Thursday, December 24, 2009

Health Care and Raising the Debt Ceiling pass on Christmas Eve- Merry Christmas America.

What does Nationalizing our Health Care and raising the national debt ceiling  on Christmas Eve, along with all those other Liberal agenda items like Cap and Tax, Immigration Reform, all have in common?  D  E  B  T.   We are currently over $12.1 trillion dollars in debt under spending and budget outlays from the Obama administration covering the next 10 submitted spending budgets. Here is what that looks like since mostly we just see the figure spelled out as Trillion's.. here it is with all the zeros.  $12,100,000,000,000.00

Now lets put that into a visual and tangible real-time perspective... get ready for this because you won't believe it. Click here >> 

The deficits added to the debt by Obama and this Congress in a mere 11 months since Bush left office have eclipsed and TRIPLED  what Bush contributed  during his entire 8 years in office, even counting the recession that was in place when Bush took office and the one that had started a year or so before he left office. Add in the economic impacts of 9/11 with the full implementation of the security and defense requirements to respond to 9/11 type threats and engage our enemies in the War on Terror. This tripling of the deficits added to the debt by Obama and Congress don't even include the big ticket goodies passed on Christmas Eve, these of course include Health Care and also, a Cap and Tax Climate Change Bill, Immigration Reform Bill, as well as the impending funding crisis they don't want to deal with for Social Security. 

We now owe $39,457 per US citizen, and  per  TAXPAYER it's a staggering $111,639.  This is your debt,  our childrens,  and our Grandchildrens. Even if you manage your own money responsibly and have no personal debt; you are in debt, big debt that YOU have no control over. You are being obligated and your children and grandchildren are also for who knows how many decades by this cabal in our government that have no qualms or concern with what they are doing to our national future.  They are now doing more irresponsible spending and borrowing than Fannie and Freddie could ever have imagined. We are doing the equivalent of zero down loans on our national future with a 50, 80 or 100 year term and we are going to pay those loans off with borrowed play-dough money (the Treasury is issuing bonds and will print more money to cover the increased spending for the government to operate) these notes will not be covered by revenue, but only by more debt and interest. How are we going to pay for it? How are we going to grow our economy, provide jobs and prosperity for our current and future generations acting like this? How are we going to fix Social Security and provide for entitlements and obligations that we are currently obligated for and aren't meeting our commitments on?  These are important questions asked by Americans, and the answers we get from those in power are more unfunded expansions of Government control, seizure's of private and healthily performing sectors of our free-enterprise system like Financial, Manufacturing, and now the latest sector; Health Care.
Ponder this, let it sink in and then pass this on. Yes the debt clock is ticking, but so is the growing discontent and furor of the American people and other clocks are also ticking toward the Congressional elections in 2010 and then the Presidential elections in 2012. I do have hope for the future and though I am quite concerned about our future; I will not give up or quit the fight. We can change this, we must change this.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year.

Michael R.Bednarz


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