Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Scott Brown for Massachusetts U.S. Senate Seat!

Rarely does an opportunity for a political upheaval present itself like the current one for replacing the late Sen. Edward Kennedy's seat from Massachusetts in the U.S. Senate.  At a critical time for our nations history, Scott Brown is poised to do the unthinkable and improbable; to win the Senate seat in the bluest of blue states, the seat held by the champion for socialized health care, to initiate liberalism's very demise and begin the reversal of our nations path from big-government tyranny to liberty. Scott Browns election could represent the deciding vote blocking Health Care from it's passage.

The ironies are thick and rich with the history and traditions of Mass. and Boston as the cradle and incubator of our nations founding and revolution for our freedom from tyranny. How fitting and appropriate that Liberty be restored here!  Here in the place where the first Tea Party occurred to inspire the modern day Tea Party Patriots who are working to return America to it's founding principles of Liberty and personal responsibility. The place where John and Sam Adams strove for America's future and freedoms.

Scott Brown has come from nowhere say the pundits... but we know better. Scott Brown has connected with the voters of Massachusetts and citizens across the U.S. to stop the tidal wave of Big Government socialism. He has gone from 30 points down to inside the margin of error in the most recent polls. Rasmussen has him at 47% to 49% for his liberal opponent Martha Coakley- she was hand picked by Obama and the Liberal left establishment to plug into their "can't lose" Senate seat following Kennedy's death.  Now she is falling faster than Obama and Health Care's approval ratings with 6 days to go in the campaign. Even more remarkable is that Scott Brown is not a liberal Republican, he is Conservative on nearly all of the issues. Spending, Health Care Reform, National Security, Spending, Taxes, Environmental, Immigration, 2nd Amendment. Scott opposes Partial Birth Abortion, he also supports parental notification. Scott supports traditional marriage.

Scott Brown is a leader in the State Senate in Mass., a Lt. Col. in the Mass. National Guard, he understands that terrorists should be treated as enemy combatants, and not be treated like shoplifters after trying to kill Americans and blow up Airliners on final approach.  He would represent the nail in the coffin for nationalizing our health care system and for any other boondoggle spending bills that come down the pike. He would be the filibuster  thorn in the Democrats side that would insure the demise for their liberal agenda goals like Health Care, Cap and Trade, Immigration Reform, Stimulus II, tax increases, and more. He would be our General Patton leading the shock-troops until we bring up reinforcements in 2010 and 2012 to beat back those that would continue the path of tyranny, reckless spending, and the deficit and debt accumulation that is choking America and killing our economic future, jobs creation, and prosperity for current and future generations.

One cannot understate the critical nature of this election in 6 days. This is our chance for a real modern day Boston Tea Party!  This is where we draw a line in the sand. This is where America takes back it's future. This would be a Political Tsunami of epic proportions. This is where REAL CHANGE for America can begin, just as the future of Americans started here over 200 years ago, so too will the future of Americans past, present and future be represented here in the very cradle of Democracy. In this very place where liberalism has reigned supreme, we it's obvious that it has now run it's course and has exhausted itself with it's failures. When the people of Massachusetts reject it and vote for their real "hope and change" in Scott Brown; Americans will follow suit everywhere.

Scott Brown needs your help. Make a contribution today, $5, 10, 50 or 75 dollars today can help him get his message out. Your donation helps him reach with TV, and Radio messages. He is fighting for all of us, and doing it with positive campaigning on the issues. You can also sign up to volunteer for his call list allowing you to make phone calls to help get out the vote, right from your computer and phone at your home! His opponent  had the Obama campaign team jump in and take over her campaign, and Rahm "Rambo" Emanuel has started the negative attacks, in his predictable Chicago style.  Scott Brown is supported by citizens with small contributions, not big PAC's and lobbyists. Just last night Coakley went to a big donor dinner of Lobbyists and Labor bosses in Washington D.C. giving them their chance behind closed doors to spell out what they expect from her in their liberal agenda aspirations.

Scott's victory is a very real and distinct possibility, but should he come in short he will have proven several points for the Liberals in power. They are out of touch and their grasp of the levers of power are slipping if they can't hold or even barely hold the bluest of blue states, how do they hold the rest of America? So if you have been feeling helpless about the direction of this nation and feel impotent to what's been happening; here is your chance to do something to change it in a big way.. let's Git 'R Done!

Michael R. Bednarz


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