Monday, May 5, 2014

Bull S!#%.. The New "Truth" In Obama's America


My fellow citizens over 800,000 gave up finding jobs and LEFT the labor force in the last report. But instead of reporting this net loss of over half a million workers and jobs, Obama and the Lame-Stream Mainstream Media focus on 280,000 new job hires. What happended to us? What has happened to our front-line major media that requires those without drinking a steady diet of their Kool-aid to see the real truth, and report it? America has become a nation of brain dead Gimmie-Gimmie-Gimmie Lemmings, and it's more than 48% of them now. They are being led by a Main Stream media that has lost all of its adversarial zeal to be skeptical and function as arbiters of truth for us. This is why all the lies matter, ObamaCare matters, Benghazi matters, Fast and Furious matters, the IRS scandals matter, and the myriad abuses of truth and power have to be investigated by Congress and those of us demanding accountability. It is truly a sad and very sobering reality of our new America under President Obama and his Coalition of the Clueless. Our now compliant Media has abdicated that adversarial responsibility that they have fulfilled in the past becoming complicit in furthering the deceit and fraud upon Americans.

Michael R. Bednarz


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