Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Have you seen or do you know these two men?

FBI officials and local police are seeking to identify and interview these two men that have recently been making the rounds on Washington State Ferries displaying suspicious behavior. A ferry crew member snapped this photo after several complaints of unusual behavior by passengers and crew. If you know the identity of either of these individuals, or see them, especially on a Washington State Ferry, you are asked to notify Washington State Ferry officials, your local police or FBI.

In a surprising move, one of our two large daily papers, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, denied the FBI and Ferry officials request to publish the photos and seek the publics help in trying to identify the men. They cited the "racial profiling" and civil-liberty violate mantra to justify denying their request. The Seattle-Times, while no bastion of conservative journalism, saw the purpose and merit and opted to publish the photo's for the public common good. I guarantee you if this story involved the Staten Island Ferry the photo would be on page one of the N.Y. Times. It probably wouldn't have made it before 9/11, but it certainly would today. Less than one month ago, Republican N.Y. Congressman Pete King, had to fight Democrats like hell to get an amendment into a Homeland Security bill that would grant immunity protection to citizens from legal action for reporting suspicious behavior just as this very story details, or the such as the high-profile case of the "Flying Imams" and their attempt to terrorize a fight last year with their suggestive behavior.

When will the Lib's ever learn? The further left they go; the further they get from common sense.

Michael R. Bednarz

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