Monday, May 5, 2014

Dear Mozilla Firefox- You're Fired!

Dear Mozilla/Firefox,

I will, per your wishes discontinue using your browser. You have made it very clear that people that don't tow what you see as your politically correct, approved and sanctioned line are not welcome under your Corporate umbrella. When I started using your product some 15 years ago as my preferred browser along with Thunderbird email, I didn't know there would be a litmus test requiring me to follow what you qualify as approved free speech guidelines. Since I am a Christian that believes in God's design and instruction for marriage between men and women only and that just is not compatible with Firefox, I will be uninstalling your product per your expressed wishes from this computer, my laptop, tablet, and android phone as well as all my businesses computers.  Also, although she supports same sex marriage, but not your intolerance of alternate views and your affront to free speech and expression, my wife has asked me to also remove it from her computer and phone.  I will also be sure per your wishes to let everyone that I know that doesn't share your views on Marriage, or any other subject you deem incompatible, such as those that believe in free speech and the full expression of it, to remove and stop offending your sensibilities. Hopefully Chrome, Dolphin, Opera, Internet Explorer, and the other internet browsers will tolerate users that disagree with their political and moral views and who believe strongly in Freedom of Speech.


Michael R. Bednarz


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