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Rossi Loses Senate Battle but Crucial to Victory for Conservatism

See full text of Dino Rossi's Concession and Statement Below my Post.
God Bless you and your family Dino!  I am so disappointed that the citizens of this state did not appreciate and recognize what an incredibly valuable resource, asset, and human being you are or get to experience what an incredible Senator and advocate you would be for them. In this era of personal attack politics and deceit-in-advertising I guess it is just a fact of life and political reality now that this is JobOne to overcome as it gets in the way of the important issues. Your incredible work ethic and positive issue-based campaign effort was stunning. You went everywhere! From chucking axes at a logger-fest in Hoquiam (my personal favorite campaign video) to Colville you came, learned, and listened. From business executives in Bellevue to the poorest communities in the state, you went to find out what Washingtonians needed; ALL Washingtonians. In the few times over the years I have had the opportunity to talk with you I have been so impressed with your sincere interest and connection with “we the people.”  Your concern and empathy for our trials and tribulations as well as your hope and desire to help us achieve our desires and dreams is clearly foremost. Before you joined this race the outcome would have been quite obvious. Another Senate race, and yet another possible 10 or 20 pt. blowout. You made this a very competitive race about ideas and choices and an alternative path and future for America. You sir made it a real race. Yes we came up a tad short; but your message manifest by and carried for “We the People” did not.  Though you didn’t get a seat at the D.C. table;  your message and ours was victorious and their/hers was and are stopped.  In the greater war of ideas, issues, and governance your personal contribution and efforts in the battle on our behalf was crucial in the overall victory we gained in the greater War. Some may look at your loss as reflecting a rejection of the "National Mood" because our state didn't mirror the national results with a victory. I vehemently beg to differ! This state's population density in King County and and environs has been a guarantor of Liberalism and the guarantee for Statist success statewide. You have eroded and jeopardized that margin now in three statewide elections and served notice that overreaching, overspending,  and overriding all the good citizens of Washington is over. I am certain you laid a foundation for a GOP Governor in 2012, and YES, I will support you if you want that job. But, I digress..You served notice that there are voices outside of just King County and we will now with great thanks to you Mr. Rossi be heard. Today Patty Murray has gained a new found appreciation of what we want. Dino your concession statement and press release today epitomizes the class and goodwill that is reflected in the exceptional man that I have had the honor to have met, supported, and come to know.

For your efforts in this battle for the future of our State and Nation, you deserve a medal. I  on behalf of all the Liberty minded grateful citizens of Washington State and our Nation, do hereby award you a Political Medal of Honor (non-posthumous of course) for your sacrifice and essential contribution to the Victory achieved for your State and Nation on November 2nd, 2010.
Unfortunately, it appears that Washington is lagging behind the rest of America when it comes to their appetite for spending, pork, and entitlement mentality.We have a long way to go to get to the point where they understand that the more Government does for you; the more it can do to you.  A  friend of mine reflected this the day before the election. I asked him if he had gotten his ballot in for Dino. He told me “You know I am a Republican and I like Dino, but Patty has just brought us so much federal money to our state that I had to vote for her....”  I was stunned. I told him they said the same thing about Robert Byrd, and because of Legislators like Murray and Byrd, we have bridges in Alaska to nowhere, and freeways in the mountains of West Virginia that end at their state line with no road connecting them in the next state! I further explained that Dino wasn’t opposed to legitimate and responsible Government spending, just unregulated government payouts/payoffs via earmarks or politically driven, economically unsound Stimulus and Bloated budget-busting growth,  Programs or Spending worth doing should stand on it’s own merits and be passed after debate by up and down votes not as a political patronage to some supporter or Lobbyist, or for a quid pro quo settling a political debt to another Senator. Obviously, there is more work to do with Washington voters.
New DinoCrat- Work in progress!
I do have some hope for the future and  for our States electorate.  Dino you met just one of many brand-new DinoCrats at the Chimacum rally a week before the election. I introduced you to my good friend and neighbor Wim Sweerman of Quilcene. Wim was a life-long Democrat who has become fed up with his abandonment of his party by their Left turn.  Mr. Sweerman survived WWII as a child in his native Nazi-occupied Holland and he knows tyranny up close and personal. He immigrated with his beloved wife Tina to the United States and became a citizen over fifty years ago. They worked hard, raised a family and he has always been a loyal Democrat, until you Dino. You sir with your candidacy earned his vote and hopefully initiated his turn for Conservatism. He still considers himself a Democrat; as evidenced by his playful defiance in holding your Dino sign upside down at your rally, but hopefully by 2012 he will be holding all the GOP signs right side up and voting fully right as well!  You sir, earned his trust and vote when nobody else could from our party for more than 50 years. That is progress, and that is a Victory!
My other hope and solace for our states electors is that in this statewide race, you came so close, a color-keyed look at the map says it all. John Koster may still win and we picked up the two aforementioned seats in the U.S. House. I am also very pleased that a strong message was sent to the members of our State Government by voters taking back control of tax and spending issues with the 2/3 vote initiative and rejecting a State income tax crafted in a clear and brazen attempt and appeal to class warfare by big government soft-tyranny Statists. Also we cut into the margin of the Super-Majority in our State Legislature with some pick-ups.
Overall, I am buoyed and hopeful for the future. I know that there is much work to do in this state and in our great nation to bring back the prosperity, Liberty, fiscal responsibility and solutions facing this, the greatest Nation in the history of the World.
You are a good man Dino Rossi.  Thanks to you and your family for the great sacrifice you and they made in your effort. I will never forget the loving exchange of your winks as you spoke in Chimacum returning the beaming gaze of your beautiful daughter Jennifer as she joined you on the trail, sacrificing her own Birthday time to be with you as you battled for her and all of our children and grandchildren futures. You are a winner Dino.
Michael R. Bednarz

Rossi Statement On Washington State Senate Race

Bellevue, WA - U.S. Senate candidate Dino Rossi made the following statement regarding the Washington Senate race:

“This evening, I called Senator Murray to offer my congratulations on her re-election to the U.S. Senate.

“I ran for the Senate because I believe we need a basic course correction from where Washington, D.C. has been taking us and to make sure this country is as free, as strong and as prosperous in the future as it has been in the past to preserve the best of America for future generations.

“That was a message that found a very receptive audience all across this state, though not quite receptive enough.

“We’re sending at least one new person, maybe two, to Congress to represent Washington State.  We elected a host of new people to the state legislature -- all on the message of controlling spending and helping the private sector grow, saying no to government overreach and confronting some very difficult challenges in front of us.
You’ve heard me say during this campaign that the problems we face are too big for one political party.  They are, and I can say that with absolute certainty.

“It is my hope that the new House and Senate will address them seriously, responsibly, and in a bipartisan way.  I hope the President and Senate Democrats will join the new House majority to face these problems head on rather than leaving them for the next Congress or the next generation.

“My hope going forward is that our representatives in Washington, D.C. will be thinking about how an issue affects Bellevue, Bellingham or Bingen, not the D.C. Beltway.

“I hope they will be thinking about the small business owners struggling to stay open and the people that work there who are trying to pay their mortgage and feed their kids.  I hope the things that are done in D.C. make it easier for these folks, not harder.

The lesson I leave you with is one we learned as kids: we’re all in this together.  If Washington, D.C. doesn’t act to help the economy grow and solve this massive spending and debt, it’s going to hurt us all.  It won’t distinguish by political party.

Let me close with one more heartfelt thank you to the people of our state.  Thank you for letting me have an honest, straightforward discussion with you about our future.

“God bless you, our country, and this wonderful state we call home.”


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