Tuesday, February 12, 2013

State of the Union? Not secure, Mr. President.

As Iran develops it's Nuclear weapons program, and following North Koreas nuclear test just the day before the Presidents State of the Union address to the Amercian people, it is obvious that the State of the Union's Security;  is not secure. Our enemies are providing clear signals to us as they approach the ability to strike and obliterate Seattle and other cities in the US with Ballistic Nuclear weapons, and it is high time for President Obama to put our missile defense at the top of his agenda.

A Terminal High Altitude Area Defense interceptor is launched from Meck Island on its way to an intercept of a ballistic missile target on Oct. 24, 2012. (Photo: Lockheed Martin)
However, mark my words the President's agenda will be revealed tonight in his State of the Union address to eliminate Nuclear weapons; and he will call for this policy to be initiated unilaterally,  by the United States. Obama will likely not mention one word about our Missile Defense Program,  nor its future and role in securing our safety. Obama could lead us to our demise with his policies and illogical priorities. His first priority should be the defense of our citizens from Rogue nations attack led by an indoctrinated mental midget with the maturity of a teenager, or by Mullah's bent on twisted religious fanatacism to fulfill their evil interpretations and prophesy with Nuclear weaponry and intercontinental ballistic missiles. Security and the nullification of these threats should be Job One; not banning guns, or giving amnesty to illegal immigrants, nor even his bringing women into combat roles.

Since taking office President Obama has defunded and virtually killed our Missile Defense system development. Only with Congressional insistence led by the GOP has minimal funding been preserved to attain the current undeployable capability of the MDA, Missile Defense Agency. It is high time we give this shield originally launched by President Reagan, a priority in funding and development for rapid perfection and deployment. The emerging threats, and the clear and present danger posed by N. Korea, and soon Iran, demand it for the security of ourselves and our allies. The traditional reliance upon the Cold War doctrine of MAD or Mutually Assured Destruction where our massive and fatal retaliatory response to an attack by the Soviet or China arsenals would serve as deterrance to attack  keeping the peace; does not apply with N. Korea or Iran, both of which are absent of any logic or reason and in the case of Iranian Mullahs would only fulfill their desire to see prophetic destruction to enable what they see as an inital prophesied step toward an Islamic Caliphate.

 The Heritage Foundations report concludes this in the final paragraphs as the necessary way forward.
The federal government has a constitutional obligation to defend the American people to the best of its ability. Therefore, the Obama Administration is wrong to subordinate this obligation to commitments it has made or will make to foreign powers to limit U.S. missile defense capabilities. Nevertheless, President Obama did exactly this in his conversation with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev on March 26, 2012.
 Further, the Administration’s willingness to slow progress in the U.S. missile defense program appears to reflect a view that the program could impede achievement of the President’s goal of U.S. nuclear disarmament. The evidence for this conclusion long predates President Obama’s exchange with President Medvedev in that the Administration has not adequately funded the missile defense program and has made specific program decisions that hold back progress. (my emphasis and additional added within brackets...remember the video? "Tell Vladimir after the election I will have more flexibility" )
Given the President’s inclination to shirk his constitutional obligation to defend the American people against attack as well as U.S. treaty obligations to assist in the defense of U.S. allies, Congress has an obligation to step in to ensure the federal government does all it can to field an effective defense against missile attacks. This starts with adequately funding the missile defense program. It also requires directing the Administration to take the specific policy and programmatic steps that advance the deployment of a global, layered missile defense system that is as capable as the technology permits.   by Baker Spring for the Heritage Foundation, May 3, 2012.

America could have deployed short, medium, and long range anti-missle defense system shielding America and it's Allies if our Nation and President had prioritized it four years ago. Time is of the essence, delay and the delusion that we don't face an imminent threat could bring a Benghazi type failure in judgement and preparation with consequences for victim deaths counting in the Millions. We must focus on it now like a laser beam, fully fund it and make it a critical priority sooner; not later. We must control and act toward our future security; not react to the twisted agendas of madmen or put our future existence in the hands of our enemies nonexistent goodwill. Write, email, and call your Representative in the House, Senate and the President and insist that they act to secure our safety and future from attack, tell them to support and fund our Missile Defense Agency, or MDA.

This is Job number 1.

Michael R. Bednarz



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