Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Obama Khalidi Tape Story Spiked by LA Times

Here is a copy of my emailed letter to the LA Times about their refusal to release a video tape of Obama, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn and Rashid Khalidi at a big, warm, Chicago elite send-off party for Khalidi to his new post in N.Y. City. It was quite the party by all accounts, terrorists galore, hard-core, soft-core, International, and Domestic there to toast and wish well the man of honor...... the King-size poster boy and apologist for Palestinian terror and the Anti-Semite extraordinaire; Mr. Rashid Khalidi!

I wonder why Barack Hussein Obama was there? What did he have to say there? What did he do? I sure wish I could see and hear his toast to the departing terrorist sympathizer and former spokesman for Yasser Arafat. But I can't. You can't either. The LA Times has decided to withhold and suppress the tape, effectively "spiking" the story to Obama's benefit.

My emailed letter to LA Times:

By suppressing the Obama-Khalidi tape and effectively attempting to "Spike" this story to favor Obama, you have exposed your agenda as propagandists for Obama and the Democratic party. This election marks the beginning of the end for the LameStream media. Withholding vital information from Americans. Selectively determining newsworthiness based upon your own agenda. This is just the latest in a pattern during the final days of election 2008. Ignoring stories like the possibility that Obama is an ineligible, foreign-born citizen about to thrust the nation into a horrific Constitutional Crisis at worst, and the fact that he is dodging and withholding information and lawsuits requiring him to prove his status by sealing all his birth, medical, and college records. Just his lack of openness, transparency, and candor about his past is a story worthy of examination yet seems of no concern to the "new" LameStream media of America.

I noticed how the media have given a free pass with their silent acquiescence when Obama/ Pelosi/Democrats repeatedly blamed Bush-McCain-Republicans and Wall Street Greed, and "lack of regulations" etc. for the financial crisis- when the clear facts show the Bush Administration, Treas. Sec. Snow, Greenspan , McCain and Republicans predicted what would happen without reforms and greater regulations on the Fannie and Freddie GSE's that were the trip-wire leading to the full meltdown. The warnings were clear and loud starting by Bush in 2001, reiterated by Treas Sec. Snow in 2002, Greenspan in 2002, and Republican Congressional and Senate leadership in 2004 and argued on the Senate Floor in 2005/2006 by McCain and other Senate Republicans, and a few concerned Democrats, like Lieberman. The rest of the Democrats, led by Frank, Pelosi, Waters, Meeks, Schumer, Dodd, and Barack Obama blocked, thwarted, fought, opposed, and stymied any and all efforts to reform, regulate or shore up the GSE's, even with the clear and unmistakable evidence of massive fraud, mismanagement, and abuses; because they were effectively bought and paid-for lobbyists on the payroll for the GSE's.

America's media have watched, and allowed without a challenge via their silence as those responsible for our economic collapse, the Democrats and their leadership, transfer and affix the blame on the innocent party and players- perhaps winning an election because they were able to get away with it. Scot Free. Now that is a real-life and true story of fraud and bearing false witness on a Biblical scale! The new "Greatest Story Never Told". I am glad Charlton Heston isn't alive to see this version.

But thanks to your inquisitive minds and critical nose for the hard news.... I now know that Sarah Palin has a spiffy new wardrobe, and her husband Todd Palin had a DUI 22 years ago. Thankfully, we Americans don't have to worry about those minor issues facing Obama, issues like video of him hob-nobbing with anti-Semite terrorists, with domestic terrorists that he publicly stated prior to this tapes existence, were characterized as informally casual and distant, obviously a lie. Well thanks, I won't need to lose sleep over the unresolved questions about his US Citizenship, and the like as you have already vetted their lack of consequence for us by filtering anything that may damage our views of your anointed one.

America's media is fast becoming irrelevant because Americans have to find what they should be providing elsewhere. How is your circulation doing lately at the LA Times?
I am sure the NY Times can't accept the reality that their declining subscriber base and recent Bond rating status to "junk" are inextricably linked to the public perception and determination of their failing trustworthiness, objectivity, and relevance.

Release the Obama-Khalidi tape. It's newsworthy, don't filter or bias the news with the Spike.

Michael R. Bednarz
Proud charter member of The "New" media.


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