Sunday, August 19, 2007

Washington State Democrats Carte Blanche' Earmark Spending Spree

It's been 3 years now since King County's corrupt Democrat Party controlled election system delivered the Governorship to Christine Gregoire along with a huge Democratic majority in the House and Senate with no hope of any real Republican encumbrance to their budgeting, taxing, and spending.

Not happy with the record budgeted spending and record tax increases to fund it, Washington Democrat legislators have now TRIPLED earmark spending from about $50 million to more than $150 million in only 3 years of their stewardship of our treasure. Treasure of ours spent not on bridges, or for badly needed in-home caregivers for Alzheimer's patients, or anything that trivial. No, they spent it as shown by the Seattle Times article, on posh new locker rooms for the Everett Aqua Sox's baseball team for nearly a half million, and $10,000,000.00 for funding a road to help a private real estate project of a big-time Democrat donor.

This follows a similar trend in the U.S. House and Senate where the Democrats promised to end the Republican abuses in that regard; yet instead of ending it, they only have made it their mission to show them how to really spend money.

Now don't get me wrong, especially in Congress as I have posted previously I believe the Republicans lost their way on their principled and traditional stance to hold spending and taxes in check. As a result many Conservatives sat out 2006 and the voters threw them out for spending like drunken pirates on a Caribbean port-of-call. However, the chart and numbers show a clear difference between the parties. On their worst day Republicans spend like T-Ball Little Leaguers compared to the Democratic Major Leaguers.

The graph above shows where Republicans held a near split or small majority in the legislature for the past 10 years. (the big blip 89-93 were the Dem. Gov. Booth Gardner years) Then under one budget-savvy Senator by the name of Dino Rossi, the spending was balanced in the budget with a balanced, no new or increased taxes budget for Democrat Gov. Gary Locke after he refused to sign the Democratic Majority written budget. He sent their slop back to the kitchen and Dino took charge from the majority Democrats in the Legislature and got it done; exactly that way with no cuts in essential services/programs and no new taxes or tax increases.

This chart clearly shows the results of electing Democrat Gov. Gregoire and the House and Senate to Democrat Party super-majorities (2004-2006). You can see exactly where they took control is where all hell breaks loose!

Our property, sales, death, gas and inheritance taxes have all been raised, or reinstated by the Democrats since they took over. New taxes have been added as well, such as a catalog sales and Internet tax that have never existed before. And, this fall, you will be asked to support a huge tax/bond measure on the ballot to expand Sound Transit and more transportation and highway improvements that were fraudulently purported and marketed to be covered by the LAST two record gas tax increases. I really believe the Governor and Democrats have a fatalist strategy to cram as much spending and earmarked patronage through as they can in anticipation of her one-term stay at the Governors Mansion.

Dino I sure hope you are working out and getting primed for the big run!

Click here for the full Seattle Times article.

Michael R. Bednarz

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