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Obama not a U.S. Citizen? He Refuses to Answer Federal Lawsuit to remove him as Candidate

Now here is an "October Surprise"! Is Barack Hussein Obama not an eligible candidate for President of the United Status of America? The surprise comes in the form of a lawsuit filed by a lifelong Democrat Philip J. Berg Esquire, in Pennsylvania. In this lawsuit he alleges just that. Is Obama a Kenyan, or Indonesian citizen and therefore ineligible under Article II of the U.S. Constitution to run for POTUS (President of the United States)? If true this would be the greatest Constitutional crisis in our history, and raises the serious ramifications for a violent scenario should Obama supporters not accept or appreciate the legally required dismissal of his Presidency as a result of Constitutional eligibility disqualification.

Should this occur, the resultant violence and mayhem would be on the hands of Barack Hussein Obama and Howard Dean of the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Party et al. by their failure to respond to the lawsuit filed back on August 21, 2008 before they "certified" and nominated Obama as their candidate, or even later up to and beyond the time of the election. If it is proved after the election of Obama, the magnitude of that fraud should lead to the termination of their party with the incredulous and defrauded Americans forever. Berg's lawsuit simply asks for one thing- prove it.

I had heard of controversy about Obama possibly being foreign-born and perhaps not even a legal US Citizen. Initially, I dismissed these claims without any review like most Americans as being outlandish and impossible accusations by conspiracy theory whacko's wearing tin-foil hats and hiding from Black helicopters. Surely he couldn't have come this far, and missed the media scrutiny that would have confirmed his eligibility, right?

But wait.... I recently asked myself with America's media so in the tank for Obama that they can't even report the evident truths on a myriad array of issues, like his connections with left-wing radical terrorists, or his associations with ACORN and his funding for their voter fraud activities, or their inability to report the factual truth as to how Obama and the Democrats enabled and protected Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into their economic collapse-- only then to lay the blame on Bush, McCain, Republicans and any other innocent party; perhaps the MSM (main stream media) have buried this issue as well? So, I decided to scratch the surface and look further into these rumors and suggestions of his foreign citizenship.

Well folks, this is the new Greatest Story Never Told by our MSM. I did some scratching which then led to excavation and what I have learned is of great cause for concern. I have found these sources of information to be quite credible and the questions they raise to be very serious and disturbing for all Americans interested in the sanctity and rule of law entrusted to our Constitution.

Did you know there is currently a lawsuit filed against Barack Obama to provide legally recognized original birth documents proving his citizenship that was filed since before the Democratic National Convention, or for more than a month and a half? Did you know Obama and the Democratic National Committee who are named in the Federal lawsuit have refused and resisted all efforts to produce these documents or respond to the allegations of the complaint? The man filing the lawsuit is a prominent attorney named Philip J. Berg Esquire, an American Patriot and a lifelong Democrat who is a former Deputy Attorney General in Pennsylvania and has run for office in Pennsylvania for Governor and a U.S. Senate seat- as a Democrat. His motive is purely based upon his concern and reverence for the U.S. Constitution and it's clear requirements and standards for presidential eligibility.

Did you know to quell the controversy and rumors prior to the lawsuit Obama posted what his campaign claimed was an original Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth and that basic and amateur analysis shows it could be a forged document? That the defending organization that Obama used to verify the correctness and accuracy of this posted document ( which positions itself as a non-partisan independent organization for truth- but is an Annenberg Foundation entity. Yes, that is the same organization as the Annenberg Challenge "Charity" that Obama served as the Board Chairman of just a few years back with his good pal William "The Terrorist" Ayers where together they doled out over $50,000,000.00 million dollars to their "worthy recipients" like ACORN and Obama's own Trinity Church of Christ headed by his America-hating Rev. Jeremiah "God Damn America" Wright.

Did you know that Obama's sisters and Kenyan relatives have provided inconsistent answers about the hospital(s) where Obama was born, and some family relatives including his paternal Grandmother claimed that they witnessed his birth in Mobasa Kenya? Did you know that experts state that under constitutional standards because only Barack's mother was an American citizen and his father was Kenyan, even if he proved he was born in Hawaii because both parents weren't Natural born U.S. citizens; the requirement for his mothers age at time of birth had to be 21 years of age for his eligibility? She was only 18.

Visit this website:
Philip J. Berg, Esq. Lawsuit in Fed Court vs. Obama and DNC

This is a great link that goes to the District Court Docket site- BERG vs. OBAMA et al

Visit this official Federal District Court site to see all the filings,documents and timelines of Obama and the DNC lawyers trying to block, delay, and obfuscate---- Doing anything and everything they can except simply turning over the documents and simple proof required to end the suit, documents and proof that would be similar to obtaining a passport and Visa.

Here is a copy of the "Amended" suit, which adds the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Commonwealth to the suit filed in Federal District Court on Aug. 21st, 2008. The text and arguments are very similar.,%20Motion%20for%20Leave%20and%20First%20Amended%20Complaint.pdf

Copy of Protective order Response filed by Berg: if Obama and DNC do not answer or deny by Oct. 15th, 2008, they "admit" to each claim. They failed to respond and the court recognizes admission.

Also this local citizen in Washington State has filed suit against our Secretary of State Sam Reed to strike Obama from our ballot unless the Secretary of State for Washington can verify his citizenship and natural born eligibility status under U.S. Constitutional requirements. Everett Herald Article on the Lawsuit Press Release by Steve Marquis of Fall City bringing Wash State lawsuit to Sec. State Reed for verifying Obama eligibility or striking him from ballot. Copy of Steve Marquis lawsuit to Secretary of State for Washington Sam Reed

UPDATE: Over the weekend Oct. 17th-19th, I personally copied the JPEG image of the COL "Certificate of Live Birth" Obama presents on his "" section of Obama's own website. I then used a photo editor program called IRFAN view and did my own HEX editor view of the document to verify his result. Right at the top are the words ADOBE which indicates it's edit history was with ADOBE software, there are obvious alterations in the HEX view editor that shows Black squares similar to what video 2 below shows. Because he used ADOBE Photoshop to analyze perhaps he got more edit information than my simple freeware program showed. I am no expert, but I am not convinced this document is beyond reproach. We need the original Hospital long form birth record, required in Berg's lawsuit; not some document provided on an affiliated Obama linked organization's website.

WATCH THESE VIDEOS! Obama Lawsuit to prove citizenship Obama's Website posted birth document (since removed) That shows fraud and possible evidence of alteration with Adobe Photoshop Analysis of the "SEAL" on Obama's certificate (i did the same process, couldn't get any legible text)

I am not saying that this is confirmed fact, but there are great questions and legitimacy to these questions and they are ones that Obama and the DNC can end. Certaninly the consequences of these allegations being found correct after the election would be horrific. Obama and the DNC (Democratic National Committee) must expedite and cooperate in answering the allegations of the suit, ignoring and delaying this is not acceptable 13 days prior to the election; simply comply with the requested standards and put it to rest. For the sake of America and our Constitution.

It's twelve days before the election, now ask yourself, why haven't we heard about any of this in our National print or television main stream media? We may be on the verge of being duped into electing a foreign national as our President of the United States of America. The greatest fraud in our history may be perpetrated on this nation by Obama and the DNC and Democrat Party leading to a Constitutional crisis that would lead to Civil War-like consequences.

So, what do you see? This morning after already two days of coverage--- there on the front page of the Seattle Post Intelligencer newspaper, is a story on the "controversy" about the McCain-Palin Campaign purchasing a wardrobe for Palin and her family- with funds from people who were happy to contribute to their election; not taxpayer funds.

Hey American media, with 12 days to the election how about an investigative story on the possibility of Obama being a Foreign National? Or more evidence of the true nature of Bill Ayers as an avowed communist, and terrorist being his political patron and sponsor? Report the truth that his claims of Bush and Republican policies causing the financial meltdown are patently false, and the FACT that Obama and the Democrats caused the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac failures and the economic Tsunami that followed?

I guess the media has Palin's wardrobe as a higher priority for America. God Help us. If they won't report this lawsuit and Obama's and the DNC's actions, or more accurately inactions in regards to the critical issues it puts forth. We Americans must get the word out. Share this article and information with everyone that you can and be sure that they demand that the media examines and investigates the critical issue of this campaign: whether Barack Hussein Obama even has the right to be on the ballot?

Michael R. Bednarz


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