Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sorry Democrats, no guts, no glory, no White House.

The Democrat party's strategy and end game for Iraq is taking shape. In spite of all the mounting and definitive evidence of The Surge success and good news coming from Iraq they have continued on their message of the past 3 years: "The war is not winnable", "there is no end in sight", "the Iraqi's aren't stepping up and taking responsibility for their fight", "benchmarks aren't being met" and on and on like a broken record. Never mind the facts, never mind the obvious, because it just doesn't square with the reality that success and victory is near.

I have asked the question many times, "When we win in Iraq, what will they do?" They seem to be answering the question.

Politically for the Democrats victory just can't occur, so they just refuse to believe, see, or admit it. So, off they go on their strategy to deal with the disaster of a victory in Iraq.

They are tipping their hand with the statements on the coming new battle for war funding forming on the Hill and the comments by Democrat leadership are indicative of their play. The statements and themes in my first paragraph have been echoed again in the latest statements by Pelosi, Durbin and Reid about the funding package for the Iraq war the President needs to continue the momentum and achieve the victory that our men and women have fought so hard to bring us. The honor and sacrifice our troops have committed to victory could be squandered because the Democrats will do anything to keep from an admission that they were wrong in their subversion of our effort to attain victory.

Their strategy entails demands that if the President doesn't agree to their timetables for withdrawal and/or benchmarks it will be the last funding for the war he gets. Really?

This would be like Truman's opponents (Republicans) in Congress who were against the war demanding an immediate pullout due to our high losses; just as General Patton is rolling his tanks to the outskirts of Berlin and a Russian private is stirring the ashes of Hitler and Eva Braun with the muzzle of his rifle at Adolf's Berlin bunker to see if they are cold yet.

By continuing with this dubious plan they will only attempt to appease the , Daily Kos and radical left wing of the party that "We did it"! We forced an end to the war and brought the troops home! Funny thing is, it would be wasted on them. They already know what gutless wonders they are, so in the end they will achieve no political capital whatsoever in trying to convince them they ended a war, that was already ended by the evil one George Bush.

The only thing it will do is jeopardize the hard work, sacrifice and gains made by our troops as they near the finish line. The troop withdrawals have begun already. Yesterday the announcement was made that a brigade is coming home for Christmas and would not be replaced. Decisions of this nature are to be made by the Commander in Chief based upon his advice from Iraq's government, General Petraeus, Ambassador Crocker, and Defense Secretary Gates; not Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, or John "I wanna smear our troops" Murtha.

The Democrats can't let Bush control the ending of the war, because they have to make it appear to be a failure and defeat. Imagine that. They would impugn, discount and discredit all that our troops and allies have sacrificed and accomplished in Iraq; to save face on their disastrous policy and failed political play on an issue affecting our National Security for cheap political points and theater.

No shame, no shame. They are a gutless clump of empty suits these Democrat leaders (I except those that did have the guts to take on their own party, Sen. Lieberman, Congressman Brian Baird and I include the Repulicrats with the gutless Dem's like Snowe, Warner, Lugar, Hagel et al) They didn't have the guts to back a President of the other party in a time of National emergency for more than a mere year after 9/11. They didn't have the guts to back their authorization votes to go to war in Iraq. They didn't have the guts to run on a platform to end the war in Iraq. Then when they won with the help of the anti-war lefties, and they came calling for what they thought was collection of their political debt, they didn't have the guts to defund the war- when it really mattered to the anti-war left.

Do you think the Liberal mainstream media will point out any of this? Do you think that they will correctly show we are winning in Iraq so the American people can understand who secured the victory? No. That is why the Dem's are racing to get this done before the positive news of our success in Iraq is so overwhelming that they can't gull the willing dupes that the majority of Americans have become.

So now they try to make a gutless attempt to appear to end the war; when it is being won, as it is winding down and Bush is already withdrawing troops victoriously and intelligently per General Petraeus, Ambassador Crocker, and Malaki's advice and counsel.

Don't fall for it America. Our men and women in uniform, our allies and the Iraqi people who have endured so much in the face of great adversity and at great cost to earn their victory deserve better. This is serious business with dire consequences and now is not the time for Democrats to jeopardize success as we near the finish line for more of their cheap trite and failed political theater as lives and freedom for Iraq hang in balance.

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