Thursday, January 21, 2010

No GOP Gloating over Massachusetts, There is Work to do!

I like so many like-minded Conservatives and Patriots  are thrilled with Tuesday's Massachusetts Senate election results and the larger ramifications. Ok enough of that, we need to now stop the partying and roll up our sleeves. While the sense of accomplishment, pride and realization that we are no longer alone in our stand against the path that our nation has been dragged down for the past year is a good thing, we now have a responsibility to differentiate ourselves from the status quo.

On Health Care Republicans have been frustrated with the public lip service of  the liberals in the "Coalition of the Clueless" about bi-partisanship, only to be locked out of close door meetings and have their concerns and ideas dismissed out-of-hand. We literally have had GOP lawmakers who are physicians make multiple requests to meet with Obama, that have been shunned. With the change of the political ground after the Massachusetts quake on Tuesday, now is the time to move forward with GOP proposals and ideas. I suspect that the door is now ajar at the "Coalition of the Clueless" offices (Obama, Reid, Pelosi)  and we might even be invited in. I just watched Nancy Pelosi on TV this morning admit that she doesn't have the votes to pass the Senate Health Bill in the House. Obama concluded and stated as much only yesterday as he threw in the towel.  Just as I predicted would occur a week ago with a Scott Brown victory; the current Health Care Reform bills are dead, done, gone, and yes also kaput.

BednarzBlogspot Jan. 13th, 2010- He would represent the nail in the coffin for nationalizing our health care system and for any other boondoggle spending bills that come down the pike. He would be the filibuster  thorn in the Democrats side that would insure the demise for their liberal agenda goals like Health Care, Cap and Trade, Immigration Reform, Stimulus II, tax increases, and more. He would be our General Patton leading the shock-troops until we bring up reinforcements in 2010 and 2012 to beat back those that would continue the path of tyranny, reckless spending, and the deficit and debt accumulation that is choking America and killing our economic future, jobs creation, and prosperity for current and future generations.
Let's fill this vacuum with a solution. Let's do what should have been done in the first place, what Americans always wanted but weren't getting; an improvement and tuning of the best Health Care system in the world. We must also move forward on the other massive issues facing America and offer our idea's and solutions to remedy the feckless and ineffective socialist policies advanced by the Coalition of the Clueless.

The goal should be to identify what is broken, what is in need of improvement and fix it. The Liberals plan would have been to throw the baby out with the bath water. I heard a great metaphor yesterday, in the Coalition of the Clueless' effort to brew a pot of tea; they tried to boil the ocean. This was because their real goal wasn't fixing the problems facing Americans with Health Care, it was using the problems as cause to expand their power and take more control of our lives and futures with another massive entitlement and the power that would be manifest within it. Using free market principles with minimal Government involvement and control, we can lower costs by increasing competition, passing tort reforms to reduce the cost of "defensive medicine"  by doctors fearful of lawsuits and also by expanding coverage to all.  We can also eliminate waiting periods, mandate portability, and provide better coverages than were proposed under Obamacare.

I wrote this in a blog post, June 22nd, 2009 the very day Rasmussen's Reports Obama's approval index went negative for the first time to minus 1, today he is at minus 15, Jan. 20th, 2009 he was at plus 30 approval. Today Rasumussen Reports the Congressional generic ballot favors the GOP over Dem's by 8 points. Rasmussen's polling is spot on, he was well within the margin for error in the Brown/Coakley race. Yes, we are making progress and Americans are understanding that they were sold a bill of goods, wrapped up in a slick and ambiguous package. Unfortunately for the Democrats they aren't defining the perception anymore as their credibility continues its free-fall; unemployment, insane spending, political cronyism and personal economic misery are.
June 22nd, 2009 BednarzBlogspot -Rasmussen polling indicates we are making headway and the door is open, Congressional generic ballots indicate the GOP is out polling Dems on being better at handling economic issues, and we are now virtually even on Congressional generic ballots. We have work to do to promote our Conservative principles and solutions even further. We must not relish the misery wrought upon our nation and fellow citizens as good for our political advantage, we must understand we have a responsibility to know that our covenant and great challenge for America is to get us out of this mess, and save millions from economic suffering, misery and disaster. This is a great responsibility and effort we undertake for the sake our our nation. With every new huge program, budget, or bill we know this Coalition of the Clueless are taking America down and it's citizens with it. The inevitable tax, fee, and insidious inflation increases will be felt and burden Americans. Americans must be made to understand where, and who it came from. We must show them the better way. We have to do just that for the mid-term elections coming in 2010. 

We must offer a better way, better policies, superior ideas and features with proven track records of tangible benefits they can understand and will see in application to their lives. When we do this; in this current state of the economy Americans of all walks and lives will ask themselves this simple question as the folly and failures of the Coalition of the Clueless and Obama policies manifest themselves in their daily struggles.

Let's go, lets get busy!  America is waiting for action and for accomplishment. Obama and the Democrats have shown they are all talk without substance, and can't complete any task with their refracted issue focus. If we want the privilege and honor of leading America back to it's greatness and potential based upon our principles and convictions; we must lead by example. America is telling us what they want, lets listen and focus on getting it done.

Michael R. Bednarz


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