Friday, December 5, 2014

Michael Brown's Death by Consequential Choices

Has a large portion of the American population become so intellectually dishonest and misinformed on the Michael Brown Case that truth means nothing? It seems there is instead a preferential aversion to accept the fantasy and Liberal Goebbels-like repetitive and completely discredited propaganda without any challenge as truth. I don't see how anybody including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. could or would have come to a different conclusion than the Grand Jury did. (I did review the photos, witness testimony, autopsy, and forensic/physical evidence reports released by the Prosecutor that the Grand Jury deliberated on published by the NY Times).

This whole tragic death and ensuing debacle comes down simply to Poor choices made by Michael Brown. Hardly was Brown  the "Gentle Giant" that MSNBC would have you believe. And every major media outlets reporters and publicity seeking civil rights 'contributor' like Sharpton, or Jackson, are bent on sowing discord on print and TV. From MSNBC to FOX News Channel and the  Alphabet News Networks they are always quick to qualify or frame the opening statement of their stories with "the White officer that shot an unarmed Black 18 year old Michael Brown"  and in some cases refer to it even as disingenuously as the shooting of an "unarmed black shoplifter". Usually the photo shown of Michael Brown is a many years old photo of him at a Chuck E Cheese birthday party. Likely his photo shown here is the first time you have seen a photo of him showing him recently before his death.  
Now we even have this loony Congressman for the Ferguson, MO area Rep. Lacy Clay, (D) who is calling for the usurpation of our Constitution by our Federal Government to liquidate the Ferguson Police Department in earnest. The left, Race Dividers and merchandisers along with the Americans that swallow this LameStream media regurgitation all affirm their intellectual dishonesty when they discount and ignore the clear video evidence directly opposite of their minimized and demonstrably false characterizations of Michael Brown and the events that led to his death. Hence we have folks convinced Michael Brown was shot in the back. And NFL Players displaying their stupidity and ignorance to millions on TV with the perpetuation of the "Hands Up I surrender"  protest. 

These "feelings" and positions that many in the minority community have taken after all the rancor and scorn generated by the race-baiting hustlers is disturbing. Facts mean nothing. Just as they didn't in a carefully laid out trial with irrefutable facts against O.J. Simpson for murdering two people in cold blood. Remember when DNA evidence of Nicole's blood on O.J.'s sock being someone other than her's was ONE in TWENTY ONE BILLION?  Yet they chose a slick shysters diversionary tactics to appeal to racial resentments by smearing and slandering the police and detective Mark Furhman in particular by setting up a "framed" defense. Well here we go again....  

Michael Brown was armed. Michael Brown's weapon he wielded was his 6' 4" nearly 300 lb. frame. He used this imposing weapon with a willful discharge of bullying violence against the store owner; and then foolishly doubling down minutes later, attacking Officer Wilson in an even more ferocious and violent manner. (we will just set aside that at no point of Officer Wilson's contact with Mr. Brown, did he ever have an opportunity to search or ascertain to his own mind that Mr. Brown was not armed)

Michael Brown's FIRST Poor choice was the strong arm robbery and assault on the shopkeeper for a $48 dollar box of crappy Swisher Sweet cigars. It was the catalyst and the BIC Lighter for the entire tragedy and chain reaction of events ultimately leading to his death. Mr. Brown might as well have doused himself with Gasoline and lit one of the Swishers with the next poor choices and decisions he was about to make.

Michael Brown's SECOND Poor choice was not complying with Officer Wilson's requests and commands.

Michael Brown's THIRD Poor choice was then sucker punching the Police officer multiple times with a rapid escalation to his next Poor Choice.

Michael Brown's FOURTH Poor Choice (and likely worst) that being his attempt at DISARMING Officer Wilson to ARM HIMSELF with Officer Wilson's weapon. The only reasonable intention and goal of that choice (Certainly in the mind of Wilson or any Police Officer confronted with that action) being to Murder a then unarmed Officer Wilson.

Michael Brown's FIFTH Poor Choice, was upon failing to disarm Officer Wilson, and with a shot being fired that wounded Brown himself superficially; not immediately choosing not to go to the ground, call it game over, and comply immediately with the Officer. Failure to process this serious and deadly escalation and terms of engagement threshold Mr. Brown crossed and forced upon Wilson was clearly a terminal judgement and miscalculation. He still failed to see this as the case.

Michael Brown's SIXTH Poor Choice was to attempt escape for his ARMED ASSAULT AND FAILED MURDER ATTEMPT on a police officer with a deadly weapon. (yes he had a weapon, DNA and Forensic evidence clearly proves his hand was ON the handgun attempting to gain control)

Michael Brown's SEVENTH Poor Choice was then, in addition to not continuing flight, to stop and turn advancing in a threatening and aggressive manner all the while refusing to comply with orders to surrender and stand down, (Please spare me the "hands up don't shoot" accounts of some so-called witnesses proven to be liars by the totality of their testimony. They were all refuted by the forensics and by witnesses that were impartial and whose credible accounts were affirmed by the forensics and physical evidence) but to press his assault until the Officer tragically and reluctantly ended the threat by turning off Michael Browns "Choices Generator".

Michael Brown had at LEAST 7 choices in the chronology of events that HE was in control of. Nobody else had more control over the events concerning his life and death than Michael Brown. His parents and loved ones will suffer because he made poor choices, particularly the first two. Officer Wilson, has to live his life a changed and scarred man because of Brown's choices. A community is shattered with distrust of those sworn in duty to protect and defend- at the expense of their own lives because of Browns choices. Businesses and Shoppers in Ferguson dependent upon their services of commerce and employment; will suffer because of Michael Brown's choices. Racial Unity, acceptance, tolerance, and understanding on a local and National level will suffer because of Michael Brown's choices.

 Will Americans of all races set aside racial motivations and perspectives to look at only the facts? This is what Grand Jury's are asked to do in an earnest fashion. It is what they would do in the case of a Black officer killing a white suspect. That is exactly what they did. For them to do otherwise would be tantamount to convening a Grand Jury under Jim Crow laws to convict an innocent Black man based upon preconceived bias and prejudices, instead of thoughtful consideration and deliberation of the facts and evidence. We are past that, or are we? Are we being asked to reverse the past injustices to assuage the perceived slights and new bias and prejudices that are incompatible with the facts and events and poor choices made by an individual? Mobs whipped into frothy rages and of violence and looting against property and innocents by racial dividers from Sharpton to AG Holder and the President himself with tacit and passive leadership, or shall I say lack thereof.

 Doesn't Officer Wilson deserve the thoughtful presumption of innocence pending the investigation, facts, deliberation and the acceptance of his exoneration that African Americans so rightfully fought for, demanded, and won generations ago? Doesn't the sacrifice of lives, blood, sweat and tears that Leaders like Dr. King, and so many others gave demand that? Or is the price demanded by Sharpton, Holder, Rep. Clay and other present day racial dividers for racial justice and tranquility,  a vengeful lynching of officer Wilson? That isn't the dream that the great Dr. King shared with us all.  I pray for God's wisdom and love to touch all Americans and heal our Nation's Soul.

There is a lesson to be learned here. It's about the choices we make and the responsibility that goes with with them, both Good and bad.

 Michael R. Bednarz


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