Friday, June 18, 2010

Obama and his 'Coalition of the Clueless' are Tanking Big-Time

What more can be said that hasn't been said already? This man and his "Coalition of the Clueless" (Peelosi, Reid, Biden, Geithner, et al)  and their policies are reaping what they sowed. You can only get so far on charm and teleprompters. Remember the video's and images from the campaign trail 2 years ago of fainting women and hysterical crowds and folks full of adoration and religous-like fervor?  Those days are gone, replaced by high school students going comatose as he drones on and on espousing the very things of which he is the antithesis.

Last week during a High School commencement speech in Kalamazoo, Michigan he mesmerized the students with his vapid drivel into unconciousness as a student right behind him fell sound asleep during the excitment of his oratory. The thrill is gone folks!  Last week Nancy Peelosi was jeered and heckled out of the Socialist political group America's Future Now meeting during her keynote speech. Security actually removed her from the podium as he can be heard, clearer than Joe Biden even, 'we have to go now, they are throwing things'.  What can we take away from this when the socialists in power and being heckled, jeered and chased from the podium by their own radical lefties?  I think the evidence is clear that the tide has turned, and it's bringing in a "Red" Tide and tsunami wave for formerly "Blue" America faster than Obama's goop is hitting the beaches of the Gulf.

We must keep up the intensity, momentum, effort, and energy in Turbo mode to reverse this disastrous "change" that was thrust upon an ambivalent and trusting America by the opportunistic Left. Americans are are waking up and they are restless, jobless, and are facing hopelessness that is resulting in anger at being gulled and duped by the Left and their lamestream media enablers. 

We have to show them the truth, give them the hard facts and make the Conservative case as the way to fix and restore what has been destroyed. We must change the House and Senate 2010 and the Oval Office in 2012. This we must do to reverse the destructive socialist path the Liberal Left have thrust upon America.

Michael R. Bednarz


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