Friday, April 3, 2009

AIG Bonus Scandal akin to March weather: In Like a Lion; Out Like a Lamb

Congress has dropped their efforts to extort, intimidate, and confiscate AIG employees rightful bonuses. Quietly their bill to unleash the IRS on them to confiscate their property faded away. What will not fade away with me or other Americans of like mind is the cavalier and callous disregard for our Constitution, laws, and the basic notion of fairness that our nation and society have always stood for. This for me was the most troubling aspect of this chapter of the liberals political theater.

Most of the AIG employees have already returned the bonuses though rightfully earned and owed them. What a decision it must have been to return these funds after many worked for their $1.00 a year salary with these contractually promised bonuses comprising their real and full annual income. Yet, what choice would they have but to return the money under the heavy weight of Government intimidation, personal and physical threats to themselves and their families as bus loads of ACORN and Code Pink protesters descend upon their lawns to protest and whoop it up for the media terrifying their families and children. Under the duress and tyranny orchestrated by this coalition of government, White House and their social activist groups and media sympaticos these Americans from AIG gave up the incomes necessary to provide for their families. Their privacy and security were violated and assaulted by the likes of Attorney General Cuomo of NY and this idiotic Attorney General of Connecticut Blumenthal. These criminals made good upon their threats to name AIG bonus recipients and to release their personal information including the amount of the bonus, and their addresses.

(Watch Glenn Beck club this moron Blumenthal like a baby seal)

Congress and these AG's knew these laws were wrong, not even remotely constitutional, and they damn well knew they had no right to do what they did. There were no laws or violations to enforce. AIG and anyone associated with it were just too juicy and tempting a political target of political opportunity to resist, doubly so if the masses thought they were rich too. Everyone got swept up in the mentality of the mob in their quest for populist validation and credentials.

For the AIG bonus earners it must have been just like the mob coming for them in an old Western movie. Enraged Townsfolk march in the dark night under the light of torches to the jail house steps to administer their angry justice right now! In whatever way they saw fit. However unlike the Old Western movies this is ObamAmerika 2009.

There is no John Wayne or Ronald Reagan blocking the mob in front of the door with their hands gripping their Ivory handled revolvers while they are admonishing and setting the mob and it's leaders straight about law and order, duty, and doing the right thing. No, instead we had Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Cuomo, Dodd, Grassley, Frank, and all the other mental midgets simply greet the mob, hug the ringleaders and hand over the keys to the cells. Before they do though, they check to see if the mob needed any refreshments or a meal before they got busy on the AIG bonus earners inside. The only thing not fair in comparison to this metaphor is that in the Old Western movie the guy inside probably was a back-shooter, horse thief, or a bank robber deserving of harsh punishment, but not the mobs justice. In the case of the AIG employees, they did nothing wrong, they broke no laws.

To these mental midgets not having a law broken is a minor inconvenience. We'll just make up a law to punish them with for a law they never broke and to confiscate their livelihood. Their crime? They just did a job that they were asked and contracted to do. Many worked for the customary $1.00 a year in salary and the bonus that followed would complete their compensation under their contract. For that, they get people camped out on their front lawn, scaring the hell out of their children, and endure the full weight, wrath, and power of government, media, and the IRS on their heads.

Shame on America. Shame on these lynch mob mentality politicians (Democrats and Republicans) that swore they would uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America. I am so saddened and sickened by this whole debacle because I never thought I would see America where she finds herself today. The blame for this lies squarely upon Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama should have and could have been a leader in stopping the lynch mob at the jail house. He should have assumed the role of John Wayne or Ronald Reagan in this Western of "The Showdown at AIG Corral" but Obama is no John Wayne and he sure as hell is no Ronald Reagan. Obama as an agent of Change? I think not, we just have a master at implementing the age-old liberal play book of pandering, class-warfare, and politics as usual. Obama and his Coalition of the Clueless got their "pound of rich people flesh" and fueled the flames of the lynch mob by inciting the class warfare and public outrage cards like dems and libs have for eons.

These actions did provide a useful distraction and diversion for getting a record budget buster bill through and past Americans that is destined to bankrupt 2 or 3 future generations not to mention also providing cover for a Trillion dollars of surreptitiously transfered Debt from our Treasury to the Federal Reserve when the bonus furor first errupted.

Obama's politics of thuggery and intimidation were further on display this past week in the White House. First he fired GM's Chariman and CEO Richard Waggoner. 'I want you gone, now go.' That was it. Then the same day details have come to light of Obama's meeting with the top CEO's and Executives of our nations largest financial institutions last Friday at the White House. Obama wanted to hear nothing of their concerns about how they have been scapegoated, vilified and condemned by numerous Government officials and lawmakers including Obama himself; for the sake of cheap political theater and populist zeal at their and their institutions expense. No, Obama was having none of this, in fact after lecturing them about the finer aspects of his knack for knowing what the public wants to hear or not hear he threw a threat right in the middle of that 12 foot long Mahogany table they were gathered around. It might as well have been with the same subtlety as a freshly sawed Horse head snuck into bed with Corleone's biggest nemesis. The words carried a similar understanding. He could also have the same impact by tossing GM's Chairman Waggoner's freshly sawed head on the table as Obama told them: “My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks.”

And there you have it. ObamAmerika in 2009, just 2 months into his term. We are today on the cusp of Obama and Congress passing a nearly 5 Trillion dollar budget bill, a bill that will put our National Debt and deficit at 12.5 TRILLION, by 2019. That means that every household in America in 2019 will have an additional debt obligation of $68,000.00 more per household of National Debt. Every household in America will owe a staggering $80,000+ of the nations debt when we hit 2019.

It's been just over 2 months of this "Change" from America to ObamAmerika. I hope Americans come to their senses and help we Conservatives put a stop to this abuse of power, abuse of America and abuse to our Constitution.

Michael R. Bednarz