Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rush Limbaugh will One-Up them every time.

Rush is just too smart for them. The Democrats seized on an opportunity to "get Rush" and grabbed the headlines and the attention of the Drive-By media publicizing their "gotcha" on Rush (no doubt for their monthly act of indentured servitude to for some comments that were twisted out of context like pretzels into supposed anti-soldier comments by the Rushmeister. Rallying from this comment they devoted an entire day of the U.S. Senate business to draft a letter of condemnation, gathering the signatures of all the Senate Leadership and a total of 40 United States Senators (every one a Democrat) capping this serious work of government with a day of libelous and defamatory oration on the floor of the U.S. Senate against a radio commentators remarks. Comments that they knew to be falsely taken out of all context in which they were made. Rush was referring to Jesse MacBeth during a conversation with a caller into his show.

Rush has now decided to put the letter from the Senate Leadership and Partisan Senators (they couldn't find ONE Republican to join them in this charade) to good use. He won't even be using it as bird cage liner.

Rush Limbaugh has served as a long time Director and advocate for the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation whose mission is the education of the children of fallen Marines and Law Enforcement personnel. This charity provides scholarships and educational grants and assistance totaling over $29 million to date in the 12 years since it's inception.

Rush Limbaugh has placed the letter up for an Ebay auction. All proceeds from it's sale go toward the charity fund, and Rush has challenged each signer of the letter to show their support for our troops and police officers by each matching the dollar amount that the letter sells for. Surely this would as Rush points out, give tangible proof of their "support for the troops" more than attacking Rush, as the drug-crazed Chicken-Hawk, on the floor of the U.S. Senate would it not?

Here is the Ebay listing for the Rush Limbaugh Smear letter from Dimwit Senators- ORIGINAL

If the Dingy Harry and the DimDems take him up on his challenge and using the current bid price of the letter @ $44,300.00 x 40 signers that raises a princely $1,772,000 for this worthy charity.

What about the "phony soldier" Jesse MacBeth? He's currently in prison serving time for Veterans Affair Department fraud. The astute bloggers and folks with REAL military backgrounds exposed him for the fraud that he was. He was NEVER a Ranger. NEVER killed 30+ Iraqi Civilians in a night. NEVER killed 200+ Iraqi's himself. He NEVER served in Iraq.

He WAS booted out of boot camp after only 44 days. He WAS a useful idiot for the anti-war left and there is evidence that they knew it all along. Further, his video "confession" has been circulated throughout the Islamic world, where corrections to it's inaccuracy are not desired in any way shape or form. The damage of his fraud has been done.

Just imagine for a minute that they win the White House in 2008. God help us.

Michael R. Bednarz

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