Monday, September 6, 2010

Democrat's Strategy for Victory to Ensure Conservative's Success

Obama at Laborfest speech in Milwaukee, WI- Photo by AP
I was watching Fox News this morning and almost every indicator for the Democrat Strategy for November is coming into sharp focus. A couple of weeks ago Harry Reid and Speaker Pelosi were in D.C. at a press conference echoing the same old message from years past. Ready? OK, here it is.... "BUSH BAD, WE GOOD. with a new twist... NO GO BACK TO BUSH. " (hey they have to keep it message simple for the willing dupes that voted Obama and Dem's in over years past right?) This was the same message robotically repeated by the AFL CIO Chief in Ohio when asked for comment about what is on Big Labor's radar for this Labor Day. So convinced are they in their dismally failed policies that they call for EVEN more of the same. More Stimulus spending, No tax relief for the Job creating segments of the economy, or for any other sound and economically PROVEN policy to reverse the ineffective and suicidal policies they have permanently grafted to themselves.

Unfortunately for Democrats and Liberals there are some new factors to consider in implementing their proven strategy one more time for another victory. All the folks during 2008 that were busy working and who were bombarded with a constant left-wing and Lamestream  media Anti-Bush message are awakened and enlightened. No longer will they consider the Democrat message about how awful the economy was under Bush and those evil Republican's when unemployment was at essentially a fully employed 4% range, or during times of 6-8% annual economic growth rate.  You see to most American's, even those that voted for Democrats in 2006 and 2008;  that looks pretty good to them about now. Voter's are sizing up the Liberal lies and past rhetoric for being indicative of their current level of veracity. This new Democratic "message" is falling on voters deaf ears. American's are now even still being sold and told about new terms from the Democrats in another effort to perplex and obfuscate the electorate as they are told about "jobless recovery" and other nonsensical words and terms that only Democratic failure can dream up.

So desperate are these Democrats for some voter recognition of  Democratic success or achievement and so unable to point to any of their own that Obama even brazenly co-opted and confiscated George Bush's credit and victory for ending the Iraq War last week before a national audience. Amazing! Obama, the very man that opposed the war and the successful Bush surge policy that Dubya had the political courage, skill, and conviction to employ;  withdraws troops on Bush's scheduled plan he and his team determined in 2007 and 08; more that a year before Obama ever took office. I guess for Democrat's this is considered courageous? Sorry, audacity is not courage. The American people know better, as evidenced by their reaction to his shameful and disgusting Oval Office speech where he attempted to usurp Bush's credit for winning a War that Obama and his Coalition of the Clueless worked frantically for this nation to lose; for their own political gain.

Here's the problem for Obama and his Coalition of the Clueless;  Americans now know what a bad economy looks like. They know the pain of what it FEELS like. They are taking the time and interest to learn the issues without relying on the Lamestream Media mouthpieces. They are even READING the bills passed by this "Coalition of the Clueless" that they admittedly haven't even read themselves. They see and feel the results of Obama and Democratic Leadership and policies with their very eyes; and they don't like it. They are angry. They are restless. They are sick and tired of being powerless. They are tired of being ignored and of having their Representatives voting with arrogance against their clear wishes and interests.  They are ready for their voices to heard and felt on Nov. 2nd, and they are ready for Real Change. The Democrat strategy to "Victory" in November has been chosen by the Coalition of the Clueless. Democratic leadership and their allies are out to sell their old tried and true message to lead them yet again to victory, but Americans aren't buying the message anymore and it's a recipe for victory all right; victory for Conservatism and for American's.

 Michael R. Bednarz


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