Monday, June 22, 2009

Obama's Presidential Approval Slides South With His Economy

Obama's June 21st Rasmussen Approval index was -2, the first time he has been negative since he took office. How can this be? All we hear about in the mainstream media is how Obama is still riding high with his 60% plus approval and has yet to be tied to his disastrous policies and mismanagement of the economy and foreign policy challenges facing Americans. This is the perception they report and use to gull the masses into believing this is the reality. The truth is the opposite; the media is guilty of deception by omission. What do I mean by that? Well there are 4 categories in a daily Rasmussen poll of Presidential Approval that they run daily as an index. Here are the questions. 1. Do you strongly approve of President Obama's performance? 2. Do you somewhat approve of Obama's performance? 3. Do you strongly disapprove of President Obama's performance? 4. Do you somewhat disapprove of President Obama's performance?
Remember Rasmussen, perhaps the most respected name in polling, tracks and polls on these same questions daily. But for purposes of his index he takes the STRONGLY approve and DISAPPROVE figures as his basis to arrive at his "index" that he tracks daily. The mainstream media typically use the lower "somewhat" numbers which are usually mamby pamby know-nothings who answer that way because they don't have a clue about what he is doing positive or negative to them and how their lives are affected by his issues and policies. For example, after the inauguration Obama rightfully enjoyed a sky-high approval; he hadn't done anything yet and we were all caught up in the unprecedented history, emotions and we gave him the traditional benefit of the doubt to see what his governing policies would be versus his campaign rhetoric. On Jan 22nd the day after inauguration his numbers were thus 44% strongly approve, 14% strongly disapprove. The somewhat approve and disapprove percentages were 64 and 29% respectively. This calculated to the Rasmussen approval/disapproval daily index to +30. The most recent Rasmussen daily tracking poll on Presidential performance and approval on June 21st went negative for the first time in his presidency. That's right, he now has a higher disapproval rating index than approval. On June 21st he had these poll figures: Strongly approve/disapprove 32/34% and Total approve/disapprove 53/46% which Rasmussen calculates at an index rating of -2. The first time Obama has shown a negative index rating during his presidency. Clearly as the negative numbers mount and the negative response to his policies continue to mount, Obama's messianic popularity is slipping with them as fast as his policies and economy are going South.

You don't hear Approval/Disapproval poll figures like this in the mainstream Obamamedia do you? That is why you must share this with everyone you can. However, we must not let Obama stand alone to face this music. He is only the empty-suited Community Agitator figurehead and leader of the "Coalition of the Clueless" and we Americans must take to task all parties involved in the effort to destroy our economy, weaken our National security and imperil America on virtually every front. Obama, Biden, Geithner, Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Frank, Holder, et al they need to be stopped by blocking their efforts through Congress. 2010 represents our first critical opportunity, and frankly given the pace of their destruction, perhaps our last chance to save our nation will be those mid-term Congressional elections. Yes we must link and tie these policies to Obama because he owns them but he isn't alone, and that is why we must mount an effective strategy.

Congress bears much responsibility for where we are today. Democrats and the liberals won power and took over control of the GSE's (Government Sponsored Enterprises) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 2006, Democrats led by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd immediately went to work protecting their GSE's and lending programs from Republican and Conservative efforts that had failed to reform and regulate irresponsible and fraudulent practices and policies at the GSE's that Democrats fought, opposed, and thwarted every step of the way from Republicans and a few Democrats trying to prevent or stop the impending doom of the Housing and economic meltdown as early as 2004.

Liberals in Congress in 2007 imposed "Mark to Market" accounting rules on assets and investments for Wall Street that had never been governed by this rule that typically applied to stock and commodity traders and securities; not bond or asset-backed bank and investment house securities and investments. This rule's application in heretofore never applicable instruments had a hastening effect upon the debacle at financial institutions. We must make them all culpable and have them inextricably linked with Obama and their socialist agenda and policies as a whole in a political partnership and conspiracy if you will, that has wreaked havoc on our economy, nationalized our industrial and business independence and vitality, and decimated our small business entrepreneurial base that drives the economic engine of America.

This linkage is important, and it will be successful, it's right out of the Liberal's own play book from 2006 in fact. What did they run for? They really didn't run for anything. They never promised to end the war, not really. They never offered any new positions, they just ran Congressional and Senate candidates against "BUSH" in every district and Senate seat vs. Republican's who were "just extensions and co-conspirators of Bush and his policies". Democrats won even though our economy was in a great economic condition, booming growth in the markets, Personal income growth at record levels, nearly FULL employment in the 4% range for any able-bodied person that wanted to work. They continually told Americans how awful things were and gulled the willing dupes into perceiving a parallel universe from the reality of our strong economic condition. Americans not old enough to remember the Depression or Carter years now have a clear vision and experience about what a horrible economy really looks like. They preached against and condemned the 500 billion Bush deficit, but we and they now look upon that as chump change with their only having 6 months in office creating a deficit of 3.7 TRILLION dollars, and the projections for 12 or 14 Trillion dollars of bankrupting debt by year 10 of the Obama and Coalition of the Clueless budgets. How hard will it be for us to retake the House and Senate given these conditions and TRUTHS of the debacle they have placed us in? Yes, they will keep trying to blame the inherited Bush recession drivel but the numbers will not lie, and they will be exposed as the liars that they are. We must make the case forcefully and eloquently with solid numbers, recovery plans, and take a page from Newt's old playbook that won us the house a decade ago..... we must offer a "Contract for American Renewal" that spells out exactly what we will do, not just economically, but socially and in every aspect of governance to restore our economy, employment, and recovery based upon free-market principles and policies. Bold strokes: Budget, Fiscal and Spending Restraint. Flat or Fair Tax to replace our tax system. Tax cuts to stimulate growth and recovery. Remove government from it's Nationalized businesses. Social Security preservation and reform. Health care reform that strengthens and covers all Americans at lower costs so they can enjoy the finest free-market health system in the world. Restoration of our commitment to stop terrorism. Protect life. Protect Traditional Marriage. Illegal Immigration policies and border security that puts Americans and lawful immigration first, to protect our jobs, economy, and provides for our national security and well-being. Defense policies that don't disable our missle shield that is on the verge of deployment; just as our arch enemies Iran and North Korea are at their greatest threat ever to attack us or our critical and closest allies with missiles and nuclear weapons. An energy policy that promotes domestic production and utilization of our own resources that creates real jobs; not just hiring people to screw in fluorescent light bulbs in federal buildings. We do this while we expand and develop alternative sources, technologies and expand nuclear power to not just help the environment but more importantly provide an alternative to keep America's economy thriving when our fossil fuel sources are exhausted. We will then have perfected these then economically feasible alternatives to replace them.

We will let American see that we will run for principles and concrete and tangible policies, we need to focus on bringing the policies and principles into benefits that they can apply and visualize in their daily lives.

Years ago when I sold new cars for a living, early in my career I would prattle off a bunch of technology features to a customer in my presentation, an experienced old salesman offered me this constructive criticism. Don't just list the features like that, i.e. "This car has ABS brakes and Traction Control with Dual Airbags" and leave it at that. Explain how the feature will benefit them, and educate them to the value of the feature to their lives and safety. Tell them this instead. "The ABS brakes keep you safe by pumping and modulating the brakes so they don't lock up and this will allow you to maneuver and steer safely while braking in slippery and emergency situations preventing collisions, and the Traction Control applies braking control to prevent the wheels from spinning and slipping in rain, ice, and snowy conditions to maintain safe stability and control at these critical times. Should you still find yourself in a collision the Airbag Restraint system deploys and provides maximum safety to prevent serious injury or death in the event of a collision." It's the truth, it's educating the consumer, and it's providing them with the perceived value to make an informed decision.
Rasmussen polling indicates we are making headway and the door is open, Congressional generic ballots indicate the GOP is out polling Dems on being better at handling economic issues, and we are now virtually even on Congressional generic ballots. We have work to do to promote our Conservative principles and solutions even further. We must not relish the misery wrought upon our nation and fellow citizens as good for our political advantage, we must understand we have a responsibility to know that our covenant and great challenge for America is to get us out of this mess, and save millions from economic suffering, misery and disaster. This is a great resposibility and effort we undertake for the sake our our nation. With every new huge program, budget, or bill we know this Coalition of the Clueless are taking America down and it's citizens with it. The inevitable tax, fee, and insidious inflation increases will be felt and burden Americans. Americans must be made to understand where, and who it came from. We must show them the better way. We have to do just that for the mid-term elections coming in 2010. We have to treat the voter as a consumer, we have to create real value for the Republican brand and product. We must offer a better way, better policies, superior ideas and features with proven track records of tangible benefits they can understand and will see in application to their lives. When we do this; in this current state of the economy Americans of all walks and lives will ask themselves this simple question as the folly and failures of the Coalition of the Clueless and Obama policies manifest themselves in their daily struggles.

Am I better off now than I was on November 3rd, 2008?
Only this will save America. Please pass this on and share it.

Michael R. Bednarz