Thursday, October 8, 2009

"The Death of Conservatism" or Liberal Fantasy? I challenge Sam Tanenhaus.

My open emailed letter to Mr. Sam Tanenhaus, NY Times Book Review Editor and now author of a new book just released last week titled "The Death of Conservatism".

Dear Mr. Tanenhaus,

I caught your appearance on Fox News last week promoting your new book “The Death of Conservatism”,(a saavy marketing move by the way, more people watch FOX News in 10 minutes of an hour than watch CNN for the other 50 minutes). You were pretty funny dancing and dodging all those O’Reilly questions about why as the NY Times book review editor, you failed to review something like 10 of the top selling 13 non-fiction books of the year by authors such as Levin, O’Reilly, Beck, and other Conservative authors. A couple of thoughts occurred to me as I watched you promoting your own book (when you weren’t defending your paper and it’s book review bias as being “Not that Liberal”) of course.

I have a challenge for you Mr. Tanenhaus:

I will bet you $100 dollars donated to each of our favorite charities that Sarah Palin sells more copies of her new book “Going Rogue”  pre-release and through the first month of it’s release; than you do of your own new book “The Death of Conservatism” from it’s release to the end of 12 months. Oh heck lets throw in Glenn Beck’s new book “Arguing With Idiots” too for the same bet amount and sales. 1 month vs. an entire year on yours. Shall we? When you lose the bet, what will it say about your entire premise and belief system that led you to write your own personal fantasy and try to sell it as a book? What do you say? Are you on?


Michael Bednarz
Just another Average Right Wing Radical American
Pt. Townsend WA


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