Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Still a Super Tuesday for Conservatives despite McCain Wins

Super Duper Tuesday's analysis is simple really. The Conservative vote was split by V.P. wanna-be Huckabee at Mitt's expense. Further, John McCain has spent the past weeks and even months (following the embarrassment and crushing damage to his campaign with his McCain/Kennedy Amnesty scheme) reassuring the right, and moving right, by promising to make the Bush tax cuts permanent, abolishing the death tax, sealing the border first and even having him chuck and disavow his own feeble attempt at illegal-immigration reform on the trash heap; so much for the main-stream media theory about the irrelevance of the Conservative wing.

So, rather than the likes of Rush, Sean, Levin and other Conservative pundits and talk-radio hosts being irrelevant; the opposite is true. With the Conservative vote split between Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee working to McCain's benefit, they have forced McCain to the right anyway. The Conservative criticism of McCain's aberrant and past stands are being corrected by the defibrillator shock paddles applied directly by Rush, Hannity and Levin et al to McCain's Conservative conscience to bring him back to the right side of the critical issues of our party and country as articulated by these pundits and leaders. Their intellectual honesty and criticism of one of our own will act as the conscience of his wayward Conservatism, keeping him on the path and positions on the issues important to the heart and soul of our party standard-bearers.

Conservative talk radio, blogger's, and the new media are our conservative voice and it's apparent that the main-stream media have in fact mis characterized what is occurring within our party as they have suggested that our Conservatism and it's loud and clear voice being articulated by Rush, Sean, and others are inconsequential and irrelevant. Once again, the old media have missed the mark completely. Conservative criticism has served notice to McCain and is moving McCain to the right. We will further insist that he solidify his commitments already made toward those Conservatives that believe in the enduring principles and philosophies of Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater, just watch it happen in a day or two at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

In the end our GOP battle of ideas will make the Republican party stronger; not weaker. Our positions will appeal to the moderate Democrats and independents who have seen the Democrat Party move away from their core beliefs and principles once espoused by JFK, Scoop Jackson and Zell Miller; and closer toward the policies of Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro. While the Democrat party lurches left, it is leaving many old Democrats behind as it moves inexorably to it's new Socialist message of: Class warfare, Redistribution of wealth, New Big-Government Programs for every problem, and stated policies by both of punitive taxation and increases in a economically illogical attempt to tax us out of recession. Both offer a National Security and Defense policy of retreat and defeat in the War on Terror that will be replaced by a Declaration of War on the Oil companies and businesses of America. A Democrat win for the White House will ensure they are un-checked in dismantling our 2nd Amendment, or ensure them of achieving their stated goal and commitment to Pro-Death groups to remove all protection of unborn children; to even include the moment prior to the infant entering the birth canal. There is no real debate or battle of ideas within the Democrat party on differences of policy or substance, only a choice of personality/race/gender to carry forward their leftist agenda they are enslaved to by, Code Pink, and The Daily Kos'ers. In the end these radical and lefty positions, no matter how charismatically articulated or presented to middle-America; are ones that will be rejected once more by Americans. Contrast the complete lack of experience and qualifications by the likes of Hillary, and especially Obama who has more time as a student in a radical Islamic Madrasas school in Indonesia than he has in the U.S. Senate, to John McCain and I think the American people will choose McCain.

While McCain is truly my third choice since the beginning of the nomination process (my first being Fred, then Mitt) if McCain becomes the nominee of the GOP, this Reagan Conservative will support and vote for him; and we will hold him to his promises and commitments. I urge every Republican to do the same. McCain knows that if he is to succeed, he must have Conservatives with him, they are much more important to his success than attracting moderates, liberals or even independents. If he falters and strays from the Conservative path, we in the grassroots and our Conservative voice projected through Rush, Sean, Coulter and the new media will keep him on task; we will even be Water-boarding him if necessary.

Should McCain ultimately be our likely nominee following the debate and critical examination of his policies and foibles that we have subjected him to, we will have succeeded in bringing him back to the Conservative and principled positions that have brought the GOP party successes for so many decades. Then I will cheerfully embrace and even kiss McCain: once we dry him off.

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