Thursday, March 22, 2007

No satiating Gregoire's hunger for new taxes and social engineering.

Today with Governor Gregoire's signing of Senate bill 5089 the latest example of the Democrats lust for any and all taxes is laid bare once again. Last year the bill was stopped by the Republicans in the Senate. This year with both the House and Senate firmly in Democrat hands, and with Gregoire pushing hard for this new tax on Internet, Catalog, and mail order sales; they are moving their tax and spend policies through with their huge lopsided majority. Once again the people of Washington will be held up for an additional $40 million a year in new taxes.

They sold this as a matter of fairness, and as an aid to businesses located in Washington, but it really is another example of Urban/Suburban liberal elites grabbing whatever they can, wherever they can. The ramifications of their complete stranglehold on our state government is exhibited by this latest tax increase.

Also currently winding through our House and Senate is a bill (Senate bill 5297) to adopt a comprehensive Olympia designated sex-education curriculum that is all-inclusive and not open for any local school board or parental review, input, or modification at the local level as has been traditionally and historically done when these programs are adopted by local schools in all communities. This is by design as the new sex education program will for example educate and equate same-sex practices by promoting them to moral equivalence of heterosexual practices. Under the label and guise of "Medically and Scientifically accurate" sexual education which is secular progressive code-speak for "morally vacant", they have eliminated any reasonable amendments about parental notification, or addition of abstinence as an alternative to pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease prevention, and they rebuked any limitation on appropriateness for age, or sexual gender education. Effectively now the local community standards of Olympia liberals would be forced upon Lynden Schools and Seattle schools alike without regard to local standards, or guidance.

Dino, oh Diiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnoooooo....... are you rested and ready?

Michael R. Bednarz

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