Friday, February 29, 2008

The New Iraq- Surging to Victory

Here is a great article by a Veteran Army Airborne Captain of Iraq, Peter Hegseth who this time returned as a journalist to an area he had served in just a couple of years prior. His impressions and observations are reported in this on the ground report that gives insight into the brilliant and innovative tactics employed by the remarkable General David Petraeus, the architect of the "Surge" strategy that is now bringing victory to Iraq and it's people. While there has been hard and gritty fighting for the security gained, the author shares some other ideas and tactics initiated by Petraeus and his men with the Iraqi people, security forces, local sheiks and the Son's of Iraq aka Concerned Local Citizens. The CLC's, are Iraqi/US sponsored and equipped Sunni militia sworn with allegiance to the Government of Iraq and to protect their neighborhoods from Al Qaeda and other terrorists with Iraqi and US Army support. He shares the process and tactics employed that were crucial to success and required not just military muscle, but imagination and the courage of the local people to be willing to accept a better alternative and life; one free of fear from Al Qaeda and sectarian violence.

With reports and stories like this, is it any wonder why the Lib's, anti-war Left and Democrat Party who constantly undermined and subverted our allies, our President, the Iraqi people, and our troops in their victory for the entire course of the war; want no talk of it as a national political issue any longer? Is it any wonder why the Liberal lackey's in the main-stream media are their willing dupes in the effort to bury the daily successes and achievements occurring in Iraq? It is one thing to have a difference of opinion and be opposed to a war, it is yet again another thing entirely to in an unprecedented effort in our history, actively and incessantly do every thing you can to lose a war for partisan political gain. The successes and momentum brought by the surge are plainly evident and concrete. The Iraqi people are ebullient in their optimism and hope for their future. Of course the Democrats will attempt to frame and couch it in their own dishonest way, it requires a "willing suspension of disbelief" to ignore the obvious; the obvious being that "General Betrayus" was right, and truthful and that they are the liars and defeatists unable to come to grips with the truth.

In the Dem's scheme of Subversion and Insurgency against victory in Iraq they expected a terrific political price to be paid for it by Bush and other victory supporters like John McCain. The Democrats expected to win the White House by forcing a loss in Iraq. Now that they are failed in their effort; the Democrat Party and the opponents of victory in Iraq should bear the political costs and ramifications for their Democrat Insurgency against America. Let's hope that John McCain rightly points this out in contrasting his position, his political courage, and his judgement for victory vs. the biggest supporters for retreat and defeat in Iraq; Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Click this link below for the Peter Hegseth, National Review article.

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