Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Democrat Party's Insurgency against America

I know that is a heavy-duty headline and charge. I wish it weren't true, but I believe it is right on and unfortunately the evidence and their actions fully support this allegation.

To be fair, I should have also included a few Republicrats like Hagel, Snowe, Lugar, Voinovich, and Warner; the ones that are throwing in with the Dem's and are piling on the President during his fight to win this War On Terror. These Republicrats are now complicit with the Lib's in the goal of defeating America in it's War On Terror, and specifically on the war's Iraq front. So now for my purposes they are included when I refer to the "Lib's" "Dems" and so forth. They have now allied with Democrats in the Insurgency against America's win in Iraq and the larger War On Terror.

Here are my 2 main reasons why Pelosi, Reid, Murtha, et al are guilty as charged:

1. Undermining the Commander-In-Chief during a time of war.

Constructive disagreement, and dissent is one thing. But to be so blind in your hatred of our nations leader in a time of war to the point where you will affect our troops morale, sense of mission and duty is quite another. Pelosi's Mideast Tour in Feb. was also a prime example of undermining the President and his branch of power and authority and it's policies, publicly and on a world stage.

2. Putting Democratic Party interests before AMERICAN National Security and interests.

It's all about the politics, not the truth or to the benefit of America and it's citizens. Whatever hurts Bush goes, regardless of the effects on our troops or National Security. During the funding bill showdown in April they actually removed funding for new Up-armored vehicles, equipment, and training for the deployment of the surge strategy. They tried to replace the funding for these items with Billions in Pork spending to entice the farthest left members of the party to not vote for de-funding the war.

There is mounting evidence, and news reports from Iraq to indicate that George Bush has, just as Abraham Lincoln had with Ulysses Grant during our Civil War, found his General in one David Petraeus. The progress is so encouraging that even the most strident of liberal critics, staff fellows of the ultra-liberal Brookings Institute writing for the leftist organ NY Times no less; have done an about-face and see great improvement and even a win for us in Iraq.

Actually our liberal left media is about 4-6 months behind the curve. Michael Yon, the independent embedded journalist has been reporting concrete and tangible progress starting in January and February when the initial surge strategy was implemented. Michael was not alone in what he saw and reported.

Petraeus' validated tactics and philosophy of counterinsurgency he proved in Mosul for winning the trust and the hearts and minds of the Iraqi's are paying dividends. Sunni tribal chiefs and local leaders are turning to U.S. and Iraq Army and Police commanders and forging alliances and partnerships against Al Qaeda of Iraq. Iraqi citizens are pointing out IED's and enemy weapon caches and safe houses. The Iraqi military and police forces are becoming much more effective.

Captain Combs said this particular Iraqi unit, the 3-25, has never run away from combat, and never refused to close on the enemy. Combs said, “I’ve fought with 3-25 for 10 months in Diyala and they have always come when I am in trouble. They always go on patrols when I ask. They never back down.” Michael Yon Interview- Bless the Beasts and Children

With their increase in training has come an increase in Sunni percentages of the forces, the trust factor has increased greatly as a result. With the increased efficacy of Iraq security forces comes the luxury of purging and eliminating the corrupt and ineffective commanders and officials. With that increase so goes the trust factor and faith of the Iraqi citizens in their new Army and Police. American commanders also have real confidence in their abilities to carry out operations and stand toe-to-toe with the enemy.

The U.S. Command in Iraq also released many statistics that went unreported and ignored by the US media, though the real data and reports went right to Congress and they knew exactly where things stood with the gains and improvement that were really occurring. The liberal main stream medias failure to leave the green-zone, and actually go somewhere besides the latest Baghdad car-bombing has skewed the public perception of the reality of the situation and vast improvements on the ground in Iraq.

This dereliction of duty by our supposedly independent press has given the liberal Dem's the audacity needed to invert real progress being made to one of perceived failure. They have given Democratic leaders the cover of plausible deniability enabling the Dem's to expand their insurgency against America's victory in Iraq with their inaccurate and lazy reporting of the truth. This has made them in effect unwitting co-conspirators of collusion via their incompetency with the Democratic insurgency. An insurgency targeting the President and the troops he leads; our very sons and daughters, as well as our Iraqi and coalition allies.

They did this with the funding bill delays, the endless resolutions that had no authority or purpose except to embarrass the President, damage the troops morale and conviction in our support and only served to strengthen the terrorists resolve and zeal.

I will say it. These Democratic leaders of the Insurgency against America are directly responsible for deaths of American, Coalition and Iraqi troops and civilians. They have done this by impeding our full effort toward victory. Their actions have also encouraged states in the region like Iran into involvement and surreptitious support with weapons like the deadly and sophisticated shaped-charge IED's and with technical know-how provided by Iranian military experts that have infiltrated in to assist insurgents; because America displays it's political rancor, discord and lack of resolve.

Why are the Liberal Democrats mounting this insurgency against America? Because things are going too well in Iraq, we are winning in Iraq and we will win in Iraq. This is a horrible prospect for the Democrats, so horrible they can't even keep from saying it out loud, and on the record. One Democratic Congressman last week was quoted saying that victory in Iraq will be "a disaster for Democratic plans for 2008 elections" specifically on their designs for the White House and further majorities in the House and Senate.

While we are defeating the Insurgents in Iraq. We are killing the enemies of our goals and the opponents to the establishment of peace and security for the Iraqi people. As the Iraqi's continue to seek peace and tranquility the Democrats strive harder to undermine these efforts and actively oppose and work to defeat America's plans simply to further their narrow partisan political agenda and appease the hard-left wing and it's rabid hatred of Bush.

As a result, they now share the same aims and goals as Al Qaeda and the Terrorists. With the success of the surge and the increase in stability there is a new urgency on their part to present the war in Iraq as Harry Reid has said "Lost." The cry to pull our troops out is increasing even with the evidence of their mounting effectiveness and progress. Like a swimmer starting across the Niagara River a mile above the falls, the Democrats would have us turn around and head back to where we started when we are 3/4 of the way across as we begin to tire and drift downstream near the edge of the falls; instead of pushing forward the final short distance to victory.

They will try everything to delay funding, pull out troops, and undermine the morale and support from our brave young men and women. When that fails along with the desperate acts of Al Qaeda in it's death throes, they will then attempt to redefine the established goals and disqualify the concrete gains of our brave men, women and leaders when Petraeus presents his September report.

As we continue to defeat this insurgency in Iraq; the Insurgency here against America led by Pelosi, Reid and Murtha, will surely grow. We will defeat the insurgency in Iraq. When we do, and because the Democrats are so heavily invested in our defeat in Iraq; the Democrats Insurgency against America will also be defeated.

Michael R. Bednarz

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  1. ||victory in Iraq will be "a disaster for Democratic plans for 2008 elections"||

    For a lot longer than the 2008 elections. Don't forget that there is a looonnngg follow-up to victory in Iraq. The liberation of the whole ME is on the table. There will be lots of eagle-sized crow for the Ds to eat.


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