massacre of civilians and children by Al Qaeda in a small village near Baqubah. Because Michael is independent and not a "stringer" with any major news outlet or wire service he has offered full permission to reprint to any person, or news media network or outlet for use of any of his dispatch, posting, photos, or video clips once he as them posted of this story.

Please share this story, and his Blog with your friends, and family. He is an amazing writer, and photographer. I truly believe he will be to the record and history of the War on Terror, what Ernie Pyle was to WWII. Be sure to use his RSS NewsReader linkage- you will automatically see headers for new postings on his blog by just putting you mouse over the RSS logo in your web browser, and do consider contributing to his efforts on his blogsite, it is his only support for his labors. You will be duly impressed should you spend a few hours going through his dispatches and stories. You WILL learn the truth and the answer to the simple
question: Why we fight.

Bless the Beasts and Children

Where did they go?

On 29 June, American and Iraqi soldiers were again fighting side-by-side as soldiers from Charley Company 1-12 CAV—led by Captain Clayton Combs—and Iraqi soldiers from the 5th IA, closed in on a village on the outskirts of Baqubah. The village had the apparent misfortune of being located near a main road—about 3.5 miles from FOB Warhorse—that al Qaeda liked to bomb. Al Qaeda had taken over the village. As Iraqi and American soldiers moved in, they came under light contact; but the bombs planted in the roads (and maybe in the houses) were the real threat.

The firefight progressed. American missiles were fired. The enemy might have been trying to bait Iraqi and American soldiers into ambush, but it did not work. The village was riddled with bombs, some of them large enough to destroy a tank. One by one, experts destroyed the bombs, leaving small and large craters in the unpaved roads.

The village was abandoned. All the people were gone. But where?

On 30 June, soldiers from 1-12 Cav allowed me to go to the village in one of their M-1 tanks.

LT Baxter, Tank Commander.

As often happens in Iraq, the first time I meet American combat soldiers, we are going off to do something serious. Although the soldiers usually do not know me, they are courteous and professional, and always watching out for me. And so it was with LT Baxter, who was commanding the M-1 tank that I’d be riding along in, and who made sure I didn’t break my neck getting into the tank. I nearly pulled him off the tank while climbing aboard.

The tankers drove off FOB Warhorse, and only a few miles later, we arrived at the outskirts of the abandoned village.

American soldiers began unloading dozens of body bags, which the Iraqi soldiers, with grim looks, carried into the village.

Captain Clayton Combs has been fighting hard in Diyala for about ten months, much of it side-by-side with Iraqi soldiers from the 5th Division. Each time I’ve come into contact with the 5th, they seem far better than most. American officers and sergeants who work with the 5th have good things to report about them, saying that although the 5th still has far to go, and cannot sustain itself logistically, it can fight.

Captain Combs said this particular Iraqi unit, the 3-25, has never run away from combat, and never refused to close on the enemy. Combs said, “I’ve fought with 3-25 for 10 months in Diyala and they have always come when I am in trouble. They always go on patrols when I ask. They never back down.”

I asked Captain Combs to repeat what he said, making sure he knew I was planning to quote him directly. A veteran like Combs would be unlikely to append his name to such words if he weren’t dead serious. Captain Combs repeated his words and stuck by them. He then demonstrated that faith when we took off deeper into the danger zone with nine soldiers from 5th IA: just Captain Combs, Iraqi soldiers and me. As we passed through the village, Captain Combs pointed out the nice houses, saying the people had been simple farmers with comfortable homes and lives.

Until al Qaeda came.

The houses all were empty. We passed by two donkeys each shot in the neck. Al Qaeda had killed their livestock.

Al Qaeda often plants bombs inside the dead bodies of the animals and people they’ve killed. They have rigged children’s bodies with explosives.

Some steps later, we passed by a crater—one of many in this village—made on 29 June when bomb experts destroyed an IED.

Then a few steps beyond the crater, Captain Combs pointed out a car that had been filled with explosives. American soldiers had destroyed it with a Thermite grenade.

A short walk later, as we passed more abandoned homes, I saw an empty AK-47 magazine on the ground. The houses were in shambles: broken glass and ski masks littered the area. The Iraqi soldier with the goggles saw a photograph on the ground, and picked it up.

We walked into the palm groves nearby. There was a terrible stench. The heat and the vegetation reminded me of the Killing Fields in Cambodia where I had visited shortly before the most recent trip to Iraq.

Soldiers from 5th IA said they’d found some of the villagers: They were dead.

Iraqi soldiers were excavating several graves.

The bodies were fresh, and the smell was overwhelming. A small group of American soldiers were keeping a respectable distance, but the area was filled with Iraqi soldiers from 5th IA.

I told the Iraqi commander, Captain Baker, that it was important that Americans see this; he took me around the graves and showed more than I wanted to see. He said the people had been murdered by al Qaeda. I made video of him speaking, and of the horrible scene. The heat and stench were crushingly oppressive and broken only by the sounds of shovels as Iraqi soldiers kept digging.

There were bodies of men, women and children. Al Qaeda slaughters families everywhere: as these graves were being unearthed, more bombs were found in London.

There was no sign of the sacred at this gravesite.

Stashed in shallow graves. The stench felt like punches in the stomach.

Some of the bodies seemed fresh. The air temperature was about 115°F.

One of the graves.

By the time I arrived, 5th IA had uncovered parts of six bodies. But from what I could see, they did not all appear to have been murdered at once. In one grave, there were exposed ribs and other bones, although there was still flesh on the bones.

The digging was the first part of the gruesome job.

Hot, hard work and as it progressed, the stench got worse and worse. An Iraqi soldier carefully sprinkled water on the corpses.

Soldiers from 5th IA said al Qaeda had cut the heads off the children. Had al Qaeda murdered the children in front of their parents? Maybe it had been the other way around: maybe they had murdered the parents in front of the children. Maybe they had forced the father to dig the graves of his children.

Feet of a woman.

Iraqi soldiers were barely talking. All had grim looks and everybody seemed to want to be a million miles away. Yet these Iraqi soldiers helped me do my job.

Later in the day, some of the soldiers from the unit I share a tent with, the C-52, told me that one of their Kit Carson scouts (comprised of some of our previous enemies who have turned on al Qaeda) had pointed out an al Qaeda who had cut off the heads of children. Soldiers from C-52 say that the Kit Carson scout freaked out and tried to hide when he spotted the man he identified as an al Qaeda operative. Just how (or if) the scout really knew the man had beheaded children was unknown to the soldiers of C-52, but they took the suspected al Qaeda to the police, who knew the man. C-52 soldiers told me the Iraqi police were inflamed, and that one policeman in particular was crazed with intent to kill the man who they said had the blood of Iraqi children on his hands. According to the story told to me on 30 June, it took almost 45 minutes for the C-52 soldiers to calm down the policeman who had drawn his pistol to execute the al Qaeda man. That same policeman nearly lost his mind when an American soldier then gave the al Qaeda man a drink of cold water.

While that was happening elsewhere in Baqubah, we stood around the stinking graves of people who had gotten a close-up view of al Qaeda-style justice. The villagers’ bodies were rotting in the heat before us.

The blade of the shovel struck more fingers, and the Iraqi soldiers stopped and pointed to the fingers so I could film them. But I had seen enough and pulled back into the palm groves.

Captain Baker, commanding the 3-25 of the 5th IA.

Captain Baker gave an important interview on video. Captain Baker, who in Captain Combs’ words is “an excellent soldier,” is from the Kurdish north, but Baker said he is Iraqi first, Kurdish second. He told me American Special Forces had trained him, and he shared some interesting details about the killing of Zarqawi which occurred back in 2006. Zarqawi had been the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, until he was killed nearby by U.S. bombs.

Soldiers from the 5th IA continued with their task as Captain Combs and I departed, heading back to the M-1 tank.

Along the way we passed fresh craters. The bomb that made the water-filled crater above would easily have destroyed the Bradley in the photo.

LT Baxter, the tank commander, was concerned that the heat was getting to me, and checked my uniform for sweat, asking several times if I was okay. They always watch out for me. But I was okay from the heat; I can take the heat as well as our soldiers can. Still, I felt very sick, the kind of sick that no amount of cool water can fix. I put on the comms in the tank, then ripped them off and left off my helmet and held the jet hose of the air conditioner on my face as the tank rumbled back to base.

Michael Yon does not receive funding or financial support from Fox News, movie, book or television deals at this time. He is entirely reader supported. He relies on his readers to help him replace his equipment and cover his expenses so that he may remain in Iraq and bring you the stories of our soldiers. If you value his work, please consider supporting his mission.

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Saturday, June 30, 2007

R.I.P. Amnesty Bill... Now lets get busy and do it right.

Illustration from Official Mexican Govt. Publication how-to  "Immigration" booklet.
Conservatives should be proud to have led the charge to defeat the Kennedy Amnesty bill. While we should be grateful that we prevailed, we should not gloat, nor rest on our laurels in this victory. This was a victory for legislative process, respect of law, fairness, and for our security because we stopped this critically flawed and ineffective piece of legislation; we can now begin the process to do it right, for all the right reasons.

This bill was flawed from the outset. It was hatched by illegal immigration special interests that were flexing their political muscle with their newly-won legislators. It was designed by, written by, and approved by, people supporting illegal immigration in agriculture and industry. Besides illegal immigrants the only ones for this bill were the corporate fat-cats that prey on the cheap labor, and liberal and Democrat groups looking to augment their dwindling ranks with new voters (legal or not) to replace those votes lost in the South to Republicans during the Democratic Party slide to the hard left over the past two decades. The fact that our President, and many Republicrat Senators within the Republican party signed on for this farce is quite vexing to myself and others in the grassroots of the GOP, especially in light of the vocal opposition made loudly, and clearly. These GOP Senators, and our Presidents support for this bill, and their inability to understand the frustration of Republicans and Americans on this issue are quite alarming.

Now hopefully we conservatives and correct-minded Republican leaders of vision, principle, and courage... ( I'm thinking it will be Mr. Fred D. Thompson) can pick up the ball and craft a bill to solve this major issue of border security, and illegal immigration reform.

It is nearly 6 years since we were attacked on our soil by terrorists, and we still have an open border completely unsecured for nearly a thousand miles allowing any terrorist, drug smuggler, or border jumper to waltz into this country unchallenged. We don't have a clue who they are, where they came from, where they are going, what disease or affliction they may carry, or what their plans are here. While it is wonderful that we defeated this Amnesty Bill this past week, the problem it was supposed to solve still remains. Illegal immigration is a problem on a scope and scale that will require us to work together as political parties, citizens, and with our affected neighbor nations to resolve it in a constructive, and effective manner.

There was a lot of passion, anger, and frustration over this bill. The reasons are very apparent. This bill was a farce. It reversed the public perception and demand for their identified priorities. Those priorities were basic and really two-fold. 1. Secure the border. 2. Stop the uncontrolled invasion of our country by illegal aliens and find a way to identify, track, monitor, and provide a legal, legitimate flow of immigrants and guest workers into the country in a fashion that provides us with security. Here are the core issues that must be addressed and solved to win over the American people and solve this problem responsibly and effectively for the benefit of the nation.

1.Priority One, Securing the Border- . We passed a law last year that provided for, and funded over 700 miles of fencing/border security provisions. to date, only 2 miles have been built. The new " Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill" professed to provide funds and measures for border security, but it did not. It was an effort that actually went backwards in an attempt to rescind last years law and replace it with less than half the length of border barrier of the yet-to-be implemented 2006 legislation.. it would leave critical areas in the most dangerous desert crossings completely open. Every year hundreds of people die in the heat and elements attempting to enter illegally through those sectors. The very fact that they wanted to neuter and reduce border security provisions yet to be constructed shows their dubious and nefarious motives to leave the border UNSECURE so that the flow of illegals can continue. The American people have stated plainly and clearly. Secure the Border FIRST and FOREMOST. So lets start by building the barrier that we mandated, funded, and Bush signed a year ago. Lets get as vocal and busy today, as we were last week, with our members of Congress, our Senators, and our President reminding them that we expect the law passed last year to be followed; build that fence and secure our border now!

2. No Blanket Amnesty- And the Path to Citizenship- Those that start their path to Citizenship by breaking into our house should not be given full amnesty simply with a payment of a fine, showing a forged utility bill, and with a dubious 24-hr background check. I would prefer we adopt the official Mexican Government Immigration Policy for those entering Mexico, but I don't think we could ever pass anything so strict and unaccommodating in this country, so it's back to the drawing board I guess. Amnesty and the Pathway to Citizenship is possibly the most banal, troubling aspect of this failed bill and therefore very important to do right in the next Reform bill. The suggestion that you have to ascertain and prove their identity, criminal background/history, mental fitness, and verify all these and their financial/employment within 24 hours with the law mandating that if our bureaucracy is unable to clear them in 24 hrs., now hear this.....they are granted resident/citizenship status by default!!? This is so obviously impossible it laid bare the true intentions behind this bill and it's backers, a wink, and a nod and rubber stamp to shuttle them straight through. We currently have a 7 year back log already for legal immigrants waiting to have their backgrounds cleared so they can be granted citizenship/permanent residency status yet we were being asked to believe that with a minimum of 12 million new illegal alien applicants (who now would get to jump in the front of the line because they didn't come in legally) with no appreciable increase in staffing of the bureaucracy to process them, we can clear them? In 24 hrs?

Our Homeland Security Department, just announced a couple of weeks ago that they had to extend by 3 months the implementation of the law requiring passports for U.S. citizens just traveling to Canada or Mexico and we have their full history and background data on these citizen applicants, yet they would have us believe that illegal aliens applying for citizenship/legal residency can be cleared in one day. Sure, that sounds reasonable and doable; if you are Ted Kennedy.

On the types of exceptions to be made for those applying for the path to citizenship. In the recently defeated Amnesty bill the Liberal Democrats killed an amendment that Republicans/Moderate Dems offered during the first attempt at bill passage that would have denied those illegal alien applicants already convicted here of serious felonies such as assault, drug offenses, domestic abuse, and sexual crimes (including some against children) and those that have already been ordered for deportation following criminal convictions, from being granted legal status and a path to citizenship. Now that sounds perfectly reasonable doesn't it? Wrong, not to Teddy boy Kennedy, Harry Reid, Babs Boxer, Hillary Clinton, Barak Hussein Obama and the other left-wing nuts posing as Democratic Senators. They killed the amendment, so they allowed hardened, and serious criminals a pathway to citizenship. I guess in their eyes, the diversity of America is not complete without some nice Gang-Bangers with big rap sheets being sewn into the fabric of our society.

The new "Immigration Reform Bill" that Republicans should craft, should flat-out ban any applicants with a history or record of serious crimes, period. We must deport any illegal aliens with a history of violence or felony crimes- and certainly not reward them them with a path to citizenship.

How many times did I hear some politician arguing that "it isn't amnesty, they are paying a penalty!" Please. Don't give me the song and dance about paying a penalty, and all that nonsense, that is only the PRICE for their amnesty. This bill penalized those that abide by the law, and gives those that don't preference over those that play by the rules, Americans will fundamentally oppose that every time, and they did.

There must be a process in the new reform bill which mirrors policy for those that legally apply, and desire citizenship. To do so, they must leave the country, then re-apply for residency, guest worker status, or citizenship so we have complete documentation and information on anyone coming into this country.

Instead of the fine which was only a gimmick to give Republicrats and other lemmings their trite talking points about it not being amnesty because of the payment of a penalty, let them put that up into an "entry account" this would be the first official act where their newly acquired Social Security number would be utilized. In the past we required legal immigrants to show financial ability to support themselves with a specific amount of money on hand, and skills or employment prospects to ensure they would not be indigent. That needs to be the case again. Instead of taking $5,000 for someones "fine" lets have the government put that into an account under their name for those on Visa's or awaiting citizenship to be used for medical expenses/emergencies, to defray impacts on our social services or their health care expense to our system should they not pay for their care. If they pay their way as they go, once they attain citizenship, or say permanent resident status that "account" is turned over to them with whatever amount remains. This would give them an incentive not to burden tax-payer supported programs or hospital charges that go unpaid. They must not be allowed government services unless they are registered and of the proper legal status. This "deposit" would be due with their application for citizenship, and only after they have completed and passed a medical examination prior to entry. Anyone here outside of the legal framework of a registered guest worker or legal immigrant would be subject to immediate deportation. If they have U.S. born citizen children, they can stay with a legal resident/citizen relative, or they go back with their parents to their home country. At age 18, as an adult the US born child can return to the country of their birth and citizenship. Employers hiring illegal workers will be subject to serious fines, per each employee. We must identify, and know who is in this country, period. It's not racial, it's about security, and fairness. In the end they will benefit. With the current system wages are held artificially low by a sub-class of people working under the table, and outside of the law. They are victimized by their illegal status, and are forced to accept sub-standard wages for their sub-standard status. This drives all wages down as a result.

3. Open up the debate and Legislative process to keep it transparent- There was a great deal of distrust generated just by the process in which this bill was created. The "Fix" was in on this bill from the get go. It was crafted in a back-room deal with special interests pulling the strings of their patron Senators. The bill was essentially written for specific patrons with the aid and comfort of Senator Kennedy. There was no analysis of costs, or expenditures for the proposed legislative policies and their ramifications- Senators were being asked to vote on a bill (many voted willingly in ignorant bliss) that hadn't even been published for them to read, and without the benefit even of a detailed report or analysis by the Congressional Budget Office, the non-partisan agency charged with analyzing Congressional budgets and legislative policy costs. The Heritage Foundation a respected conservative think-tank and policy review institute has done a cost analysis and report that pegs the cost of the propsed legislation at over $2.5 Trillion dollars over the next 20 years. of I actually listened to Republican Sen. George Voinovich of Ohio on Sean Hannity's national talk radio show get so angry at Sean for his own complete lack of knowledge and his indefensible ignorance on this important issue. He actually voted for Cloture, enabling the end of debate and forwarding it down the path to passage. He thought a key amendment made by Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, passed and used that as a justification for his vote for Cloture. You can actually hear the horror in his voice when Sean had to inform him he was wrong and that the key Amendment actually didn't pass, it had failed. As the Senator tried to dodge and evade serious questions of substance with obfuscation and ignorance, Sean bore in with clarity and his own solid grasp of the facts and issues. The Senator then went to his "offense is my best defense" mode. Attacking Hannity, and like-minded Conservatives/Constituents who contacted his office to urge his opposition to the bill, as obstructionists, racist, or Neanderthal knuckle-dragger's that are trying to intimidate him and threaten one so mighty and experienced with his 40 years of know-how on these important matters of government. How dare we attempt to educate him and keep him from his effort to vote for door number 3 (because that curtain was the purdiest color) at the U.S. Senate's "Let's Make a Deal" show. Now now you little people don't you call me and tell me how to vote, I know best. Listen to the audio clips for yourself, I don't care if he's a Republican, he epitomizes the arrogance and ignorance surrounding this bill and this issue. It has to change. If it takes a year, these guys have to know what they have in front of them to vote on, what the bill says, and how much it is going to cost. Then, and only then can it be crafted, and voted on using the same process used for the other 99% of legislation going across Capitol Hill to In the bright light of day.

There also has to be inclusion of our border neighbors in the process of setting policies and securing and enforcing our sovereignty and border. They must not dictate and demand what we must do to solve our problem with illegal immigration, rather we should explain that it will be changing, and they should be part of the solution, not part of the problem. I will not tolerate my President being admonished by (as recently occurred during President Bush's visit to Mexico), or pandering to the leader of a bordering nation that is making demands of us or calling for policies that go against our national security interests. The Mexican government is actively aiding, abetting, and suborning their citizens to violate our borders and enter our country illegally. The Mexican Ministry of Foreign Relations even publish a manual to aid illegal immigration into our country by their citizens. We need to identify opportunities and policies to help our Southern neighbor minimize the conditions or lack of opportunity and quality of life that forces it's citizens to seek out a new life North of the border. Economic and social justice should not just occur North of the Rio Grande. Our next President needs to change the dynamic of this relationship.

4. English is the official language of the U.S.- One more thing. Prior to being granted citizenship, they must pass an English proficiency test. English is the language of success and prosperity in America, and to not require them to pass a test, or provide educational programs to help them learn English, is akin to not providing a child a formal education, and expecting them to have success in life. It has always been a tradition in America for immigrants to assimilate into the culture and learn the language of America; aspiring to become Americans. Why should it be any different now?

Who will step forward and carry the ball to secure our borders, and end our illegal immigration crisis? I like to think that we Conservatives have the vision, courage, and fortitude to tackle the tough issues and make the right choices for America. Will it be Fred D. Thompson, Ruddy, or even a wiser more humbled and repentant George W. Bush? Given this new Congress and it's record of impressively ineffective leadership and aptitude for passing nothing, except non-binding resolutions to criticize Bush, Gonzalez, our troops, and our allies, I have to believe the solution to this problem will come from the leadership of Conservatives and Republicans.

In the mean time, I encourage all Americans to keep up the pressure on their elected officials by lighting a fire under the feet of those they called last week to ask them to kill a disaster in the making. Lets get a new and effective bill started now. Lets do it the right way, and for the right reasons; National Security, and a better future for America.

Michael R. Bednarz