Saturday, March 27, 2010

What They Forgot To Tell Us About ObamaCare

Nancy Peelosi in the days leading up to the vote destroying America's wonderful Health Care System was asked about specific provision's in the bill by members of the media and concerns of the same manner from Representatives in her own party. To which she replied, "We have to pass the bill so you can find out what's in it".  We are now finding out what is in it; and what is not. Click the link below and see how she deftly tantalizes and dares the liberal statists into passing the bill for the nirvanic promise of satiating their curiosity. Good Lord, you have to see and hear it for yourself.

Here is what they Forgot To Tell Us About ObamaCare. How about that Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Biden, the Cabinet Members, House Majority Leader, and Senior leadership Congresspeople, Senators, and their Staff members that were tasked with writing this bill and know it best are NOT in it.  This is an all Democratic Party club and they have all received an EXEMPTION from falling under this health care bill and all of them hold get out of ObamaCare Free cards. Senator Grassley, Republican of Iowa noticed this between the time the bill passed the House and went to the Senate where they were doing the un-constitutional two-step reconcilliation process fix of the bill. Well, Grassley's amendment was defeated and it now officially stands they are out, everyone else is in. Only this small handful of American's from Obama down to perhaps several hundred or even a thousand souls if extended out, will continue with their own, private, "just what we want and like"  Health Care. The rest of us, are on Socialized medicine in the basic form of Medicaid.

So, when Obama addressed the Nation some 6 months ago before both the House and Senate and was called out by Congressman King that night as a liar; King was spot on, he was. He stood right there and said he wanted us to enjoy the same health coverage that He (Obama),  Senators and Congressman enjoy?   Did he just mean some of them, the elite Democratic leaders only?   The most curious thing is how the pee-on staffers of the leadership members of the House and Senate, wrote themselves an exemption that not only the average American would never get, but that average House Members or Senators wouldn't recieve either and not just Republicans,  but even Democrats would be shoved off under the Socialized Government Plan, leaving the rest of the Congresspeople and Senators to join we in the lowly Proletariat. In writing the bill and it's provisions they were in a position to know exactly, better even than the Politician who they were working under writing out this bill,  what would be the result and consequence of this monstrosity; and so they opted out. How convenient for them, yes? If ObamaCare was so damn good, they would be in on  it and so would their patrons, Peelosi, Reid, Obama and all those exempted.

How long will America continue to allow itself to be gulled as the willing dupes that they are? How's that CHANGE working out for you now?

More in this new series.. "Thing's They Forgot To Tell Us About ObamaCare"  Stay tuned, more will be posted as we find out what other garbage or infringement of our Liberties is actually in this pile of manure.

Michael R. Bednarz

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