Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bush, McCain, and Republicans at fault for Meltdown? Oh really.....?

Hey don't read this or watch the video's that are linked if you don't think you want to know, or want the truth. Just delete it. If you want to go beyond the sound bites and spin and have the courage to learn the truth, then read on and watch the videos.

Can we Americans handle the truth? Can the mainstream media (Fox News excepted) do their job and find the truth? Hell no. They for the most part just promote and play the Democrat and Obama accusations of blame without any verification, fact-checking or questioning if the Democrats could in fact be guilty in whole or even part. Barack stated in the debate and numerous times during the campaign that he sounded the alarm in a letter to the Treasury Secretary about "predatory lending and sub-prime mortages" as though he wanted to reign in Fannie and Freddie. This is a missrepresentation of his real position and motive of his letter. His concern was about the higher interest and points charged to low income and minority borrowers by lenders to responsibly price for the higher risk in granting a loan, which arguably shouldn't have even been made at the existing rates and standards as it was. Obama's focus and intent was to pressure them to lower the rates and points, thereby forcing lenders to lower credit standards, and not insulate risk through pricing of interest that is the first rule in banking. This is the very thing that exacerbated and magnified this mess. He didn't dare poke at Fannie or Freddie because he was their number 2 man for contributions, and his campaign was the top employer of fired CEO's and Board members from these quasi governmental mortage buyers.

Because the media in America haven't reported the truth Americans have incorrectly pinned responsibility on the mostly if not competely innocent parties like Bush and McCain and may just elect those who are actually responsible. Obama is climbing in the polls because of his unjust and unwarranted lies in pinning blame by capitalizing on the hatred of Bush and Cheney that the Democrat party and Left have fomented and cultivated for 8 years into the pinnacle of cynicism we are at now. They have chosen well to strategically unleash it in an orgy of opportunism 4 weeks before the election to push themselves to complete power. They are "banking" that before the truth comes out they will be in power. As the guilty party they will find great solace in the fact that they were able to gull the willing dupes of America into giving them the reigns to full control of our nation, economy and future well being by holding the House, Senate, and White House.

This video does answer the question as to why the Democrats who wouldn't cross the aisle to give CPR to Bush or a Republican Rep. or Senator who is having full cardiac arrest, would be so bi-partisan and eager to be working with Bush and Republicans on the rescue legislation.

The link below goes to a News report and includes facts, dates, time lines, recorded comments, and Congressional Records there is even a link to verify contributions that are cited in the report. It is not some lie spewed by Obama, or Biden at a campaign rally or during a nationally televised debate like Obama did last night (remember the Obama accusations of Bush/Republican/McCain support for less regulation and reform on financial institutions, including Fannie and Freddie when you see the video) only to be regurgitated by the biased media and presented to the voters as fact.

THESE ARE IMPORTANT VIDEOS please forward this email and share it with everyone you can as it imperative that we get the truth out with the demise and absence of a a once objective and critical investigative media.

This link is from Fox News report by Brit Hume:

Here is another link on a special report from Hannity's America commentary program as to who the exec's are advising Obama on critical matters, including financial and housing issues. Certainly they are amongst those that are telling him how to blame Republicans and Bush for "greed" and "obscene CEO pay and corruption" and are the ones that will advise him how to "fix" the problem we are in if he becomes President.

Still not buying it? Put down your glass of Obama Kool-Aid and don't take my word for it. Take Bill Clinton's word for it and watch this next video. President Bill Clinton says it clearly, and plainly just a couple weeks ago. (Apparently before the "official" talking points went out)

Remember in 2006 McCain co-sponsored the bill to reform Fannie, Freddie and spelled out what was coming if the bi-partisan reforms and regulatory action wasn't enacted. It was defeated in committee by the Democrats in a party line vote. If we don't know the truth of this debacle, we will repeat it.

I close with a quote by Peter Berger: "The past is malleable and flexible, changing as our recollection interprets and re-explains what has happened."

But, let me add: Only if the truth doesn't matter. Well, does it? I guess we will find out on November 5th.

Michael Bednarz


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